Britney Spears wears underwear. Holy shit!

June 15th, 2009 // 57 Comments

Britney Spears did some shopping in London this morning and, trust me, no one is more surprised than I am to see her wearing panties. It’s completely unnatural. Sort of like seeing a dog driving a car. But without a hat and sunglasses on. Which reminds me, I’m out of beer. Here, boy.

Photos: Splash News

  1. first


  2. LawnGnome

    Cute kid.

  3. Skeletor


  4. Dr. Phil

    So, in all seriousness, those boys are retarded, right? Their genes combine a wigger with a Southern (dumb)belle. They never had a chance. And now that KFed is Fat Bastard it’s only a matter of time before he realizes they’re the other other white meat.

  5. Max Planck

    Mommy dearest photo op.

  6. I don’t know, I think I spy labia.

  7. Nicolyn

    I’m no expert on child rearing, but shouldn’t he be done with the pacifier by now?

  8. Jess

    Y is her son still using a pacifier? Isnt he a bit old? My son is a ur and stopped using a pacifier at 5 months.

  9. Sally

    Wow, she actually looks decent in these photos. No rats nest, no fast food…

  10. Me

    It´s so sad (and sick) that the only thing that the media is lloking for are shots of celebrities private parts. Decadence of society.

  11. Andie

    I think she looks nice here.

  12. #8 – “Ur” son uses a pacifier because mommy has a hard time spelling big words… like “your”… y iz dat?

  13. herbiefrog

    now seee… if you’d waited they might have been two girls

    cute anyway, hey mom : )

  14. Georgie

    And she proves once again that she learned NOTHING about carseat safety after the “baby in lap” incident when she claimed to have been thoroughly educated. That child should not yet be in a booster. And yes, it’s a booster, you can see it’s not buckled into the car.

  15. joe m

    Why are so many perverts always starring at Britney’s underwear?
    Do they stare at their mothers the same way?

  16. Shelley

    Georgie… you’re ugly.

  17. MightyD

    Poor kid…you can see in his eyes that he’s as dumb as a sac of door knobs.

  18. Georgie

    Am I supposed to deny that I’m ugly. I’m not attractive, that’s for damn sure.

  19. sahara

    some of you people are fucking assholes. say what you want about britney but stop calling the children retarded and dumb you ignorant pieces of shit

  20. Anonymous

    The kids probably have to wear name tags. Twitney doesn’t know their names without them.

  21. Shelley

    Haha… I’m just kidding.

  22. Anon

    It’s not the fact that she’s wearing underwear that’s shocking it’s the fact she’s holding one of her kids that is.

    He must be think dad’s hired a new nanny.

  23. Tom Foolery

    Each Britney UK visit in turn creates an additional counteracting snobby Gwyneth ice-bitch. Stop going Brit!

  24. BOOBS

    First of all #8′s son DOES’NT use a pacifier. Secondly “ur” is a abbreviation for YEAR. Can I use it in a sentence to help you understand? Why yes I can. My son is a YEAR (old) and stopped using a pacifier at 5 months. NOT my son is a YOUR and stopped using a pacifier at 5 months.

    Also this is the prettiest I have seen Brit look in about 7 years.Finally she looks like a pretty young mom. Too bad that after the pic was taken she sold her son for a frappuccino since Daddy won’t let her have any money. I am convinced the secret Starbucks ingredient is a pinch of coke.Say away from that addictive fatness in a cup.

  25. #25 – Yea, gee, thanks for that. I mean, I did get the does/ doesn’t thing wrong, but if you read the, well I guess it’s a sentence… you’ll see “ur” which is the way a 6 year old spells your or you’re. Most people that need to abreviate year do so using letters in the word, i.e. “yr”. So, thanks for the input, but you just defended a moron, stupid. Bite me.

    Care to defend “y”?

  26. Fetcha

    Ok Brit you buttflake Mommy lessons you obviously have not figured out yet.

    Number 1. The Mommy gets out of the car first, you know just in case she trips over her sagging vag. This prevents any harm coming from the inbred children.

    Number 2. Your kid is to old for a binkie you lazy cow! Sure he will cry when you take it away……and?

    Number 3. Children that age go in a car seat, not a booster seat. Well, unless of course you wish them to take full face plants into the windshield during an accident.

    As a Mother I’m no longer satisfied with the mere fact you wear underwear or not confused them with a taco and eaten them. Get your head out of your ass and for the love of all that is Edna don’t spawn anymore.

  27. p0nk

    “ur” is an abbreviation for “year”? In which Mississippi county?

  28. dumb males

    You fucking idiots. she has two kids. the booster is for the older kid.

  29. sarah

    wow. she looks really cute!

  30. jlylec

    i’d hit it again…way to go britney! milfy broad

  31. Anon

    #29 you dumb bint it’s females commenting on the booster seat or do you think “Georgie” is a mans name.

    Dumb Woman

  32. Randal

    Hi Britney! You have beautiful children and I think it’s great that you’re finding time to spend with them as a mother during your Circus tour. Your family first attitude really shows.


  33. MightyD

    #20 You mamamamake me haaappppyyyyyyy

    #21 i5, just hilarious!

  34. Alli Watermelon

    THANK YOU #29. I was just about to say that. Britney looks good and her kids in no way look retarded. They’re adorable. Talk shit about Britney all you want, but why insult her children? You people are sick.

  35. JungleRed

    Awwww… Trying to be snarky, but that kid’s pretty fucking cute. OK, Britney, you win this round.

  36. Richport's Boyfriend

    Why are we allowing the papsmears to photo women’s underparts? Why? What the fuck kind of society is this and who is running the media? If their is an ethnic contingent than we should run it out of town. Deport the whole gang of horse-faced fuckers.
    This is indecent. Leave women alone. Fags. Go photo your own ugly whores in some other 4th world nation. I am surprised it is not legal to punch these fucking scum right in the mouth.

  37. not mimi

    Haters… turn it inward, ’cause it’s useless.

    Britney looks totally flawless.

  38. Mama Pinkus

    her boys truly are adorable

  39. shay


  40. Brooke

    Wait… uh, are those panties? I think I see something glistening…

  41. ofthrees

    wow. she looks clean, fit, healthy, and cute. and so does her kid. they look NORMAL.

    i’m stunned.

    nicolyn (wtf?) and jess – you’ll look for anything, right? yeah, they probably should, but dear god, there are worse parental crimes than this committed every day. like the psychotic social climbers who put their kids in dance and mygym and what the fuck ever from the age of birth on. or the fat, uneducated fucksticks who feed their kids kool-aid and mcdonalds and little else.

    i mean, come on. a pacifier? you’re reaching.

  42. ofthrees

    (oh wait, my second example sort of describes brit too. oh well.)

  43. bitch please

    so says fetcha, who is posting on the superficial – using words like “sagging vag” and “buttflake” and referring to children as inbred, instead of taking care of her own monstrous brood.

    yeah. okay. way to parent, mom of the year.

  44. hayley

    whaaat? has she dyed her kids hair?

  45. The kid is a real cutey.

    She still got an awesome pretty face, hasn’t gotten a double chin or anything yet. Basically it means I would gladly face f**k her right in the mouth.

    You never know how the kids will end up. That goes for ‘regular’ people too. I’m sure Jeff Dahmer’s family wasn’t planning on a repressed gay cannibal.

    I hope the kids turn out well in the end.

    F**K Osama bin laden in the a$$ too !


  47. marketingwiz

    JJ especially looks like he’ll be taking the ‘short limo’ to school. Inbreeding will do that. Just sayin’

  48. Darth

    Gasp,since when did she discover the existence of underwear?

  49. Boogeyman King Dong

    I’m taking a few days off! *Shudder*

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