Britney Spears wears thong bikinis


Britney Spears was spotted on a beach in Mexico showing off her figure in a thong bikini. And wow is it flattering. Assuming, of course, that flattering now means exactly the opposite of what it used to mean. How is she looking in a mirror and going, “Yeah, yeah, this is real good. This would look great in a thong.” What should be happening is she should be looking in a mirror, then crying, then putting on a trash bag to wear as she drives to the beach sobbing.

britney_spears_mexico_thong_01-thumb.jpg britney_spears_mexico_thong_02-thumb.jpg britney_spears_mexico_thong_03-thumb.jpg britney_spears_mexico_thong_04-thumb.jpg britney_spears_mexico_thong_05-thumb.jpg britney_spears_mexico_thong_06-thumb.jpg britney_spears_mexico_thong_07-thumb.jpg britney_spears_mexico_thong_08-thumb.jpg

Photo Credit: X17online