Britney Spears wears short shorts. To McDonald’s.

June 18th, 2009 // 84 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears looking surprisingly good in London yesterday until you realize she just finished eating at McDonald’s. Which is pretty much the dynamic I expected: Britney brings in the pile of tour dollars, and once a week, her dad lets her have fast food. This also prevents her from tipping over the tour bus and threatening to sign custody of her kids over to a bear on a unicycle unless someone gets her a “got-damn Big Mac.”

Photos: Flynet

  1. chango666

    # 31. Anon . . . Clearly I was being facetious
    with the whole 1800 years thingy . . . listen you limey fuck, I spent 4 years of my life in the US Air Force at RAF Lakenheath in the UK so that you can come on this rag and talk your shit about “us yanks”. If it wasn’t for us yanks, you’d probably be speaking German right now. I was gonna say you need to say “thank you” for that, but then I thought, oh shit, you might be my son/daughter. I fucked so many of those limey bitches that you just never know . . .

    Love, Dad . . .

  2. spaceyQQQ

    She desperately needs her tits lifted.

  3. dirk

    #51 Amen brother. Thank you for your service us filthy “YANKS” appreciate it greatly. It’s funny how the world “hates the U.S.A.”, yet we can’t keep people from moving here from other countries. AND, when there’s a crisis, whom do they call first to help their sorry asses? Go USA.

  4. Racer X


  5. Bald Evil

    Britney’s weird down-pointing boobs make my dick die.

  6. Dread not

    Crazy Brit, sane Brit, it’s all good.

  7. Nicole

    When in doubt, wear a bra.

  8. GeorgeWBush

    LOL, didn’t know Jason Statham was Britney’s body guard & transporter!!!

  9. Hamburglar

    Why would anyone go all the way to England to eat at a McDonald’s.

  10. Pee Pee

    I think this story is fake. Where is the bag with the Happy Meal toy. There is just something about this that smells like a rat. Where are the leftovers and extra french fries for later. I bet she just went in there to pee.

    She does look pretty lately, and I’m not even a fan.

  11. vito

    1. Tits: pointing south because she has nursed a couple of house-apes. If she were an older woman she might possibly be sagging even further. So quit ragging on her tits!

    2. Magnificent arse!

    3. Superb legs!!! I’d love to have her squeeze my face between those thighs.

    4. I just love that shallow, stupid cunt.

  12. Whatswithboobs

    is she in London for a Mary Poppins remake?


  13. shaft

    at one point she was such a hot piece of ass. i’d have had a duel to the death with a great white shark in the middle of the ocean at one point to have a chance to fuck her back in the day. her nipples are lopsided. doesn’t she have the loot to fix that?

  14. I don’t know what the hell she’s wearing, but she has amazing legs lol. Sure, they’re stocky…but so curvy and athletic!

  15. Darth

    What Happy Meal did she have?

  16. Rhialto

    She didn’t get her face painted,what happened?

  17. Gando

    She looks aroused,was she allowed to sit on the lap of that clown?

  18. Venom

    She is looking good.
    I would do very bad things with her.

  19. Those nipples are like the nose of an ANT-EATER, folks!!

  20. jesus

    when is this fat bitch ever gonna lose some weight?

  21. HOLY SH!T BATMAN ! !

    I’d suckle them big ass RICH nipples until I passed out. Great lookin’ legs, she looks HEALTHY all things considered.

    STFU you idiot queers who wouldn’t have f’d her in her pre-motherhood prime because she has a icky pussy thing instead of a cock to inhale or sit on, you a$$holes.

    FUCK Osama bin laden

  22. 71

    #71. Please think before you type.

  23. Lola

    I don’t get her affinity for turtlenecks. Bah.

  24. LBJ123

    Suprisingly good? Her nipples are pointed towards the ground- thats never a good thing

  25. Nate

    ha ha ha not even her nipples want to look at her!

  26. Nate

    ha ha ha not even her nipples want to look at her!

  27. Samuel

    #43 Que. Please tell me you didn’t just once again generalize the whole Europe as one? “European food”…that doesn’t even exist! For the last time, Europe isn’t a country. You couldn’t possibly have two more different WORLDS than, say, Italian cuisine and French cuisine. Or Swedish cuisine, for that matter.

    #59 Hamburglar

    I’ll tell you, you can go to Barcelona and eat at Burger King. You can go to TOKYO and eat at freakin Wendy’s and KFC!! Those chains are ubiquitous. And who eats at them, besides locals? Tourists who are too pussy to try the local cuisine.

  28. lovely nips, so cute and candid!!, I love this girl….

  29. BritneyLicker

    You guys can say what you want about her, but her legs and ass look fucking awesome. She could wrop those legs around my head for the next 24 hours

  30. thats kalled no bra

  31. grey

    Every single inch of her is perfect…

  32. joe

    what a perfect ass !!

  33. stacy
    Commented on this photo:

    Damn those are some nice nipples.

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