Britney Spears wears short shorts. To McDonald’s.

June 18th, 2009 // 84 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears looking surprisingly good in London yesterday until you realize she just finished eating at McDonald’s. Which is pretty much the dynamic I expected: Britney brings in the pile of tour dollars, and once a week, her dad lets her have fast food. This also prevents her from tipping over the tour bus and threatening to sign custody of her kids over to a bear on a unicycle unless someone gets her a “got-damn Big Mac.”

Photos: Flynet

  1. j

    With all that money you’d think her nipples might point upwards rather than looking at the ground…

  2. Anon

    Nice legs

  3. sideshobetty

    i never quite understood the whole turtle neck with shorts thing…winter on the top, summer on the bottom = fashion don’t!

  4. tkdchick008


  5. Anon

    Stupid smirk

  6. Anon

    To be able to sign custody over don’t you need custody first?

  7. FFF

    Britney admits to having a foot fetish. Go figure.

  8. Anon

    In pic 12 are her flies undone?

  9. your target demographic

    Less Heidi and Spencer, more Britney. Yes, she isnt what she used to be. Yes, her vagina looks like a wizard’s sleeve. Yes, she’s 3 IQ points short of being equal to a chimp. But honestly, isnt that how we want our women? Used and slow with a big ass?

  10. Anexio

    Those are some sweet sweet nipples.

    Remember the Kid’s Choice Awards? I must have whacked off to that 1000 times when I was a kid.

  11. Ralph L

    She’d start a brushfire if she were wearing corduroys…

  12. ch474

    Nippy day in London apparently.

  13. mall cop

    You know, I’m sure being one of her secret service ‘body guards’ probably is a sweet gig but how much pride would you give up to do that?

    Here, Ms. Spears, let me get that McDonald’s door for you. Don’t step in the cigarettes somebody dumped out of their car ashtray in the parking lot. Watch out for that door handle on the SUV… nevermind, I’ll get it. No idea what that paper stuff is in your handbag? Here, just hand me the one with the 100 on it. That’ll cover the Big Mac and drink, yeah. Hey, remember to close your legs when you exit the vehicle. Red or white wine with dinner tonight? … haha, kidding! Budweiser and cigarettes, of course! Right back, Ms. Spears!

  14. ch474

    Nippy day in London apparently.

  15. Amy

    I happen to like those shorts and the occasional McDonalds. So there.

  16. Roxi

    Her body looks quite good lately i have to confess, Britney helloooooooo wear a damn bra girl! Bras will lift your breasts and cover your nipples so none critizice them , eating at Mc donalds its Ok we all crave it once in a while specially if we are outta the country but why not sending your bodyguard to purchase you a meal instead of going yourself with those ridiculous shorts and a turtle neck?

  17. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    Britney looking damn good and delicious

  18. joe m

    Beautiful Brit!
    Eye candy for Brits!

  19. a stylist

    the shoes. the shoes with those Richard Simmons shorts….NO.

    #18 you need a bra with a bit of padding to cover the nips. otherwise the nips will still prevail.

    It’s like she’s someone’s mom who loves Lady GaGa and tries to dress like her.


  20. chupacabra

    Wait a minute! Remember when she wore those same terrible boots everywhere before one of the breakdowns?

    She’s been wearing this same pair of heels for awhile, yall. Mark my words… somethings ‘a brewin in that crazy head.

  21. Mal

    I’m not a Brit fan, but I think she looks good now. She’s not fat at all – she’s muscular. Same with Brooke Hogan…she isn’t fat, she’s fucking just big. The difference being that she doesn’t look good whatsoever, lol.

  22. Mal


    No matter how rich you are, having fancy food allt he time gets old. Sometimes you just want greasy fast food. Especially after a hangover, god knows!

  23. Que

    Que funny thing is: That McDonalds is probably a) More healthy, and 2. Better tasting, than 95% of what passes for ‘food’ in the British Isles.

  24. Zed

    She looks ridiculous…

    …is what I’d think, silently, while watching her ass bounce on my cock.

  25. norton

    At her age…. why are her nipples pointing down?

  26. chango666

    ha ha . . England hasn’t seen the sun in about 1800 years, yet everyone is “cool” with their shades on . . . .

  27. dirk

    I’ve seen perkier tits/nips on a National Geographic special. Those southbound flapjacks are pathetic.

  28. Andie

    Ugh, how awkward to look at! She needs Stacy and Clinton to teach her a thing or two about proper undergarments. The way her breasts are pointed south just burns my retinas. She should really support those suckers or it’s just gonna get worse. Plus, she would look better in her clothes.

  29. Anon

    #25 and #28

    So you’re only experience of England is American tv?

    How about you put the processed fat that passes for american food down, get off the couch (aided if need be) turn off the tv… you can do it…not just standby completely off….. get a passport and go travel.

    Actually stay where you are unless you want to prove what the world thinks of yanks is true.

  30. Que


    Ha. While Americans enjoy far too many processed garbage, ‘traditional’ (if it can be called such) American cuisine is far more delicious than anything in the Isles. And as far as comparisons go to anything we continentals (all inclusive) have to offer…well there really is none, is there?

    So enjoy your horrid food and know that (at least form what I have seen) you aren’t too far behind the Americans in fatness.

  31. JPRichardson

    Her boob implants are so high in her chest, it makes her nipples look funny.

    I can’t believe the whole world was salivating at this thing just a few years ago.

  32. amoi

    The shorts are cute – just not on her. She doesn’t seem too comfortable in those heels, either.

  33. Appraently, it’s cold outside. Gotta tune in the radio dials.
    The Rake

  34. Anon

    You clearly know nothing about food then.

    Any healthy tasty food in america is from europe and not really american.
    English food has a bad rep but the finer foods dating back to medieval times which was extravagant and healthy due to it not being processed fat like burger king is far better than and more respected than your crap.
    Also London has more michelin stars than new york and is well regarded for having the variety of cuisine in the planet due to it being officially the most multi-cultural city on earth.

    There has been a huge resurgence in traditional and Mediterranean home made meals being cooked over american fast food crap.
    American cuisine = fast food and stolen from us europeans

    our rap still isnt as bad as yours.
    American cuisine = fast food and stolen from us europeans
    for instance McDonalds, enough said.

    and we are nowhere close to you in the fatness stakes

  35. Anon

    ignore the repeat in the post.
    on the phone at the same time.

    bloody work

  36. If this were Glamour Magazine, she’d have a black bar over her eyes.

  37. Harry

    Short shorts, yes. But apparently not a bra.

  38. The Professor

    I give that butt an A+ and those boobs a F-.

  39. Stew

    Well played, sir. Well played.


    26. Zed – June 18, 2009 1:21 PM

    “She looks ridiculous…

    …is what I’d think, silently, while watching her ass bounce on my cock.”

  40. FACE

    I ahve always hated this white trash beech but those gams are great -like a clydesdale

  41. Que


    On the contrary, I have yet to be blown away by anything from England. Certainly American food originated in Europe, but it has developed a character all its own…one that cannot be found in Europe. Southern barbeque, for instance, has more flavor and character than any ‘traditional’ English food.

    London may be the most multi-cultural city on the planet, but I fail to see how this relates to English food.

    I suppose I should have said ‘European’ instead of ‘Continental’ to avoid your confusion. Britain (especially England) is pretty much America (or vise versa) as it is, at least in the eyes of everyone else in the world, so I can understand your attempt at distancing yourself. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that the Americans (founded mostly by Brits) greatly improved upon the horrid diet of the people from their ancestral homeland.

    Good day, old chap.

  42. Moto Rola

    I believe her right boob is excited about going to McDonalds!

  43. TopCat

    I have to say it, she still has a nice ass!


    she looks like Miss. Piggy.
    always has and always will.

  45. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Who the fuck eats McDonalds in London???? Oh right useless tramps.

  46. Is JASON STRATHAM body-guarding her?

  47. gh

    Wait. That can’t be a pic of Britney Spears. Where is the cigarette between her fingers?!?

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