Britney Spears wears a bikini, suicide not my first thought (!)

September 2nd, 2008 // 97 Comments

Britney Spears hit up Vegas over the holiday weekend and, Jesus, she looks surprisingly awesome. I guess being deemed mentally unstable really does shed the pounds. Who knew? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to explain to my confused penis it’s not 2001 again. At ease, soldier!


  1. Looking pretty good, and we all know that crazy chicks are the best fucks.

  2. Que

    Que ok with that!

  3. Holyfuck

    Not bad…

  4. lulu

    she BETTER look that good for paying out the ass for the training!!!

  5. rough daddy

    damn i missed 2 earlier post! couldnt they bring pic # 12 closer!! and commentator #1 is right on the money!!!

  6. Kate

    I guess giving up your kids does wonders for the bod.

  7. shawn kemp

    She’s getting her hard body back, but her reputation is gone forever

  8. Kop

    Still has the retarded gene common to the Spear family, which somehonw reached the Palin family in Alaska.

  9. Jackson

    She looks great. She did not have a lot to lose in the first place. Kim Kardaskank has 50 pounds to lose and Britt had 12 pounds to lose; big difference!

  10. it's me Fuckers!

    She looks amazing! But having a bajillion dollars and personal trainers can do that for you…

  11. rough daddy

    uh oh! she probably banged that dork in pic # 2!!! Adnan gonna be pissed!

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  13. biteme

    Everyone looks good from that far away. I am positive that Sarah Palin’s retard kid looks normal from 30 feet away. But get up close and you can see the damage.

  14. mimi

    YAY 4 Britney!

  15. DrDanny

    WHo’s the hunky guy in the serial-killer glasses waiting to do her in the butt?

  16. sexyBBW

    can’t believe it. I just found Britney on hot sexy big beauty dating club ‘PlusMeet….com”. I don’t think it is herself who created that account there.

  17. findme

    she does look far better, but not quite yet…just a few more pounds then she’ll have her old body back

    shes doing good tho

  18. olboy

    Mmmmm-MILF’ish indeed. It must’ve taken a team of scientists, dietitians and stylists the size of NASA to get her to understand that 12 giant frappucino’s each day ain’t a drink yourself thin method, and that selecting what you’re gonna wear each day by pasting glue all over your body and running through a walk in wardrobe isn’t necessarily going to produce a good look, lol.
    So, pack in the giant Frap’s and dress in the simplest clothes possible (a bikini) and you can’t go far wrong. That’s $250,000 for the advice… but includes a free bikini.
    I look forward to tomorrows pictures of Britney with a bikini gusset on her face : )

  19. she is looking might fine again.

  20. crazypants

    kinda tired of the writers on this site and a bunch of you posters carrying on like Britney’s body wasn’t one of the hottest on the block back in her heyday and was still very good real fast after having her second kid.

    those shots of when she stripped down to her underwear and went swimming – seemingly just weeks after giving birth – showed a decent body. y’all can give her endless shit for a bunch of legit reasons – but she’s always been a decently built girl (Normal girl that is – she’s no fashion model in that she’s not 6ft tall and built like a boy – not every woman on the planet should be built like some half-starved Ukranian freak of nature).

  21. m.munroe

    she does look amazing! and so does that hottie standing behind her with the white shorts. let me at him…

  22. grif

    she needs a new bikini those ED Hardy suits only cost like 250. she is loaded right?

  23. e

    Oooh, there is muscular Britney again! =)

  24. Ted Mosby

    Looks hittable.

  25. Shannon

    Wow! She looks great!

  26. john.mccain

    She was my second ‘family values’ choice.

  27. Annie

    She is looking good :)

    But I also agree with Mr.12, as a super rich celebrity it should be easy staying nice ‘n thin. Next to performing the only worry on your mind is looking good.
    That’s not hard to do when you have pools and gyms inside your huge mansion. Or your very own chef, who cooks you up healthy foods. Crazy.
    Those richers should appreciate their money some more! For shame.

  28. deep_and_meaningful

    She may be ‘lookin’ goood’ but that guy in Picture #2 still needs to finish his beer before he’s looking down. Just saying, right?

  29. elmer the fudd

    I love photo #2, I’d break her like a shotgun and tap the first floor then move up to the second floor and give her some ATM

  30. Bob

    OMG! A flat tummy?! No obvious cellulite (from this range)!?

    Could it be? Will the wonderful days return, when a Britney Spears video came on and I could just MUTE the sound and enjoy the smokin’ hot Brit Brit gyrate?
    So what if she worked hard and spent massive amounts of money to get her body back? Hard work is how you have a hot body, and, say what you will, Britney’s always been hot – until the K-Fed fiasco.

  31. JPRichardson

    I’d hit that hard.

  32. Reminds me of a stripper who was lucky enough to get “The Ed” a few months ago. Rockin’ bod, sugar sweet lips…and you could hear those synapses misfiring as she tried to figure out the hotel room remote.

    Meth teeth, too, but gotta say “Little Ed” didn’t mind how those felt.

  33. a reader

    ok, she’s working on herself, let’s hope she can bounce her career back.
    she’s had enough, it would be cool to see her come back from the bottomless pit

  34. britney's weave

    yay for weight loss!

  35. StrokerAce

    If I were that guy in photo #2, I’d be on all fours licking her soles shiny clean. Brit has already admitted it excites her!

  36. not quit e ready

    She’s almost there ALMOST.

  37. Uh

    #31 – you NEVER go ass to mouth.

  38. NY Ted

    @39…If I were that guy in pic #2…I’d have my cock shoved so far up her ass it would be peeking out of her mouth!

  39. rik

    The dude in the white shorts is very hot … but he’s showing absolutely no basket at all. Maybe he has a mangina.

  40. Who is that hot guy? He looks hot but it looks like he has a teeny weeny dick. Which is not really hot.

    Anyway, congrats to Britney. She looks bangable again

  41. Ale

    #10 – I guess Obama’s mother was retarded too, huh? She was pregnant at 17 and gave birth at 18.

  42. He looks like a microencephalic.

  43. obama messiah cult

    The Obammy Messiah Cult is wetting their panties in fear.

  44. wtf chills?

    you know you’re on the up-slope when the dude a foot behind your bent over poon isn’t a chubby arab

  45. Arioch

    the “guy” in the white shorts is Pink. Dah.

  46. Madonna_is_a_cyborg

    Looking at her body may not produce suicidal thoughts anymore, but she is still so trailer trash it does inspire me to get tested for all possible STDs.

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