Britney Spears wearing wigs again. Not good.

June 29th, 2009 // 51 Comments

Apparently wearing a bra is all it took to make Britney Spears feel like a caged beast and activate her crazy switch. Here she is on Sunday wearing a wig, messing with the paps and still sporting a ring on her finger. I don’t think I need to point out the obvious warning signs here, so hopefully the SWAT team’s prepping Frappucinos and tear gas as we speak.


She’s standing on her hind legs! Retreat! Retreat!


  1. Kelley

    I don’t suppose she ever recovered from buzzing her head in a mentally-ill fit … she has worn extensions ever since … and her hair always looks like hell anyways …

  2. farty mcshitface

    this broad is pretty messed up. she is probably bi-polar.

  3. Champ

    Such a tired act.

  4. Jackson Coltrane

    That ring’s on her middle finger. Could mean she’s not really engaged or it could mean she got confused and doesn’t know which finger it’s s’posed to go on, y’all.

  5. Gets Boners for Feet

    Bitch has got fugly toeskies.

  6. sim

    aren’t people tired of her yet??!

    boring as all hell

  7. Is there a nip slip quota on this site? I dont see why Fish didnt post J-lo’s titi mishap…instead of 50 post of Paris in a bikini or this broad showing off her new svengali…

  8. Richard McBeef

    Dear God,

    Why Billy Mays and not Britney Spears?


    Richard McBeef

    PS: Master P’s platinum tank would whip the asses of SBC and his silver tank

  9. :O

    It’s on her middle finger now. LOL YOU TRICKED THEM PAPZ GOOD BRITNEY LOLOLOL

  10. Regan

    i don’t think that’s a wig, more like extensions and a dye job.

  11. Courtyardpigeon

    That ring is certainly not a wedding band, it is MOST certainly not on her wedding finger. Geez….

  12. monique

    Give the girl a chance… i think she’s doing pretty well for herself all things considered.

  13. Lindsay

    I bet you she saw a picture of Megan Fox and said ‘I wanna look like that!’ and went out and dyed her hair dark/got extensions.

    It didn’t work.

  14. dude_on

    Rich – are you suggesting Jesus’ dad made a bad choice? I’m no scholar but I don’t think that is how it works.

    Brit isn’t big on hygiene, so the wig makes a quick getaway for some pap attention convenient sans bath.

  15. Tom K

    When is she busting out the pink wig and the British accent?! Now thats the fun Britney she is fucking hilarious! LMAO!!!!!!!

  16. ew

    what the fuck is the boob on her left side doing?!??!?! nasty.

  17. valaki

    OMG. If i had millions in the bank I would dress myself in chloé, gucc, chanel etc..not the crappy outfit that britney wears all the time….

  18. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    Nice butt

  19. dink squeeze

    So what if she is wearing a wig? I think she looks good. Are your legs that ripped?

  20. Michelle

    I think you people posting negative bullshit are so full of it. People wear wigs all the time. It’s fun to switch it up. Y’all are just fuckin lames who have nothing better to do than criticize other peoples lives. Pathetic. Get a life. Try on a wig. You might actually have *GASP* fun!

  21. lambman

    that’s hair dye not a wig, and the joke wasn’t funny

    try harder fish

  22. spaceyQQQ

    Her left tit sags lower than the right.

  23. Disgusting Skank

    Look at SLUTney in those pics. It’s like she’s saying “Look at me; I can prance like a horsey! Watch me prance!”. What a mentally deficient dumbass.

    All I can say to her fiancee is, she better give mind altering blowjobs, because there has to be something amazing involved to overcome her case of terminal moron. Good luck, dude.

  24. i wear a wig also…………

  25. smadgie

    Apparently she lost the”engagement ring” she was wearing along with the bra and figured that dead animal on her head would be enough. She’s yesterdays news, a has been and saggy. She’ll make news when she does a MJ and dies.

  26. Apparently she lost the “engagement ring” and bra and thought that dead animal on her head would be enough. She will make real news again when she does an MJ and dies. Saggy and just not firm enough to be pretty anymore.

  27. yo

    it’s no a wig, it’s just dye hair and extensions

  28. yo

    it’s no a wig, it’s just dye hair and extensions

  29. jules

    britney is a cute babe)))

  30. Gueibor

    (#2, by “bi-polar” did you meant she’s the size of two polar bears?)
    Nah, that was cruel. It should be noted that her legs -much like The Lohan’s sweater puppies- seem capable of surviving any amount of weight variation on their owner, without losing an ounce of bonerinducingness.
    Them gams still look insane to me… oh crap, bad choice of words.

  31. Beastman AIDS

    “She’s standing on her hind legs!”
    Holyshit I almost did bum wees when I read that line.

  32. GG1000

    If you scroll down a bit,you’ll come across a recent picture with her and her real hair, which she has fried with peroxide seemingly beyond redemption, so the wig makes sense.

  33. Ray Mon

    I love her big muscley thighs, and her big beefy arms. I bet if we wrestled she would beat defeat me. Then she’d smother me with her huge breasts. Then she’d laugh at my inferior wiener as she pulled out her 10 inch salami and made it do tricks all to the infectious grooves of “Oops I did it Again”.

  34. I love her

    What happened?????? She was just starting to look so cute again. I feel sad :(

  35. Gando

    With the right man next to her she could even start up her Hollywood career again.She needs to be inspired to get the best out of her.

  36. klondike bar

    Pic 15- I’m pretty sure that wigs don’t grow out of people’s scalps.
    I actually think she looks pretty decent.

  37. shatface

    She looks better as a brunette.

  38. She said on her Twitter page that she has a “new do,” so I guess it’s a dye job. I like her better blonde, but maybe it’ll grow on me.

  39. BritneyLicker

    i want to blow inside her so bad. That ass is soo nice

  40. captain america

    america has TRAMPS & PROSTITUTES, folks!!

  41. lola

    She looks SO much better than normal. Doesn’t she know that yo should wear looser bottoms with a fitted top and vice versa? She always dresses trampy and makes herself look hideous. I actually like her new sunglasses. They look cheap, but cute and fit well. i hope she finally finds happiness with her fiancee? (who seems like a real man – not a poser)

  42. sally

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  43. missywissy

    How is she bi-polar because she changed her hair and likes Frappacinos? Good lord, I color my hair and dig coffee drinks. What does that make me? A schitz?

    What I don’t understand is what is she doing in the pics where she’s got her arms in the air like she’s ready for take off? Otherwise, I think she makes a pretty brunette. She’s looking good here. At least it’s not greasy hair…. yet.

  44. trh

    I think she’s really trying and I hope she survives long enough to grow up and take care of her boys. BUT, those are the same shorts she had on the day before. Yuk.

  45. Josette

    And to top it off, she’s wearing a SCRUNCHIE.

  46. nonya

    she’s still cute..ya’ll just comparing how she looked when she was 18. everybody just needs to stop bein shallow cuz i’m sure half or more than half of u are 10 times uglier!

  47. nonya

    she’s still cute..ya’ll just comparing how she looked when she was 18. everybody just needs to stop bein shallow cuz i’m sure half or more than half of u are 10 times uglier!

  48. BrandiLye

    There are normal people that are just as crazy, if not crazier, than this chick AND she is responsible to a lot of people for a lot of cash. If the hair gives her a temp outlet of some kind, shoot. Her fam made that choice for her awhile back and she grew into this hay-ell. I agree wtih 44 and then some.

    And I like the hair. The shorts are a crime. I hope I don’t one day have the urge to dress like that and embarrass my kids.

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