Britney Spears wearing an engagement ring?

June 28th, 2009 // 56 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears wearing what appears to be an engagement ring while walking around LA Saturday. So someone explain to me how a person who’s been declared mentally unsound by the state can get engaged? Isn’t that kind of like Jason Trawick walked into the psych ward and picked himself out a bride with promises of cake? Also, how’s the wedding night going to work if her dad has to approve every decision?

JASON: *picks up phone* Hello, Jamie? It’s Jason. Listen, we’re at the honeymoon suite. Would you mind if I went ahead and had sex with your daughter now?
JAMIE: Aw, geez, sport, I’d love to say “yes,” but I gotta wait until Monday morning for a judge to give the okay. Just give her a ball of string, and she’ll stay out of your hair.
JASON: I see. Very well then. Thanks, uh, dad?
JAMIE: Whoa, what did I say?
JASON: Not until the check clears.
JAMIE: Good man. You kids have fun!

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  2. Darth

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  3. dink squeeze

    She about the only person who can afford to drink those starbuck’s drinks everyday.

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