Britney Spears wearing an engagement ring?

June 28th, 2009 // 56 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears wearing what appears to be an engagement ring while walking around LA Saturday. So someone explain to me how a person who’s been declared mentally unsound by the state can get engaged? Isn’t that kind of like Jason Trawick walked into the psych ward and picked himself out a bride with promises of cake? Also, how’s the wedding night going to work if her dad has to approve every decision?

JASON: *picks up phone* Hello, Jamie? It’s Jason. Listen, we’re at the honeymoon suite. Would you mind if I went ahead and had sex with your daughter now?
JAMIE: Aw, geez, sport, I’d love to say “yes,” but I gotta wait until Monday morning for a judge to give the okay. Just give her a ball of string, and she’ll stay out of your hair.
JASON: I see. Very well then. Thanks, uh, dad?
JAMIE: Whoa, what did I say?
JASON: Not until the check clears.
JAMIE: Good man. You kids have fun!

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  1. Are you sure it’s not an onion ring????

  2. Que

    Que another failed marriage coming soon.

  3. RtSS

    First!!! My first, first!!! In your face suckers!

  4. And I was first, eat it bitch !

  5. RtSS

    Damn that elusive “First”, “First” is still out there. Hangin’ just out of my grasp. Ok, I take back the “In your face suckers”, since I was third. Ouch!

  6. joe m

    Two days ago,Britney & I ran away to Brazil
    and were secretly married.
    She is now pregnant with triplets.
    Too bad,Jason. Better luck next time.

  7. Brit Stalker

    and you yahoos feed right into this mess. She is not engaged nor is she even dating Jason. You don’t think she knows she’s being photographed? She’s spoofing the media. Brit knows wtf she’s doing. They want to make stuff up so she’ll feed right into it because YOU all gobble it up:-)

  8. Darth


  9. Tad Bit Tipsy

    @ #3… Epic Fail. Keep trying though…

    Someone please bury this bitch underneath the trailer you found her in….

  10. RtSS

    Yes, Delish the spawn of the Lord BeastMaster of all evil coupling with Rosanne Barr prevented me from my righteous title of ‘First’ in this Britney thread. That and that measely Que who got slot two. But, I shall never give up; I will one time sit on top of one of these threads standing alone claiming my title of King of the thread. Revenge is best served cold.

  11. didn’t she use to have to some tits?

  12. Dread not

    SF writer, you’re being a little rough on Brit, aren’t you? Recently she was spotted going into a public restroom and she actually had shoes on her feet! Brit’s well on the road to sound mental health and wellness. Hahahahahahahaha! Aw, shit, I almost kept a straight face. How long after the wedding is Brit going to lock herself in the bathroom. Plopping herself in a tub full of water, thickly foamed with Mr. Bubbles, adding to it, the toaster she and Jason got as a wedding gift from their bridal registry at Walmart.

  13. deedee

    She needs a new manicurist. Her fingernails and toes are gnarly.

  14. CelebExpert

    #1-onion ring- I’m dyin
    #12- fantastic
    Doesn’t anyone notice she’s starting to bear a resemblance to Sally Strothers.
    Looks like Brit ate Brit and fucked up her hair.

  15. missywissy

    I don’t care about the ring, I’m more shocked the girl has a bra on! Now THAT is news that could overpower the entirety of the death of MJ.

    ….. and whoever wrote “britney knows wtf she’s doing”…… thanks. you make me feel smaaaaaaaaaart.

  16. joe blow

    What the FUCK???? Why does the bitch have a bra on? And I bet the cunt is wearing panties too!!!!

  17. gabbi

    Doesn’t anyone find it interesting that she’s out shopping again and buying starbucks, etc. Could she be entering a manic phase of her bi-polar disorder? I am not being funny. I had a bi-polar mom and she had cycles and tell-tale signs of her entering into a bad place. Even sometimes when she was still taking meds or at least faking it. I’m worried for brit brit.

  18. gabbi


  19. jojo

    can somebody PLEASE tell me why her hair ALWAYS looks like shit????? I understand if she is lazy and dirty??? BUT she is in the public eye and she is a millionaire! Doesn’t she have people who can wash her hair and bathe her? She doesn’t have to lift her dirty little finger!

    This girl has serious emotional issues – I would not be surprised if she ended up like Michael J one day! God help her!

  20. mafme

    “Can I marry just the legs?”

  21. Grosshair

    She’s really starting to look like she should be on that show, “Little People, Big World”.

    WTF is up with her looking so stubby and thick, yet smallish?

  22. Grosshair

    Whoa, is she rocking a moustache? That first pic looks like it. We know she doesn’t shave her legs, so why wax her upper lip?

  23. Kelley

    She looks like hell up close … for 28 she really looks awful … tons of foundation and zits underneath … forehead lines like someone 40 years old.

  24. Jen

    Good gawd, would someone please buy that girl a hairbrush!!???
    and maybe some boobies. Where did her boobies go?
    Why does the skin on her face look like that of a 65 year old life long smoking hooker? Why doesn’t anyone tell her just how stupid those ginormous sunglasses look?
    I agree with whoever wrote that she’s back in “manic” mode. She’s got that classic crazy-Britney look going on.

  25. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    OH geez here we go again. Hold on everybody Airplane II is about to take off, more action, more hair cutting, more cars beaten with a umbrella, more booty flashes.

  26. Since brit brit is a demitasse, Jaime is going to take the blame when things goes south? maybe its time for her hard staunch fans to have their own intervention…

  27. Sounds like another one of Britney’s desperate antics to get her photo published on the paparazzi blogs.

  28. Tyrone

    Spongebob Squarepants.

  29. Jime

    She looks great!

  30. Alison

    #28 wins

    she has a pineapple under the sea, you know.

  31. Tom K

    It’s funny in 1999 and early 2000 Britney was the epitome of the “hot girl”. A girl with an amazing body and cute face and after she got that white thug Kevin Federline’s ghetto wigger dick in her and had is ugly babies she has just fallen off. Something about her looks is off, yes she is fuckable now but it’s not the same. Back in the day you would jump through hoops of fire to be with this girl now she looks used and trashy.

  32. Nero

    Yes,i admit she has come from a long way.I’ll guess she deserves a good husband.Is that an AMG in the back?

  33. Gando

    Vroom! Vroom! How about some motorboating?

  34. captain america

    ……………….THE ANUS-RING IS MISSING, folks!!

  35. Darth

    She needs a husband who can really protect her well.Especially against those mean paps and merciless gossip sites!

  36. EK

    She’d be looking just fine if she could commit herself to not dressing like a 17 yo hobo and regularly brushing her hair.

  37. BaccusVD

    Wow…. k, how come nobody ever points out her wrestler neck. It’s fucking freaky.

    How can a girl have such a thick neck it’s like SHA-BANG! Shes could be one of those circus dudes who balances heavy shit on their head while juggling… only shes a girl… and not nearly coordinated enough.

    But I’m sure if you promised her a big mac she’d at least try HAHAAHHAHA! Isn’t that how they get her through each new leg of the tour?

  38. Galtacticus

    At least she isn’t toying around with Jason Trawick’s feelings.This ring is a proof that she takes him seriously.

  39. Rhialto

    Girls who are toying around are sucking the life outta a guy! Where’s my sweetie?

  40. Gando

    Toying around or not at least Jason Trawick is getting paid! That’s a reward as well.

  41. Darth

    Are some people getting paid in this world folks? Gasp,i even didn’t know that existed!?

  42. Nero

    Is he getting paid just as us with shoulder slaps,kind words and faint promises? Damn! He’s a blessed lucky dude!

  43. Boogeyman King Dong

    @39-42 Are you sure we aren’t dealing with a psycho? I start to get my doubts about this.

  44. angela

    She looks really terrible – and that would be a pathetic engagement ring!

  45. How the fuck is that an engagement ring?

  46. Forget about the ring, what is going on with her hair?

  47. dirk

    I’m just glad she’s wearig a BRA. Keep them there flapjacks under wraps.

  48. Roseanne's Cockring

    White trash with money.

  49. His Huge Greatness Himself

    Time after time they have proved their loyalty but i see my men are getting a bit unsatisfied and losing their patient? What’s up?

  50. Darth

    We’ve gone through seas of fire and curtains of bullets.We’ve battled and defeated the world’s most evil countries and dictators and entertained as no one else.But why are we getting treated like shit?

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