Britney Spears’ rigged VMA victory immortalized in wax

February 16th, 2009 // 58 Comments

Here’s a wax statue of Britney Spears that was unveiled today at Madame Tussauds in London. Finally, a version we can leave with alone with her children. Slap some PB&J’s in those waxy paws, and I dare anyone to say this wasn’t the right move. – - Hold on a second. Jesus wants to give me a high-five….

Photos: WENN

  1. soup42


  2. Meh

    What!? I’m I first!?

  3. Meh

    Damn it!

  4. Sig

    I used to immortalize her in wacks, but that was years ago.

  5. fearsarewishes

    JFC…you first three are morons. It will be good for the rest of us when you’re back in school tomorrow

    I’m out.

  6. Elmo

    first time I’ve seen the wax figure look more alive….

  7. Doesn’t really look like her.

  8. Randal

    Not only does the biggest musical star on the planet look great in her own skin but also done up in wax!

    Britney, you deserve to be forever made as a statue for all to worship and remember. xoxo


  9. Richard McBeef

    Do you think wax britney has a waxed beaver under that skirt? I bet wax britney has a full bush under there.

    They should immortalize one of the many times britney flashed her beef in wax.

  10. Richard McBeef

    I would definately hit that. Can you get herpes from wax?

  11. Lowlands

    To the artist who made her in wax; well done job! #6 I haven’t seen you in years! What happened?

  12. jimmy

    i am amazed with the skill of those who make wax figures. how they’re able to get hair and the dress to look like that with wax is beyond me. her wax dress even sparkles and her hair has texture. simply amazing.

  13. SluttyCakes

    What in the goddamn fuck is that thing in the schoolgirl outfit in pic 3?

    You can tell that thing is a goddamn limey from 12 miles away.

  14. Mal

    They don’t use wax for the hair and clothing.

  15. britney's weave

    um, they forgot her cankles. she wishes she had ankles that thin.

    and lol @ 5

  16. fearsarewishes


    I was in prison. Or, as the brothers are keen to say, I was incarcerated.

  17. Deacon Jones

    i would def molest that. go figure

  18. Darth

    #17 I’m quite new,but i even haven’t seen you in years.Welcome back! I hope you can walk soon normal again.

  19. Jrz

    I bet the wax version sings better, too.

  20. me

    What the hell is going on with that left knee?

    That is just disturbing.

  21. Can you guys help me out? If you watch this video and give me 5 stars, you can come to australia…

  22. fearsarewishes

    Darth, English is not your first language is it?

  23. Lowlands

    #17 I’m glad to see you back ! You’re one of the long-time commenters.

  24. Darth

    #23 How can you see? It’s my 9th language.

  25. superstar

    Are those other girls sitting around her in pic 2 real life people?

  26. havoc

    I heard this was a prototype Cheetos dispenser.

    Guess where the Cheeto comes out?


  27. Wow, that ain’t the only thing of B-Spears they should put in wax…

    ……………I’m talkin bout her giner!

    Check out this awesome video about the GIRLS GONE WILD PORNO BAILOUT (just watch out for the dude with the ‘stache):

  28. elenas

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  29. annie

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  30. Tabion

    Rigged? But… They’re all rigged from the get go. It’s all just one big industry padding itself on the back and giving some publicity to whichever product needs promoting.

    Really. It’s kind of insulting to come on a gossip website and see something like this.

  31. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Nigga at a time

    This is the best way she can be next to her kids… and the buffet.

  32. Randal's Dirty Enema Water (think of the surface skin)

    Randal my sweet sodomist, Britster has not talent dumbass. She lip-sycnchs because she is a studio creation. She is sexy. Sex sells. She does not write anything musically other than the lyrics of a slutty 8th grader. What do you see in this woman? You think she is more talented than say the likes of people like Yo Yo Ma etc. or classical composers or jazz musicians that never play the same song the same way on any given night?
    It’s idiots like yourself that promote vapidness and have resulted in the whoring down of our culture. Yeah to make it today you better be sexy.

    We need a blood bath to gain our national integrity again. Alas, too many cowards have belched forth their rancid genes into the formless shapes of sheeple for that to ever happen so…

    …Go Britney I hope you get another set of awards for being a whore next year! Lip on!

  33. lola

    This is the BEST wax statue I have ever seen! Hands down it looks just like her.

  34. I'm a creep

    I wonder if the carpet matches the drapes. They are very detailed at MTs. I bet anything a lot of ‘luv’ went into the creation of this thing.

  35. Vince Lombardi

    Wait…. that’s wax? That’s more lifelike than Brit has been in years.

  36. Keith

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  37. Maybe this Britney won’t need a mobility scooter but the real one could do with one of our beauties – brand new mobility scooters at half price

  38. Tom K

    It looks just like her! I wonder if they included the genital herpes and cheeto stained panties also?

  39. Rachel

    Britney is soooo beautiful! She’s a legend!

    http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=aOqQkCWegcg

  40. ghost

    Is Tori Spelling in this museum? She should be. She always reminded me of a melting candle.

  41. Zarciel

    #14 I noticed it too..I think he has a “tra la la” hangin’ and pointing Britney’s “ding ding dong” under that skirt (…objective acquainted…)

  42. This because in REAL-LIFE she doesn’t exhist any longer, folks!!

  43. feckless

    Does Madame Tussauds now cover half of London? They’re making wax everybodys. I wonder if they sell those wax lip candies…

  44. I think the wax Britney looks better than the real one

  45. Ethan

    What’s with the Frumpadump Brits they put in Britney’s old costumes. Bleh!

  46. lizzy

    the jawline and mouth are off…

  47. Ella

    Once again these sculpters have created such gorgeous work. I wish I had that kind of talent..

    And yes, this is by far the best statue I’ve seen from MT’s. :)

  48. Racer X

    No talent slore.

  49. betty

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