Britney Spears practiced to look like hell

February 2nd, 2010 // 105 Comments

Before reminding everyone at the Grammys she’d stab us all in the neck for chicken, Britney Spears spent Saturday at a recording studio in Miami looking completely out of place without children falling out of her onto the steps of a trailer. And before anyone tries to say she looks great, I want you to tell me with a straight-face she’s not far enough along to know the sex of the baby.

I rest my case.

Photos: INFdaily


    She is in great shape, actually! Every female (who’s not anorexic or not shaped like a pear) has a bit of a tummy.

  2. Cristobal

    Oh, Superficial, how I love thee.

  3. Kermit


  4. Bizzles

    I wouldn’t mind having that body after having children! I think she looks great!

  5. Erica

    I think she looks just right. She just wears horribly unflattering stuff.

  6. Doc

    I love how she has a Starbucks drink in every picture she’s ever taken the last few years… how has Starbucks not capitalized on this?… And no, not as nice as she used to be, but I’d still go there, no questions asked..

  7. Stupid

    She is a heifer & her nipples are staring at the ground again. She used to be beautiful but now she looks every other redneck.

  8. Crusty

    She’s southeast Louisiana trailer trash. How do you expect her to look?

  9. havoc

    This chick is tranq’ed to the gills.

    Daddy’s feeding her Xanax like Pez……


  10. Analeigh

    I don’t think she looks that bad but I think that frapuccinos are officially off my coffee list – she just looks slightly bloated and who wouldn’t after days of sugar coffee drinking

  11. whatever

    i don’t think she’s pregnant; i think she just has bad posture. look how much her lower back is arched in. if she would stand up a little straighter, her tummy would flatten out. you’d think a dancer would know this…

  12. Her ass looks good enough. At least you could do her from behind if you were in the mood for greasy southern poon.

  13. pimp

    this girl needs a good fuckin worse then i do…and a good ass eating…

  14. arthogen

    I am not even sure what to say and that is not easy to do.

  15. Relax ... breath for me baby

    Her ass looks delicious. I’d give her a healthy licking, fer shur.

  16. Big bad bob

    i’d motor boat that butt ……mmmmmmm good

  17. Ellen

    If she only had an ounce of class, she’d be really damn attractive. She’s just so insanely trashy. Good ass, though.

  18. Run4theMONEY

    I would tear that ass up she

  19. It’s like she’s right out of the scene in Idiocracy that shows the trailer park peeps reproducing. Gag.

  20. yummy

    I wanna eat her asshole

  21. Mister Bored

    Meh. I’ve done worse looking, less rich, more talented.

    I’d be knee deep in that without regret.

  22. Richard McBeef


  23. She is looking quite frumpy.

  24. Covert Koala

    Britney is still banging, try surveying the merchandise at your local mall to see if you can find better. Britney has that rough trade appeal, she’s dirty and down with everything, no orifice left untouched.

  25. Parker

    Remember when all anyone wanted to do was have anal sex with Britney in public? Those were crazy days. You could turn on practically any tv or radio and hear about how much someone wanted to pork Britney Spears in the ass. Not anymore, I’ll tell you, those days are long past. Now it’s all about everyone wanting to slide a weiner into Selena Gomez’ hot little pooper as soon as she’s no longer jail-bait. What is it about those Disney girls and anal sex? Is it just me or is there some kind of unusual public fascination with Disney girl asses?

  26. What a fat piece of crap

    I hope the delusional shitney fans, who seem to populate this website and say braindead things like “she’s looking GREAT!” will take a good long look at their fat, tree trunk legged, tits flopping down like dried up bags of water “superstar”. She’s a mentally challenged, lip synching, performance fraud. Grow up, shitney fans; time to move on to someone who has functioning neurons…

  27. masmi

    Whatever how she looks, but it really is annoying to hear all these mean comments, I really would like to see how fat and ugly a lot of you are and then hear you talk about her.

  28. Tracy J

    How funny. I am 13 weeks along. My first thought of the picture was “Agh! That’s what I look like right now.” Complete with long brown scraggly hair. I am calling the salon right now.

  29. Cristina

    Yeah, I’m really sick of far chicks talking about how great fat chicks like Britney look to make them feel better about their own grossness. Average girls look better than this, let alone actual hot girls. Plus, she is mentally illland can only function under extreme control.

  30. Gorilla Greg

    I SWEAR she used to look beautiful at one point in time, and in real life too, I’m not talking about those über photoshopped publicity shots.

  31. Timbo S

    To be honest…I think she looks kinda hot!

  32. Melrose

    Who the hell is doing her hair!? Safeway? It’s not her fault that she has a bean-shaped body and her nipples always pointing in random directions, but there is no excuse for that hair!

  33. Boxy Brown

    I find it really hilarious that people bitch about people being superficial on a website called The SUPERFICIAL. Lrn2read&comprehend.

  34. Nameless

    I don’t think she’s fat. She just looks tired or has really bad posture.

    However, what the hell is she wearing? Is that one of them full body girdle/bodyshaper suits?

  35. Steve K

    What happened to that slammin body from the tour? Is it possible to chunk back up that quick?

  36. Ego

    this makes me sad in my pants. She desperately needs a plastic surgeon to fix her down syndrome looking boobs.

  37. Yay Britney!

    Thanks for more Britney.

    However the side and back shots aren’t conducive to my love for the Britney boobs but the nips are fun.

    Please, more Brit tits, head on, complete with her signature headlights.

  38. ya ya ya

    I’d hit that & im a chick ha ha

  39. God

    Even up here in heaven we call those things “shoe seekers.” Oh well, I tried. I gave her something to work with and she had to go and pickle her tits…

  40. Jimmy

    As she sinks deeper into the trailer trash world she seeks. What a fat assed piece of garbage!

  41. vaginaman

    she has nuttin to live for.
    only time she was hot is when she exercised regularly, forget about that now.

  42. sarah

    um. is that a fucking SCRUNCHIE??????!!!!!!!!!!

    also, when you compare Britney to other public figures, she is really not that special. she’s kind of plain, really.

  43. She’s actually always had a biggy-ish tummy, though.

  44. Archie Oogoly

    Meh, body-wise she looks like my wife, except for the nips pointing South below the Mason-Dixon line. So I Guess I’d hit it. Do think it’s time to sever the sponsorship with Spanx though.

  45. Vito

    Britney’s one of those women from whom I’d be concerned about getting a disease..but I’ll be goddamned if I wouldn’t fuck her anyway!

    Dynamite ass!

  46. Rasputins Liver


    OH SHIT!!!


    Another fuckin’ disgusting pig!!!


    First that Coco skeeze. Now Twatney.


    Goddamit, Fish!


  47. BaccusVD

    #44 She’s actually always had a biggy-ish tummy, though.

    Ya she always had a gut… but it was exceptable since the rest wasnt gross. A good set of fake boobs can improve almost anything afterall. I always knew she’d be done after 2 kids. It’s just like that.

  48. Jose

    Shes still one very sexy bitch to me! Man Id like to do things to that girl.

  49. she doesn’t look bad. she doesn’t look classy either. i hope she gets a stylist soon.

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