UPDATE: Britney Spears wants to spend the night with her kids

October 11th, 2007 // 96 Comments

Britney Spears wants to have overnight visits with her children. Her lawyers will present their case at 8:30 AM PST and have urged Britney to actually show up for the hearing. TMZ reports:

We’ve also learned Spears has now had several clean drug tests. Brit’s lawyers will use these tests and other evidence to make their case. They’ve told Britney her presence will show the judge how much she cares about the kids — she finally gets it and plans to show.

Just in case you thought things were leveling out for this whole rag-tag bunch, TMZ had this to report:

Sources say the entire family — Britney, Kevin, Sean Preston and Jayden James — all have pink eye. That’s why K-Fed was wearing a K-Patch at the last hearing.

Well, they’re finally doing something together as a family. Granted it involves discharging pus from their eyes, I’d consider that an improvement for the Spears/Federline clan. At least you can cure this problem with antibiotics and eye drops. Sadly, you can’t cure Britney with anything short of a gastric bypass and frontal lobotomy. Both of which I volunteer to perform. I’m not a surgeon, per se, but I played the game Operation a lot as a kid. Don’t worry. Britney’s nose will beep bright red before I puncture her spleen. I saw that on the Discovery channel once – or was I watching Rudolph? Eh, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Nurse, scalpel.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that Britney skipped the hearing. Either she really doesn’t want her kids back or Starbucks started adding bacon to Frappucinos today.


  1. Fumus


  2. hester

    holy crap her makeup is awful — she needs to stop dressing herself

  3. MrSemprini

    It’s those boots! Every time she wears them, she does STOOPID stuff. We gotta stop those boots! Who’s with me? Anyone?



    Where’d everybody go?

  4. second you necrophilic titty idiots

  5. Fumus

    Nice Bag Brit, so that how you stay so well fed, you carry around a Gucci picnic basket with you everywhere you go.

  6. UDbudgie

    isnt it “per se”, not “per say”? come on Mr. Superficial… lets not get crazy here.

  7. I would love to spend the night with her. Can her lawyer also put that in the court order.

  8. Where’s the new crotch shot?

  9. Vennocio

    It’s because KFed keeps skeeting in everybody’s eyes. He’s so vain he actually jerked off in front of a mirror and a ricochet hit him in the eye too. When they were together, he actually drove Britney’s eyes further apart with all his skeeting. It’s like he’s a human semen squirt gun. No wonder the ladies love him.

  10. Fumus

    Wow Superficial just got grammar powned!!



  11. Chauncey Gardner

    Britney would totally blow her own sons to get them to clean their rooms before HRS workers come for an inspection. You all know it.

  12. Hecubus

    We all gawts pink eye doc, we needs us some medissayne. We shouldn’t never have eaten that danged Raccoon we founds at the side o’ the road.

  13. TMZ has the edited version of the money shot. Perez will probably have the money shot when he wakes up this morning.

  14. Fumus

    Lol, UDbudgie…superficial changed it to Per se…hahaha

  15. Sid

    Way too much Britney, and way too many lame attempts at writing in redneck.

  16. Does this Britney shit ever END?

  17. block

    well, Mr superficial never claimed to be an English Teacher either (per se).

    does Brit understand what the buttons on her outfit are for. or does she just consider them to be dangling things to amuse her. is there just so much back fat that she can’t close the buttons.

  18. SoulMate

    Hey Brit,
    It’s not about me and it’s not about the rest of the fans out there. It’s about you and your kids right now! Nevermind al the drama! My cousin lost her kids for a while too, for much of the same reasons as you did, and let me tell ya, it changed her life! Whether you ever come back as big as the media and paparazzi are trying to force you to or not, just remember that you are you, and they’ll get over it someday honey! Just keep your head up and remember, “If you look towards the sun the shadows fall behind you!”

  19. It is very important to prevent pink eye in familial settings. For a list of activities which should be avoided for the prevention of pink eye, go to the Pink Eye Prevention Bureau via the blue link provided immediately above.

  20. BigPic

    bash away all you want. on this site alone she must have generated thousands of comments over the past couple of months. she’s bigger (literally and figuratively) than she ever was before. an empirical observation, not an opinion.

  21. justplainconfused

    Zit treatment from L’Occitane: $400

    Purse to hold Fried Chicken & Beer: $600

    Making a normal red dress say, “Retarded Slut” by leaving middle buttons open: priceless.

  22. Pretty Baby

    Cmon, #19, mix it up a little. I haven’t seen meatspin in awhile

  23. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Typical smooth move, Britney, you stupid twat. Conjunctivitis is extremely contagious, but you’re still running around to restaurants and Starbucks. Heaven forbid you stay home and not risk making other people sick. I’m sure your compassion for other’s health will score big points with the judge.

    Thoughtless wench.

    The dress is cute–too bad for it that Brit-shit’s wearing it, because now it’s crap.

  24. grump

    baby needs a new pair of shoes. for real. she has those things on in every single picture i see of her.

  25. UDbudgie

    wow these guys really keep up with the comments. they changed that up quickly

  26. gotmilk?

    how scary is picture 1 row 2? wtf!!

    #1. it’s been all of a week since she’s been actually taking the drug tests. big fucking deal, she passed all 2 of them. and 2 doesn’t equal “several”. that’s not anything to shake a stick at. i love how she thinks since a week has passed, it’s time to get her kids back. this is ridiculous. i’m not sure why i’m surprised that her barely functioning brain, or her lawyer’s, thinks in this way

    #2. button up your fucking dress. that is revolting.

  27. MichaelJackson

    I fully support Britney’s need to love her children. Lord knows I loved my children. I loved my children so much that I can’t live in the U.S. and the FBI has a picture of my penis. Britney won’t need to worry about the FBI needing a picture of her snatch because they already got it. The fish man felt morally obligated to send it them when she first started showing people where K-Fed did his business. Anyway, If Britney ever wants a man to love her children I just want her to know I’ll be there for her.

  28. gotmilk?

    wait, do you see what her dog is wearing? HAHAHA & wow.

  29. hotlips

    Why does she keep dressing like that? Not really an appropriate outfit to impress the judge into thinking that she has changed.

    Does she think that she is still hot? I mean yea sh was years ago, but now she just looks skanky!

  30. lux

    So close….her nails match the dress, now if she’d only buttoned on more button and not worn those ugly boots, she’d almost look decent. And washed and brushed her hair…but that’s just asking WAY too much.

  31. MassGrrl

    That dress is meant to be worn buttoned. Seriously, does she not own a mirror?

  32. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Oh, and Fish? it’s ‘pus’ not ‘puss.’ Though I guess one is certainly more appealing than the other (so I can see why you’d make the mistake), as long as it’s not Britney’s.

  33. Hot Pusy

    So I guess that name is also incorrect. Or not? Anyway, #31, tell the truth…you’re hear only because the Michelle Rodriguez story put out some type of lesbian bat signal, right?

  34. #26…

    Yeah, its like …

    “Take me to you leader…bzzzzzzzzzz…before my nipples bite your kness off….bzzzzzzzzzz…”

  35. Hot Pusy

    and by “hear” I purposely meant listening to the comments.

    Ahh…fuck it.

  36. anon

    As a member of a special forces unit having just returned home with half my unit[other half will be put to rest] im ashamed i defended your empty souls.
    You guys cast these huge rocks at someone when they are down with out empathy .
    I had more respect for the enemys’ lives i ended on a daily basis than you do for someone who hasnt done anything neg. to you .
    You pathetic clones will get karma knocking on yer doors in a bad way.
    I am 100% positive of that !

  37. KamUK

    What does she look like? why couldn’t she button her shirt/dress It’s like watching a car crash.

  38. no1justminda

    Hey Brit, ya missed a few buttons there…

  39. Betheney

    didn’t you hear? she didn’t turn up to court – her own emergency court thingy and the phuker didn’t turn up – nothing says i’m a fuck tard more than that right there

  40. Chris

    Leave Michelle Rodriguez alone!

  41. The latest word here in LA is Britney is going to be a now show at court today!. Can’t you just see the love she has for her kids. Does she even remember having them or does she think it was just a bad LSD trip?

  42. #36…You defended us how exactly?

    Perez Hilton is reporting that she apparently missed her court appearance…


  43. Fashion Police

    I really like the way she is wearing a small Christian Cross with her giant button popping, cleavage baring dress. It ‘s obvious she has had some type of accident, so why does no one offer her a safety pin. Cover that up ASAP you old hag.

  44. SgtRecruiter

    at #36: anon you should reup and leave these losers to die in their personal Sodom And Gommorah. Why stay here when you could go back to Iraq and kill women and children in a country that our president had to lie about to make a war happen. Come back and kill. You know it’s better than sex.

  45. Auntie Kryst

    @36 Shut the fuck up or at least direct your anger in the right direction. That bitch isn’t “down” she’s a fucking stupid slag without any consideration for anyone but herself. She purposefully fucks up. Still feeling ashamed for defending empty souls? Refer to the poster child of carelss excess, pictures are at the top.

  46. fuck britney in the ass

    She passed several drug tests in a week so she is clearly ready to be a good mother. A relapse couldn’t possibly happen after she abstained for a record breaking 1 week. I bet she used powdered urine or paid off some testing employee. Somebody kill that damn dog she treasures!

  47. Rick

    So folks at this site think our soldiers are fighting and getting wounded and dying, but only in an attempt to kill women and children. That’s just great. What a wonderful group of people.

  48. Ashley

    As a single mother of three going through the same BS that Britney is going through (but without the media attn.!!) I honestly have to say, give the girl a break! Seriously, She may have some problems but hopefully she will come through it all ok and eventually get her kids back! She just needs to understand that her kids come first and she should be on her best behavior untill all this settles! Keep your head up and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! Dont let anyone come between you and your babies!!

  49. ***

    so classy *puke*

  50. Danklin24

    If she wears that to court, she just might get her kids back. The judge will be like whats that Britney, you serve the kids alcohol and have let them snort coke off your bare breasts? Psh, i can see your puppies, here are the little tykes.

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