Britney Spears wants Governator’s help

February 14th, 2008 // 62 Comments

Sam Lutfi is still considering himself Britney Spears’ manager and called Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s old publicist from his movie days. Sam wants the Governator to step in and make Britney’s legal woes go Hasta la vista, baby. I can’t believe I wrote that last sentence. NY Daily News reports:

“Britney says her civil rights have been violated and she wants to talk to Arnold about it,” says a source with firsthand knowledge of the conversation.
“She wants the governor to look into why she can’t get an attorney,” according to my mole. “Sam was chewing on his dinner while he was saying all this into the phone.”

No, no, my friend. Sam Lutfi wasn’t chewing on his supper. He was chewing on the bones of his enemies – who may or may not have been a Hungry Man dinner.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Jens


  2. Grunion

    Wow it looks like Rosie O’Donnel has lost alot of weight in these pictures.

  3. Dude


  4. Annika

    Her hair looks so much better now!

  5. sicasso

    It’s the She-Elvis. Or Shelvis, if you prefer. And yes, I am tempting the wrath of the Gods by merely likening Elvis to Britney.

  6. Shee needs to deal with them just like everybody else would

  7. Annika

    Her hair looks so much better now!

  8. OH MYGOD! Britney’s hair doesn’t look like shit!!!

  9. Dalilamar

    How many dogs have? She thinks that carry a dog is like carry a purse?????

  10. Auntie Kryst

    Why is the Juice still wearing his wedding ring?

  11. The Office Whore

    Auntie!!!! Cause she secretly got married to andanana guliab….

  12. Spazz

    Why cant this bitch just stay home and out of the spotlight for a week or two? Its sad how desperate she is for attention. If I had a few million dollar homes in Beverly Hills i would kick back and enjoy it. With her hair maybe rent a few of the Predator movies and watch and try and determine my lineage.

  13. deaconjones

    Ms Presley is banging the Juice???

    “I feel that my advances in the business world will shatter a lot of white myths about black athletes-and give some pride and hope to a lot of young blacks.” – O. J. Simpson

    “I am not a big fan of Marcia. Good, she got $4.3 million for her book. I just don’t think she’s a nice person.” – O. J. Simpson

  14. rescriptionist

    Did anyone else think that was OJ at first glance? What a team-up that would be…..

  15. Cap'n Pickles

    Christ! Is that yet ANOTHER dog? Bitch must run out of peanut butter pretty quick.

  16. ho

    My friends told me they met each other on ‘millionaire friends com’ where Charlie Sheen found his new love there.

  17. The Office Whore

    16- you’re giving ho’s a bad name ya shit!!

  18. She just wants a role in Terminator 4.

  19. Auntie Kryst

    Soundboard time! Here’s a transcript of Britney & Gov. Schwarzenegger…

    Ahnold: Guut morning. How are you?
    Ahnold: Sarah Connah?
    Britney: It’ Britney bitch!
    Ahnold: I’ve got some qvestshuns, und I vant some ansahs.
    Britney: Mr. GuvNer, I want me a lawyer.
    Ahnold: I’m a cop damnit!
    Britney: Ain’t you someone important?
    Ahnold: I AM A MACHINE!
    Britney: We’re country! My parents is trying to steal my cheddah yo!
    Ahnold: Who ees your daddy, und vhat does he do?
    Britney: He’s all up in my business and mean to me.
    Ahnold: You are a choirboy compared to me!
    Britney: That’s America for you.
    Ahnold: You lack discipline.
    Britney: Damn yo! You ain’t no help.
    Ahnold: goodBYE!
    Britney: That was just silly.

    *disclaimer, most of the Britney shit is made-up.

  20. “Sam was chewing on his dinner while he was saying all this into the phone”

    As I keep trying to tell veggi, it’s very rude to suck dick while you’re on the phone.

  21. Hemlock Queen

    OMG! Her hair looks good for once, and CLEAN! Osama needs to be in jail. How would he know what Brit wants? Isn’t there something legal in place, like a RESTRAINING ORDER??? Keep that bastard away. I never thought I would say I want the old Britney back, ridiculous, but not completely insane.


    at least her hair looks semi decent

  23. So true

    20 – Jimbo – LMAO!!! I was thinking the same thing! Funny shit!

  24. not bad

    i wish her hair was blonde and parted to the side, but other than that, it looks clean, semi brushes, no frizz, good length. nice

  25. feg

    that is one unhappy looking chick. big fight coming. wait for it. she’s about to throw down on mom & dad for stiffling her. if they can hang on & get to the other side they may save her. I’m praying for you Jamie & Lynn. stay strong & make it right.

  26. She’s not Elvis. She’s Tortelvis of Dread Zeppelin. Just check out the album cover – she’s obviously the one in the middle. They even have her theme song, “Heartbreaker (At The End Of Lonely Street)”:

    Well, since my baby left me, I found a new place to dwell
    It’s down at the end of lonely street, that’s Heartbreak Hotel
    I felt so lonely baby, I felt so lonely
    I’ve been so lonely, baby, I could die

    The bellboy’s always crying, the ladies dressed in black
    They been so long on lonely street
    They’ll never ever come back
    I’ve been so lonely baby, I’ve been so lonely
    I’ve been so lonely, baby, I could die

    People talkin’ all around about the way you left me flat
    I don’t care what those people say
    I know where their jive is at
    One thing I do have on my mind, and it terrifies me too
    The way you call me another guy’s name
    When I try to make love to you

    So if your baby leaves you, got a tale to tell
    Just take a walk down lonely street to Heartbreak Hotel
    I’ve been so lonely baby, I’ve been so lonely
    I’ve been so lonely, baby, I could die

    Heartbreaker, heartbreaker

  27. norton

    Who the hell is this Sam Lutfi guy anyhow? I Googled him and discovered he’s a “producer” of two fabulously failed “movies” and that’s about it.

    Man, Hollywierd really knows how to draw out the loser douche-bags doesn’t it?

  28. gits

    Nice to get a picture of Britney holding her new bodyguard’s splooge in her mouth.

  29. claire

    Oh she looks beautiful! Her hair is stunning

  30. mim

    Happy Valentine’s Day to BRITNEY ya’ll!

    Hang in there!


  31. D. Richards (Flashdancer.)

    So Britney’s hanging out with Waterhead O.J. Simpson, agh? She better watch out., the guy’s a ‘purported’ murderer.

    I can see why she’d be attracted to him though: Orenthal sure is one handsome chocolate drop.

    Also: in the first picture, Britney looks exactly like Rosie O’Donnell. Bloat!

  32. Josie

    How, exactly, would Sam Lutfi know what Britney is thinking IF he is not supposed to be having contact with her? Sounds like more Sam Lutfi BS.

  33. D. Richards

    #13 beat me to it.

  34. Bigo

    Governator…. LOL Good one!!!

  35. Billy

    Holy Shit!!
    She’s with OJ!!! Someone save her!!!!

  36. null

    she looks like Nick Zedd.

  37. Steve

    Looks like Jamie’s really watching those expenses and trying to hoard Britney’s remaining money. He’s even resorted to hiring bodyguards out of the zoo.

  38. mamadough

    #2 my thoughts exactly. she can’t get a lawyer because she’s a fucking law-nightmare. Charles Manson would be a better client than her….

  39. Jules

    I think brit is starting to look so much better, Matching clothes.. a good weave.. here here, shes lookin bettter!

  40. Secret Admirer

    She looks like a toad …..To those of you who laud her clean looking hair for once ….. Yep …. doesn’t her fake hair look great ?
    (oprerative word here being “fake”)
    Her REAL hair can’t be more than a couple of inches long at the most.
    Damned sure not shoulder length by ANY stretch of anyones imagination
    Whack-0 snatch cuts hers off and then clips it back on like nobody will notice.
    And apparently she was right, because some people are impressed with her clean hair….. makes sense to me …..HAHAHAHA ………

  41. Auntie Kryst

    @11 Holy living shit. Whore, you’re right. There is a new post about her marriage. This is fucking funny.

  42. danielle

    Britney Spears might actually become her old self again after all this time her fans deserve to see the old Britney! She looks better, much healthier and atleast has dress sence and decent hair. you go girl!

  43. Bored with Britney

    so i am very bored with the whole Britney drama and all that shit.

    but i love this site so i keep on reading about it haha

    i do wonder though…why is she walking around holding yet another damn dog and a red boot? she has on brown shoes as you can see in one of the full length pictures….weird, but hey thats Britney for you…psycho

  44. Tapeworm

    Someone should punch that fucker in his vagina.

  45. woodhorse

    A security guard that can handle a Manic out in public? – he must have been a Navy Seal. Nice work Britney. Why are you pouting?

  46. Yeah you shouldn’t waste your time with brit brit.
    Johnny Depp is a whole different story

  47. Fiona

    Her hair looks a lot better shorter. I love her cute little dog, I really want one!

  48. PrettyPinkPonies

    #41 Secret Admirer:

    People know her hair is fake, ass. They’re impressed because her fake hair has looked like utter shit for the past year, so her new fake hair is a huge improvement. Sorry, I know you were really enjoying feeling superior.

    Does anyone know where she got that cropped jacket? It’s the second time I’ve seen it on her and I really like it.

  49. thegimp

    Well I’ll be damned! She doesn’t look like a total skank in those pics. Not PERFECT, but much better than before. Now if she can just keep her nipple from pointing at her ribs, she will be fine.

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