Britney Spears wants another kid

December 29th, 2005 // 42 Comments

britney_spears_thumb3.jpgThere are things the world needs more of – love, peace, masturbating penguins. One thing certainly not in that list is another Spears-Federline child. According to In Touch Weekly, however, Britney Spears is eager to give son Sean Preston a sibling


  1. WaitWhat?

    For the love of God, noooo!! Tie her down and tie her tubes!

  2. As I’m fairly sure their first kid will become the next Hitler or Hillary Clinton, I don’t think a sibling is a good idea. You know…If you DON’T want Godzilla-esque destruction to reign down upon the earth.

  3. Sheva

    God would not be so unmerciful as to replicate Hitlery upon us. That’s why they are working on cloning. So she can be thrust upon us in all her wretched condescending self.

    But there appears nothing, absolutely nothing to stop Britney from producing a whole new litter of white trash.

  4. turtlecock

    Britney needs to have her insides scooped out and KFed needs to stop spreading his demon seed.

  5. ~S.Starr~

    Honey…if the first child didn’t smooth out your marriage…the second one wont…Just ask Shar.

  6. MortyFishbein

    It will never end. She couldn’t wait until her career was well-established like Madonna to pop out a litter. Oh no. That would have been too professional and economically smart.

    Say whatever you want about Madonna but I NEVER thought she was anywhere approaching hillbilly white trash. I was even willing to like Britney for her showmanship and finally stop hating her.

    Then she goes and shoes us that you can take the girl out of the Louisana bayou backwoods but you can’t take the Louisinan bayou backwoods out of the girl.

  7. LCW

    When are women going to realize that babies do not work miracles, no matter how much money you have. One day a younger hotter girl will come along & he’ll impregnate her and brit brit will be stuck with 12 kids because she thought that more would make her marriage stronger. He’s trash and she needs to get a clue and get out while she still has a glimmer of hope for a future career.

  8. derekd

    OINK!OINK! She’s looks just like a pig in that pic. A pig holding a cig. GOD! I HOPE SHE GETS KNOCKED UP AGAIN! Is it wrong for me to wish the downfall of her career? I mean I don’t wish physical illness just that they might actually have to get real jobs. Now thats a reality show. The opposite of beverley hill billys. Instead of hillybillys being dirt poor and striking it rich, the hillbillys start off rich and become dirt poor. AHHH the irony.

  9. yensid

    Oh come on people! Who can blame her. History ALWAYS repeats itself. She has to get prenant again so that The Loser, aka K-Fed, can leave her while she is pregnant with her second spawn from him for some other idiot, insecure chic who can bank roll him for awhile.

  10. tothemax

    I think this woman needs to be stoned. (With actual stones, not with weed.)

  11. sugarplumbaby

    “WHAT THEY’LL DO WITH YOU, THEY’LL DO TO YOU”……… Britney needs to have a talk with Dr. Phil. Doc Phil….if you are reading this please give this girl a call.

  12. APINK

    Britney, are you really that stupid?!!

  13. Lynette Carrington

    Just when we all thought Brit couldn’t do anything more stupid than what she already has….she comes up with the brilliant idea of putting herself in Shar Jackson’s shoes. Some people should not be allowed to procreate! Why, God, why?!?!

  14. Zed

    I’ve always thought “Ugh, Kevin Federline. Make him go away.”

    But take a good look at that photo of Britney. For a sec there, I felt a twinge of sympathy for K-Fed for having to live with a woman who let herself go so badly not only in pregnancy and on into the post-partum phase. She’s looking pretty trashy. And sort of funny looking.

    But then I remembered that the real downturn in her style and looks started when she began her association with K-Fed. Well, there you go. It’s all his fault. So I’m back to hating him…

    It’s all good once again. What a relief. Ugh, Kevin Federline. Make him go away.

  15. GutterStars

    I dunno. I think i understand why she is doing it. She probably wants to have 2 kids. And she wants them to be full brother/sister or brother/brother. So, the reason that she is saying that she wants to have another one sooner than later…is that she probably realizes that she is NOT going to stay with Kevin. She she better hurry up and get pregnant soon so she can ditch his white-trash ass!!
    i am in no way defending Britney. i think she is the most disgusting trashy redneck! and i hate her more than most, but i understand why she is doing it!

  16. hafaball

    Well, the first child came, and the world didn’t end. So nothing says when the second comes the world won’t end then.
    I…don’t even know what that means, but my point is…um…the more kids she has the more she won’t sing? Yeah, I’ll stick with that. And where is she getting this money from? I thought they were having money troubles, now they want another kid…though it’s obvious kevin’s single will be a chart topper for sure, so nevermind. And I think it is reccomended you wait at least a year or so, but what do I know…

  17. Linnea

    I never though there would be a day where I would pity Britney Spears. Oh how wrong I was.

  18. Jolima7

    This bitch is pathetic. Justin Timberlake really did a number on her.

    She will be known as the chick who had the hardest time recovering from a break up – she decides to find the first man who can dance almost like her ex, looks kind of like her ex, but NEEDS her sorry fat ass.
    Then, when she realizes that marrying him won’t make her feel better about Justin dumping her, she decides to have a baby.
    THEN, she realizes that a baby is more effort to take care of than a fist sized dog, she decides to have another one to serve as a distraction for the first born.
    She’s fucked up.

  19. Jolima7

    Does anyone here honestly visualize going into a store and buying her next album?

  20. LoneWolf

    Folks, look at it from her perspective. To her, her baby is the same kind of amusing fluff as those Chihuahuas that her ilk find to be so fashionable. With her stable of nannies, nurses, and assistants, why wouldn’t she whelp a whole litter of mini-Brits-and-Feds? She’d still have time to smoke cigarettes, chew gum, and be seen in public looking fabulous. And by “fabulous” I mean “dressed worse than a homeless person who’s rapidly moving into Anna Nichole Smith/Kirstie Alley-before-the weight-loss-territory”.

  21. wheresthejunk

    Does she actually spend time with Sean right now? I mean you always see her out, without her kid. I have a 7 month old, and he goes with me everywhere!
    Maybe she just wants another kid so it and Sean can keep each other company. Just so her hoochie ass doesn’t have to show them love.

  22. BrendaPayne

    A second kid won’t make anything worse for her. The only difference I see it making in her life is that she won’t have to give as much money to Kevin in the split because she’ll have two children to support.

  23. That girl is one of the dumbest on the planet. Sane people know that you don’t have children to make a relationship better. If anything, you leave a bad relationship for the sake of your kids.

    If she does get pregnant again while the first one is still in diapers, and KFed is still spendin’ her loot and smokin’ the hooch, the fallout from that will eventually be a stage act for Ringling Bros!

  24. fatgirl

    The Antichrist is coming, Brit. No need to make sure you spawn it.

  25. LadySpankington

    Might as well get the baby a pack of cigarettes and trailer and get it over with.

    What pisses me off, is that we all see how blatantly stupid she is, but all she needs to do is shed some pounds and whore herself on mtv and everyone will forget how crazy she is. I mean, look at Mariah…

  26. tuesdayup

    HA! Darwin was wrong, the weak do survive…

  27. lish520

    Lady Spankington, you took the words out my mouth.

    Someone should really call CPS before it’s too late for them.

  28. Jeremy1Esq

    This is just Britney’s way of getting Kevin to leave. As soon as she is pregnant with their second kid, he will leave her for some Asian or Hispanic chick. Lucy Liu and Salma Hayak better be on guard. The KFed is coming for you.

  29. HollyJ

    Typical ignorant redneck. Children ADD STRESS to a marriage; They certainly don’t glue it back together. She should know this since she and her manwhore have been fighting nonstop since Preston arrived.

    She’s under the control of Progesterone. She’s a non-thinking hormone zombie, and there’s no way to stop her frow spewing a new urchin every year for the next 15 yrs of her natural fertility.

    “Oops I did it again” …and again and again and again…

  30. nikki

    because i believe in karma, i predict that K-Fed will abandon Britney in the middle of her second pregnancy to go cavorting around the world as a back-up dancer for a young hip-hop star. and that will be the end of Briterline. and Bitney will end up fatter than Shar.

  31. susiegrl

    She is absolutely the dumbest person on the face of this earth. That she really believes that the sperm donor honestly love$$$$$ her is just so….so….I cannot even think of a word for her that would describe how brain-dead she is.

  32. Tania

    I’m with ~S.Starr~ on this one! (Comment #5). It’s soooo true!

    By the way – you know her mom’s pissed!

  33. yensid

    She had to have another baby to use in the manger scene next Christmas…you can’t have an 18 month old playing Jesus…duh!
    She spent too much money on that scene to let it go to waste.

  34. Solaera

    Honestly. Britney and K-Fed are hands down two of the foulest looking celebs I have ever seen. I can’t decide which of them sickens me more. Her, with her fat, saggy udders, ill-fitting clothes replete with food stains, greasy hair, and zitty un-washed face, or him with that stupid shit-eating-I’m-so-cool-you’re-all-just-jealous grin that he always has plastered on his nasty, beyond ugly, rat-looking face. God.

    Seriously, I think I can smell them from here. Just reading about them makes we want to bathe.

    P.S. In the photo above Britney looks like she could use a shave.

  35. jka

    I bet Britney’s team (a/k/a Britney’s mom) wishes they hadn’t bullied her into annulling her marriage to that other guy she tied the knot with in Vegas. While being married to him wouldn’t have made Britney any less trashy than she innately is, and the marriage would inevitably have failed sooner or later, it certainly wouldn’t have been anywhere near as bad as this.
    I can’t decide whether I want Kevin to disappear and never be heard from again or to keep making an ass of himself so we can keep mocking his loser ass.

  36. mrschickee

    Anyone else think she looks like a coked-up hooker in this pic?

  37. kitkat

    This is too funny, being a backwoods ass redneck myself, most of us are just sitting around laughing as she falls flat on her ass. (At least she has some cushion). I guess she missed the farm animals of her youth, and felt that to raise a child in the appropriate environment, she had to place replicas in his room. I bet, when he’s about four or five, he will walk into his room, and start yelling….”MOMMY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY DONKEY?!?!” I can only hope that she does like every other celeb on the planet and pays someone reasonably sane to raise the child, unless the jackass spends all of the money first. Which, in hindsight is more likley, and she’ll end up on food stamps. If she keeps this up, the redneck association of america will offically confiscate her flamingoes.

  38. father booze

    If Britney thinks having another kid will help their relationship…having like 30 kids sure will hurt.

  39. dweebisis

    i’m just stunned how her morphology has dramatically changed. i mean wow.

  40. CheekyChops

    They are the white trash version of Whitney and Bobby.

  41. sammygirl

    Britney has shown the world that there is absolutely no correlation between being wealthy and having some semblance of intelligence or talent. Her young perky boobs and ass flaunting are what got her noticed in the first place. Now that she looks like Jabba the Hut’s little sister, I can’t imagine the money rolling in so much. And if she thinks another kid will resolve all her issues, I feel real sorry for the kid.

  42. thatoneguy2

    actually, having another kid may help their local economy in the long run. since britney and kfed are now officially washed up (as of britney getting a show on the second music channel vh1, copying nick simpson and jessica), having two future cokehead kids probably will make some lucky drug dealer very happy.

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