Britney Spears vomits uncontrollably

May 30th, 2007 // 74 Comments

Yesterday, Britney Spears posted a message to her fans blaming everybody else for her problems and saying she didn’t need to go to rehab because she didn’t have an alcohol problem. But just two nights before on Sunday, she allegedly partied so hard at the Mondrian Hotel’s Sky Bar she had to be carried out of the men’s restroom where she was found vomiting uncontrollably and unable to walk. The Sun reports:

She was overheard telling hotel staff: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Things aren’t going well for me at the moment.” The troubled pop princess, who spent a month in rehab earlier this year, was then carried out of the bar sobbing and covered in sick.

A source adds:

“Britney was found slumped over the toilet bowl with make-up smeared over her face and her wig hanging off. She had a room booked at the hotel but was too ill to stay and was begging her bodyguard to take her home. She looked a real mess and was sitting on the floor with her head over the bowl throwing up. There was vomit down the front of her black dress and around her mouth. Britney was on her knees and must have been sick four or five times. She didn’t really seem with it, but I don’t know if she was drunk or not.” The mother-of-two then had to be helped out of the hotel because she couldn’t stand up by herself.

Notice the hat and ring? That’s a good role model for her kids right there. They’d probably be better off if she just tied them to a donkey and left them in the woods. Hell, they’d receive better parenting from the inside of an oven. That was on. And filled with bees.

britney_spears_tanning_salon_01-thumb.jpg britney_spears_tanning_salon_02-thumb.jpg britney_spears_tanning_salon_03-thumb.jpg britney_spears_tanning_salon_04-thumb.jpg britney_spears_tanning_salon_05-thumb.jpg britney_spears_tanning_salon_06-thumb.jpg britney_spears_tanning_salon_07-thumb.jpg britney_spears_tanning_salon_08-thumb.jpg


  1. Gord

    you guys are evil. it is possible that she was actually “sick”… for all you know, she was struck with some horrible illness and tried to make it to the closest bathroom.

    if she was drunk, then fair enough, but no one deserves this kind of scrutiny if they’ve got a stomach bug.

    (remember, i said IF…)

  2. Dirty Sanchez

    Can this girl get any nastier?

  3. dr phil

    Yup, she was sick – bad case of the coke-cum-bacardi. Lotta that going around in Cali.

  4. adeliza

    What in the HELL is #44 trying to say? That makes no sense what so ever!!!!!

  5. Zed

    The only people I’ve ever known to wear their underwear in public were all mentally insane and “between” institutionalizations.

    So, really, Britney’s right on target here.

  6. #43 – Zing. You even got me to click and I obviously know you aren’t me. Good pic. Think I x-ed it out just in time for my boss to miss it.

  7. veggi

    12- retarded.

    37- Don’t use my name fucktard.

  8. Eddie

    You dont even know if this is true so shut the fuck up and leave this poor girl alone

  9. Eddie

    Even if this so called story is true then it must have happened over a couple of weeks ago because Britney does not even wear wigs now she has extentions and has had them for a while so that alone makes me not believe this story at all. Get your facts straight before you put it out there

  10. Jimbo ?

    @57 Hey Veggie – it is nice to see that I am not the only one getting trolled these days.

    @56 Nice DMBS. I am still waiting for your DMBS thread

  11. Kamihi

    Holy Bejaysus Britney WTF, I don’t care about the barfing in a mans toilet but what is with those hooker shoes and the FUCK ring, this bitch has 2 kids and shes behaving/dressing like a 17 year old moron.

  12. Sounds like a good candidate for a date rape.

  13. OK… My idea of a perfect world… Britney and Lohan driving their cars at breakneck speed, with a 5th of vodka each, and they meet at a blind curve….

    The implosion of dark matter might take a chunk of California with it but it would make for beautiful poetry….

  14. veggi

    Hi Jimbo.

    58- go somewhere…. else.

    62- tasteless.

  15. geezlouis

    its from the sun..why are you commenting on fake…

  16. Jimbo ?

    @64 I just love these assholes that want to defend these pathetic losers. Even if the story is not true, she is out walking around in a slip, a hat that says fuck on it, and a ring that says fuck on it. I think we should nominate her for mother of the year and then the butt holes like Eddie can feel good about themselves.

  17. Locode

    “Hell, they’d receive better parenting from the inside of an oven. That was on. And filled with bees.”

    That line was so good Lindsay tried to snort it.

  18. Slummin_On_The_Fish

    She’s lookin’ mighty yenta in that last picture

  19. jrzmommy


  20. llllllllll

    Britney’s neck is wider than her head

  21. imran karim

    might be time for a lipo touch up

    imran karim

  22. Waffleholic

    Sadly this is looking pretty good after that last picture on Nicole Richie.

  23. NicotineEyePatch

    I was wondering what the salon staff might say about her when she leaves. Check out the third little thumbnail – that chick grinning is saying “Bye, Britney, thanks, see you Saturday at 11!” but she’s really thinking “Wow…. there goes one crazy bitch.”.

  24. NicotineEeyePatch

    I really need to check out these thumbnails more, it’s like buried treasure. Second last pic – THE SKIN. Holy Christ, does she use Cheez Whiz as cleanser? I mean, seriously, these people get the best of everything, and she’s out in public when she really should be sequestered for a 3 month dermabrasion stint. In a mental hospital. That has drug counsellors available. Oh, and child care.

  25. The Superfish guy is on coke

    HER TITS ARE UGLY!!!!!!!

  26. sharpeidude

    #12 – Seek help motherfucker. You want a chick to ralph on your dork? Sick!

  27. sharpeidude

    #31 – I’m betting it’s Britney that cashes in first via overdose of meds and vodka. I’m thinking Lohan will follow eventually, but she’ll buy it in a car crash with another tree.

  28. Ruby

    Yes, just what the fuck is #44 trying to say?

  29. captain obvious

    Yeh, not quite sure I buy this story either, since she got extensions in her hair not that long ago. But I suppose she’s so tacky and dumb she could have been wearing a wig ON TOP of her extensions. And all the “Fuck” accessories do kind of make the story more believable. She couldn’t look much more sleazy and stupid. I would hope some kind of drugs or alcohol are influencing her decisions; surely a 25 year old mother of 2 w/ so much money couldn’t possibly dress herself this way otherwise?!!

  30. Eri

    i think that #44 got the wrong idea of that a post is about…

  31. wedgeone

    #15 – Because we’ve prayed diligently for it.
    #43 – You’re trolling pretty hard today, Wally. You’ve got six people simultaneously wondering who’s pilfered their identities.

    I can’t wait for TypeKey to get their shit together so that you won’t ever be able to troll again.

    As for Brit, we can’t say anymore about her. That is, until her kids get permanently taken away from her (after all, most of the time they’re with K-Fed & Wilmer) and her vagina gets sewn shut.

  32. lawboyut

    “I truly hit rock bottom,” the 25-year-old pop star writes. “I was like a bad kid running around with ADD.”

    So glad that Brit is on her way back to the top now. She is truly showing us all how to do it. Getting alcohol sickness and puking all over yourself is where it is at.

    By the way, if her latest episode was not rock bottom, one has to wonder what, or who, she did before rehab. Paris dog, perhaps?

  33. stephiphany

    Her fingernails make me uncomfortable.

  34. llbalogandkels

    she’s like havin’ a bad hair year

    and all ‘i didn’t have a drinking problem. i was depressed. now excuse me while i go yack.’

  35. LL

    #79 – I may regret this, but I’m gonna stand pat with Lohan. Britney seems to be really, really stupid, and really stupid people often kill themselves accidentally, but I still think Lohan’s more likely to buy it. Just a feeling. Then again, I could be wrong. Keith Richards is still alive, who would have guessed that? Not him.

  36. raptorp0rn

    Look into the first picture where she he is holding her hand up to her chin showing off her FUCK ring, and look at the reflection in her sunglasses.

  37. give me some knew news!


  38. Amelie

    Has she gained a little weight since her first album?

  39. Darth Hater

    The “fuck” gear is to remind her what she needs to do to get people to pay attention to her these days.

  40. Pikachelsea

    Uncontrollable vomiting… finally, Britney can share the same experience we all have in reaction to her daily life.

    You can talk a big game about how you want SOOOO bad to turn your life around, but it would help if you could go for a single week without doing 500 things to contradict that, Britard.

  41. Elenn

    Poor Brit Brit, the hummanity of it all! Britney covered in vomit is no big news, but to see her from beyond the grave with a pitchfork through K-feds head is another. Check out these photos from a company i work with, I swear, the most accurate portrayal of brit i have seen in a long time. Never a dull day for the sinead impersonator is it?

  42. lambman

    Why’d they move this story? It was posted before the thing about Callum Best (?) and hookers.

  43. Kevin_FederSwine

    The first thing I noticed about the photos was Britney’s radiant, smooth complexion. I’ve seen fewer craters in aerial surveillance photos of Baghdad.

    I’ve heard that eating junk food and neglecting even the simplest hygiene regimen will result in a face filled with zits, pock marks, and various other maladies.

    You know…like lil’ Brit-Brit’s mug in these photos.

    Good luck with the comeback, darlin’…

  44. Suzie

    Brit – Hunny – First loose the extensions, I am sure your hair looks fine short. Has to look better than the rags you have on there now. Your a pretty girl, go with it! Secondly – PRO-ACTIVE. Please fix the zits. People take your picture daily – use some skin care products. Thirdly – Nice ring. Are you kidding me?? You have little boys, and although they can not read yet – practice being a nice mother. Just practice!! They know more than you know.

  45. Celine

    thats totally KFED’s reflection in her foster & grants.

  46. Come on everybody,ease up on our girl… it’s really your fault.

  47. Dear God==she lookz like freakin
    Mommie Dearest(Joan Crawford) in
    the last three picturez…she just
    keeps getting worze every time we
    see her..pleaze stay indoorz..your
    killing my eyez to look at cha!

  48. haru

    maybe she’s preggers…again

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