Britney Spears visits children’s hospital

Before performing at American Airlines Arena (above), Britney Spears visited a group of sick children at a Miami hospital yesterday as part of an obvious PR stunt. Because like most people, the first person I want near terminally ill children and their sensitive medical equipment is Britney Spears. People reports:

The pop star paid a visit to 40 sick children at Miami Children’s Hospital on Saturday. “She took pictures with the kids and gave them autographed pictures,” hospital spokesperson Cristene Martinez tells PEOPLE. “The kids were so excited to meet Britney, and having her here was a great distraction for them.”

DOCTOR: So, explain to me how this happened again?
NURSE: I opened a Snickers bar, and the next thing I know she somersaulted through the window.
DOCTOR: What did she say to the kids?
NURSE: That Jesus would make their boo-boo’s go bye-bye and then take them to Disney World.
DOCTOR: Yeesh. How did you get her to leave?
NURSE: We asked if she wanted to use the gym.
DOCTOR: Nice work.

Photos: Splash News