Britney Spears visits children’s hospital

March 8th, 2009 // 41 Comments

Before performing at American Airlines Arena (above), Britney Spears visited a group of sick children at a Miami hospital yesterday as part of an obvious PR stunt. Because like most people, the first person I want near terminally ill children and their sensitive medical equipment is Britney Spears. People reports:

The pop star paid a visit to 40 sick children at Miami Children’s Hospital on Saturday. “She took pictures with the kids and gave them autographed pictures,” hospital spokesperson Cristene Martinez tells PEOPLE. “The kids were so excited to meet Britney, and having her here was a great distraction for them.”

DOCTOR: So, explain to me how this happened again?
NURSE: I opened a Snickers bar, and the next thing I know she somersaulted through the window.
DOCTOR: What did she say to the kids?
NURSE: That Jesus would make their boo-boo’s go bye-bye and then take them to Disney World.
DOCTOR: Yeesh. How did you get her to leave?
NURSE: We asked if she wanted to use the gym.
DOCTOR: Nice work.

Photos: Splash News

  1. eh

    she’s not fat

  2. Jadedkitten

    ………….remember when this site use to be funny ahh memories Goodbye ppl it was fun while it lasted.

  3. lisa

    agree with #2. :(

  4. johnny

    Its the fishnets and shiny high waisted outfits that just have to go!

  5. James

    agree with #2 also,……..not that funny anymore

  6. I can’t think of a better place for a sick child than suckling at the breast of an aging fetish model. I mean pop singer.

  7. Come On

    Okay, she donated money to a hospital and visited the children. Its obvious that its a PR stunt, but come on! Give her a break with this, she did some good.

  8. Britney is Tubby

    Damn. Is this the Britney Spears Fan Club thread? With the exception of #6.

  9. Blah

    yeh, I agree with the others. This site just isn’t funny the way it used to be. I’ve been thinking of canning it for months now but just…can’t…seem…to…break….away. Keep hoping it will go back to the way it was. But its getting obvious that won’t be happening. So I’ll be ditching it soon too. Oh, and Britney looks like an idiot has-been in that getup. Looks like she’s wearing adult diapers under that gold outfit.

  10. sheana

    ooh these awful outfits have got to go. its like she “came back” like nothing ever happened. i think she needs to reinvent herself. she doesn’t seem remotely comfortable in this crap. its ugly and makes her look like a hooker.

  11. Kallie

    still funnie at times but come on, Brit def works out

  12. amanda

    did she skin c3po for that corset?
    weather it was a pr stunt or not those sick kids were psyched to meet here and really thats all that matters

  13. Nero

    Needless to say which outfit i like most.That roman harness ofcourse! I used to give these to all my wives and girlfriends,imagine the amount of keys i had to carry with me!

  14. phoring

    OMG! What’s with this Kim Karbobutt’s advertisement…. I will not settle for this shit. The video doesn’t stop when i want it to. Just clicking on the background makes it play. WTF are you doing. Don’t be such a sell out.

    Where the frack are all the Britney haters? She is dressing up slutty as usual. What kind of entertainment is this? You might as well just be watching porn while having her music play in the background. That would bring your brain back into the stone ages.

  15. Sauron

    What do you do when your intestines are bulging out and you need to get this fixed right away? That’s right,you get your self a metal corset.She isn’t that stupid,you noticed?

  16. # 8

    That damned JadedKitten thinks the world revolves around Britney fucking Spears. I can’t go to a single damned site without seeing her sorry nothing-better-to-do ass defending the Princess of Slop every fucking where she goes. Good riddance to the cunt. Go live and die on BreatheHeavy and make every other site slightly less unenjoyable.

  17. Gando

    She isn’t fat at all and this tour will even burn more babyfat.Smart girl:)

  18. R2-D2

    Boop beep! I thought i got rid of this robot! But i see he got recycled!? *shudder* Blip!

  19. Samson

    well, she’s a little fat.

  20. Lowlands

    In the first few shows she has to get used back to work again ofcourse.It’s like a big heavy locomotive,you can’t expect to be this on topspeed right away.

  21. sin

    Well, Britney has been through so much and has gone ape shit so many times, this is just a bump in the road for her. She is just a shell of her former self in regards to popularity, but if you had a chance you would fuck her until you were numb.
    As for this site, it is getting so lame its pathetic. They sold out big time. Time to find another site. This one needs to fade away quickly.

  22. Lowlands

    #22 Don’t tell me chupa chup is going to sponsor us big time:)

  23. bellis

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  24. ishi-san

    the spikes *rofl*

  25. alice

    She is really very hot on the heaven for rich singles ___S e e k r i c h . c o m___ There are so many hot pics on videos on that web. If you have a look, you will not want to move the eyes.

  26. Mama Pinkus

    she looks skanky, and not in a good way

  27. Merrily

    Of course she’s fat! And #2 Jadedkitten is a notorious Britney Stan on OhNoTheyDidn’t!

  28. makeitinteresting

    This is the best you’ve got? What celeb DOESN’T do some good for a little PR. This isn’t exactly controversial stuff, nor all that interesting. Give Brit a break, she’s peforming, following through on her commitments and keeping her life together. Nothing worth criticizing here, so let’s stop making up the news. If you want to take someone down, go focus on Chris Brown.

  29. PLEASE, wake up in time.

  30. California Red

    her dad deserves much credit for getting her out of the gutter and back on the stage.

    Sure her outfits and act reek of a strip club, but Daddy has to get his little girl earnin y’all.

  31. I like Captain Girdles thighs, and the boots hide her Miss Piggy cankles.

    She looks amateur, though. Like she bought her costumes off the internet, and what’s going on with her hair?

    @30 – ,folks!

  32. Mzykrchk

    And so we have come to this. A talentless little girl whose only virtue was her sexy tempting psuedovirginity who lipsynched and thrashed around like a little slut. Now she has aged and it continues. And we wonder why as a nation we are in the dumpster.
    We are no longer in charge of our own nation. These are not our values. The cancer is now calling the shots for us.
    Let’s eradicate the cancer! *wink* , *wink* (never mind)

  33. Google This

    It’s funny how he’s criticising her “PR move’ to visit the kids at the hospital and forgets to mention that she also donated $100 000 with it… The Superficial writer needs to get some new material and talk about something else other than Britney Spears all the time… it’s lame and it’s getting old!!

  34. yawn

    is that bruising on her one thigh? from lipo perhaps?? just a thought

  35. LadyLuckenstein

    I see she’s practicing for her inevitable move to a pornography career.

  36. Britney is lookin’ good again, especially in that cop outfit! I think she might have kept it a lil’ more ral and skipped the fake hospital visit to do some more ab workouts (read: snorting blow) before her show.


  38. Nofun McLashen

    no fun? you bet. why because of having to scroll through tens tons of fascist pish by those racists pigs with endless variations on “monkeys in the White House” names etc

    call the Feds!

  39. Valerie

    Her costumes suck, she’s too chubby for most of us, but I LOVE those black boots–I WANT THEM!

  40. All Britney haters are where the frack? She’s dressing as slutty as ever. What is it like entertainment? As you may well just be watching porn while his background is in musical theater. That will bring your mind back to the stone age.

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