Britney Spears visited by child welfare officials

britney-spears-welfare.jpgAuthorities confirmed today that a sheriff’s deputy joined child welfare officials during a weekend visit to Britney Spears’ Malibu estate. There aren’t any details about a possible investigation, and all attempts to contact the Department of Children and Family Services as well as Britney’s reps were left unreturned.

“It’s a very standard, routine patrol request,” the lieutenant said. “We just roll out with them. We stood by, we took no action, no report or anything.”

I’d say it was nothing, but it’s not normal for child welfare officials to be knocking at your door. Maybe they realized leaving a human baby in the care of two mentally handicapped hillbillies could only end in tragedy. Or maybe the housekeeper caught Britney accidentally trying to eat Sean Preston again after confusing him for a giant bowl of crawfish.