Britney Spears vacations with Mel Gibson? And has a bun in the oven?! WTFBBQ!

Britney Spears and her dad Jamie left for Costa Rica today with Mel “SugarTits” Gibson. The Vagina’d One and Braveheart together on vacation? *picks up phone* Hello? Satan? Yeah, it’s me. What do you know about Britney and Mel Gibson? Uh huh. Plague of frogs is next, you say? Neat. The Insider reports:

Britney arrived on time, about 5 minutes after Mel, and the plane departed at 9:05 a.m.
We spotted them leaving on a private plane to the Central American state early this morning. Sources tell us that Mel is taking Britney and her father JAMIE for a mini-vacation. We’ve learned they will be guests at Mel’s home in Costa Rica.

I know Mel Gibson loves torture, but this seems a tad overboard. Couldn’t he do something a little less abrasive? Like, I dunno, pouring acid on his junk. You gotta start out slow then work your way up to a life-altering evening of “Holy FUCK! Where are her pants?”

NOTE: Also, Britney Spears is definitely pregnant. I’m saying it now and as soon as I get a hold of pics I can use without getting my sweet ass sued off, I’ll get them up for you guys. Scout’s honor – even though I got kicked out for trying to extinguish an entire forest fire with my pee. I could’ve done it, dammit!

Photos: Splash News