Britney Spears uses a body double in new video


Britney Spears showed up twelve hours late to the set of her new video for “Piece of Me.” Shooting wrapped around 5 a.m. yesterday morning. The dancers were pissed about Britney’s tardiness and let some secrets slip to Us Magazine:

In the video, Spears and four look-alikes — dressed in black newsboy caps, sunglasses, black trench coats and short blond wigs — to try trick the paparazzi.
Spears used a “body double to shoot all the scenes that don’t require her face,” an on-set source tells Us.

Wait, hold on a second. Britney Spears actually made a smart decision by using a body double instead of her own Pillsbury Doughboy-esque form? That’s almost amazing. Until you realize it’s to the point where, if they can just get Britney Spears to sort of look at the camera, they’ve got themselves a video: “And, action! Alright, Britney, just sort of turn your head over here towards the camera. That’s it. Follow the candy cane, and, bam, we got it. That’s a wrap! Somebody edit out the hamburger she was biting into. I’ll be in my trailer.”