Britney Spears unveils her new album cover! (Anyone else just pee a little?)

October 31st, 2008 // 66 Comments

Here it is, folks. Britney Spears’ album cover for Circus in all its airbrushed/Wait is that Heather Locklear? glory. As if the Internet wasn’t a flutter enough, Britney’s also released the full track listing – plus bonus song! HOLY SHIT BALLS! I’m practically speechless right now. Fortunately, “Super Fan” on the Britney message board has left a comment that echoes exactly how I feel:

Brit ?~~~ Your Cover is Amazing!!!
I Love You So Much!!~~~????
Come To Taiwan, Please………….
Come to Taiwan, Please Come to Taiwan, Please Come to Taiwan, Please
Come to Taiwan, Please Come to Taiwan, Please Come to Taiwan, Please
Come to Taiwan, Please Come to Taiwan, Please Come to Taiwan, Please
I Need You!!~~~~~~~??

Yeah, all that stuff. (Minus the 110% chance that a trip to Taiwan will end in Britney Spears being made into a coat.)


  1. Malffy Hernandes

    Looks like a country music album.

  2. joey joejoe

    i’d still do her

  3. Fernando Narcos

    At least Britney knows how to actually be a slut while she’s lipsynching to her own over-processed shit,unlike that little fug Hillary Duff,struggling to be slightly sexy whilst ripping off somebody else’s music.

    Besides,you just know if you ever did get to nail Britney,there’s gonna be cigs and fired chicken when you’re done.That Duff bitch would probably wanna snuggle and talk about her feelings after she’s laid there and grunted while you dumped your wad in her lifeless ass.

  4. She’s not as hot as the bearded lady. Bearded, that’s sexy.

  5. She is one hot cookie!!!!! She posts vegetable sex photos all the time at ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. Word is she’s single…. ;)

  6. It's Me Fuckers!!

    They made her hide her hands because there was so much cheese from her cheetos they couldn’t even cover it by airbrushing it. They also cut out the ashtray sitting beside her.

  7. kay

    Holy Shit .. Britney is a cute girl, why would they air brush her so much especially her nose. Looks more like a mannequin more than anything.

  8. Balls McCoy

    Apparently the record company spends their entire budget on vocal processing and not on cover art, who did this Sears Portrait Studio?

  9. Amy Winehouse

    Pray for mimi!!!

  10. HM

    LOL about Taiwan coat.

  11. Yuka

    what the hell is that comment about Taiwan supposed to mean? dude, not funny.

  12. Idea Biter

    #8- That was a direct bite off of Michael K and you know it. Fucker.

  13. Hannah T

    Can you say…Photoshop????

  14. mimi

    She looks much better than skanks like Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, Tara Reid and numerous other so-called celebrities and models.

    If Kate Moss is beautiful then Brit is the most beautiful ever!

    So there!!!

  15. jake

    You think those haggard old hides in the “so freakin hot” gallery look good?
    Britney Spears rulez bitches!!!!


    There was a young singer named Spears
    Whose talent was left in arrears
    Her songs, if you’ve heard
    Are like polished up turds
    That cause listeners to slice off their ears



  18. missywissy

    Looks like a Faith Hill wanna be.

  19. 1moreidiotintheworld

    oooh yeah….. that’ll sell records……. if you’re a gospel singer. No amount of satin, lace, and airbrushed photography will hide the fact that you’re a fat-assed whore.

  20. Jennifer

    Wow, at first I thought it was Brooke Hogan….on a good day.

  21. mimi


    Bite it Amy!

  22. Jon H

    Who the hell is that! Looks nothing like her.

  23. The SHITTING-PART is “knocking ” on my door now!!

  24. So – Fish.
    Inside job ?
    Having any problems with free fall collapse speed through undamaged steel structure ?
    Stand down of NORAD ?
    Molten metal in the ruins ? That type of thing ?
    How long do we have to put up up with this crap from you Yanks ?
    (Just wondering)

  25. Victoria

    Maybe Onch of my new bff post that comment,
    in fact, he’s taiwanes, no?

  26. joline

    She is so beautiful and charming. She is my favorite. Just saw her on the fitness & celebrity dating club ^^^^^^FitnessKiss. C O M^^ ^^^^last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that

    site.Is she single now?

  27. Victoria

    asian people do nails pfffff hahahah lmao

  28. Evan Faine

    What the hell? Janis from Friends likes Britney Spears?

  29. She looks great, airbrushing is awesome.

  30. Bigo

    That dress looks familiar. I think Keira Knightly wore the same one at some event a while back or some other actress, I can’t remember which

  31. Alex Collier

    pretty britty

    come back to the mothership

    we had it good

    when we were lost in space


  32. So apparently britney is celibate now.
    She’s gone down the classic route of blaming everyone but herself for the reason she can’t keep a man.

    She’s like the american version of jodie marsh
    Complete slut but its not her fault.

  33. Anexio

    This sjust prove that brit is the prittiest of the pop. she has the talant to bcome the bigest thing ever in pop world. brit been working on songgs and her dance moves. brit got all the moves and nobdoy elses have then at all. she works so hard that she need the starbucks and stuff to keep her moving. i cnat wiat to get this cd and play it all over. finely there is something that you bad poeple on this bord can all aggree on that she is the best and her talant nos no binds.

  34. She looks fucking HOT!!!!!! MmMmMmMm haha

  35. b

    she sucks and everyone knows it. Obama is a dumb monkey negro and everyone knows it. Maybe they will cover britany in JET now.

  36. Fernando Narcos

    b-You pile of shit.You’re a Pedopublican and everybody knows it.Maybe they’ll cover your sorry ass in Kiddie Fuckers Weekly.

  37. emme

    umm . . . isn’t that the awful dress that keira knightley wore to a premier of atonement? Interesting choice. . .

  38. Sauron

    Heather Locklear,Jessica Simpson and BS.What’s the difference?

  39. eugene

    hi Briteny I love your album cover its so cool and you are a great person and a wonderful singer thats why I love you so much ok bye cant wait unit I get your new album bye eugene

  40. raggatt

    She looks almost as cross-eyed as Sarah Palin.

  41. em

    isn’t that the dress Kira Knightly wore to… something?

  42. B

    1. Enter the Circus
    2. Hurt



  43. b

    WHAT A BIG SURPRISE YOUR NAME IS FERNANDO!!!!! Im sure you some border jumping illegal just like obamas aunt whos staying in TAX PAID PUBLIC HOUSING and at the same time make campaign contributions. Oh yeah, and im not a republican. I love how you low IQ landscaper illegals claim a party you dont know shit about. The inner city monkeys dont even know who obamas vp pick is!! Hes a dark skin and they know that means….(more handouts) for the lazy monkeys.

  44. Mark

    You can’t have a “bonus track” on a brand new album.

  45. zzz

    dude, taiwan is NOT china. you’re screwing things up. this article shows how ignorant some people can be.
    i won’t go on this site again…

  46. b

    Hey number 42, you need to change your name. I cant have people thinking im some loser who thinks christina skankalara has TALENT! They both have circus themes becuase their both complete clowns with the makeup too match.

  47. Monkey Man

    Circus, my ass, she needs to be in a Zoo in a cage! Throw away the key and give this woman some fresh, raw meat.

  48. Blurgh

    Ok. Have never posted here but must get this off my chest. This is something that’s bothered me for some time. I am not a Britney fan. I could care less about her. However, I’ve noticed that ALL of her cd covers (my sister owns them all) are atrocious. They look like they were designed by a 12 year old girl with a trapper keeper aesthetic. This is by far the best of the bunch and it still looks like it was done in MS Word by a legally blind design intern.
    I don’t know why this bothers me. But it does. They pour how much money into airbrushing this cow, but they can’t afford a decent designer? It’s like the people who market this crap are TELLING us not to care, telling everyone that it’s total shit, yet people are still eating it up.
    Ok. Glad to unload that.

  49. SirBeautiful

    that message makes me wish i don`t live in Taiwan

  50. Evan Faine

    They couldn’t even airbrush her hot. Still looks shit.

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