Britney Spears trying to make Kevin jealous

April 2nd, 2009 // 56 Comments

Britney Spears is reportedly hooking up with her 21-year-old backup dancer, Chase Benz (above), but apparently it’s all an elaborate ruse to make Kevin Federline jealous. Because nothing wins your man back like making out with another dude in a public toilet. OK! Magazine reports:

Things got steamier the next night in Montreal, where the pair hooked up at The Circus Starring Britney Spears Tour’s afterparty at Tribe Hyperclub.
“She sat on his lap and they kissed,” an eyewitness tells OK!.
The duo then reportedly went into the bathroom and the door was blocked by bodyguards. “Nine minutes later, they came out,” the eyewitness says.
Looks like the singer is in love again — but insiders say it’s not her dancer whom she desires: Britney has fallen for her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, and is trying to rebuild their broken family.

Oh, yeah, this is totally the way to go. Kevin’s gotta be sitting at home just stewing with jealousy next to his athletic girlfriend who’s never given birth and ignores his increasing fatness. How do you not give that up when the Dancing Doughgirl comes a knocking? And by “a knocking” I mean “has sex with another guy” – because she loves you!

Photos: Splash News

  1. elaborativefishreader

    What an elaborate story. thanks.

  2. shakeitout

    wow. elaborately elaborate, huh.

  3. amanda

    you would think she could afford genie pants that actually fit….

  4. Fati

    She is still fat for showbiz. And she always has been, even before her marriage and kids. I remember seeing her a few years ago on some kids’ show where she was guest-starring alongside her then-kid sister Jamie Lynne. I was like – whoa, that girl’s got a fat ass!

  5. beahta

    What happened to her magical sixpack?

  6. Morgana Anna

    Is she wearing the same Brown Boots she wore with everthing when she was going through her “crazy period”? God love her. Britney for President!

  7. Randal

    Britney continues to sell out everywhere she’s been since starting her Circus Tour and at times, having to add a second or third night in a row in the same city. Her amazing ability to whip up and reach out to different age groups and generations shows everyone what staying power she has.


  8. kerri

    wow what a difference from her photo shopped pics you had just posted. what a joke she has become.

  9. Max Planck

    This must be what she thought they meant by “belly” dancer.

  10. Deacon Jones

    “Elaborately it’s an elaborate ruse”

    Looks like Fish fell off the wagon again..

  11. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    Seems Britney’s six pack has turned into a pony keg.

  12. Ronan

    How many straight male dancers are there? Or has she just fooled around with both of them?

  13. krimekat

    her Kohl’s campaign is a Photoshop miracle compared to her tour photos. Not saying she is FAT, but she sure ain’t thin!

  14. KFC Odrama

    Did photo shop “freeze up” for these pics?
    Heavy contrast compared to the pics posted earlier today.

  15. MassGrrl

    OK, how photoshopped are her Candie’s photos?
    I’m 20# overweight at 35yo and look better than she does in these.

  16. Anon

    I’m guessing it was the mens toilets.
    Have you seen mens toilets?

    They don’t need that level of filth in them.
    Hope they had them closed for a chemical scrub afterwards

  17. Donkey Punch

    She is still a fat insane whore that abused her kids and that can’t sing or dance.

    The costumes are ridiculous to hide the fact that she is hideous on the eyes.

  18. DID IT


  19. .

    Oh so now women who have given birth are disgusting? How the hell do you talk women?

  20. dude

    No way in hell ANY dude would pass over that sweet POA Victoria Prince for muffin-top Britney y’all. Ewww

  21. Anon

    #19 unclench your uterus.

    I’m sure you’re still very desirable, even after your 5 kids.

  22. .

    @21 5 kids? I’m 21 years old. why don’t you unclench your own vagina you fuck

  23. Dr. Nappy

    So… she’s hot for Capt. Picard?

  24. Anon

    #21, no
    It seems like you’re the one wound up too “tightly” (bet you haven’t been able to say that since you popped out your first sprog)

  25. mr sensitive

    Women who have given birth are NOT disgusting. Their bodies are kinda busted in a way that can never be fixed, and they’ll never be as sexually desirable as they were before getting pregnant, but that’s no reason to call them disgusting. “Fundamentally less desirable” is more appropriate.

  26. PettyPape

    If lobsters had adipose tissue & danced in ridiculous costumes…

  27. .

    Describe to me exactly what is so “fundamentaly undesirable” about a woman’s body after she has given birth. You don’t even know do you? If you lose the weight, then you’re back to normal.

    Anyway I’m not a horrible person and I don’t like arguing with people on the internet. All I can say is that when and if I become a mum I don’t want to feel terrible about myself.

  28. charlie

    women get ugly stretch marks after they’ve had kids and their pussies become wide as moon craters….no fun for guy.

  29. To MR Sensitive

    Your mother and all the ladies in your house are “fundamentally less desirable”.

  30. Amy

    Stretch marks can be prevented by good moisturizer and vaginas go back to their normal size. You don’t know what you’re talking about. If you men think women who have had children are disgusting then you better stop talking to your mothers, sisters, friends, and never ever get married or fall in love. Just fucking live alone for the rest of your life and drool over Miranda Kerr (until she has a child) on the internet until you die. Every year, you’ll get older and the women you obsess over on the internet/tv will change, get younger, and still never give you a shot. Men, stop living in a fantasy world–women don’t–I love my husband unconditionally, whether he’s fat, skinny, bald, whatever. You’ll never know love like that because you are so shallow and your minds are so warped. Oh, and I’m not ugly–check me out–I’m just real and telling it like it is.

  31. An interpretive dance rendition of “Legend” performed by pasty white idiots.
    @#30 you are correct, and your husband reminds me of John Stewart commenting on Rod Blajojevich(sp?) “I have nothing to hide, other than what’s written on my forehead”.

  32. MosesGabby

    Look how fat this trailer trash no talent piece of shite is. Go back to Louisiana and crawl back into your swamp, you crazy bitch.

  33. Amy

    @31 You are very clever. So. Very. Fucking. Clever.

  34. redhead4242

    Just to let you all know, Britney came to tribe supper club, had a shot and then left. So rumors are rumors. Whatever.

    And P.S. it’s called vaginal reconstructive surgery. (I am a female, so do not say that i am an ignorant, superficial, naive man) it has a purpose and this is because that no, your vagina will no longer be the tight pussy you had. You may convince yourself otherwise, but…. sorry… not so much. it will never be “normal size” as amy put it.

    P.S.S. creams are only effective if used while the stretch mark is raw – being “created”. otherwise it is essentially scar tissue and creams can only ensure them not worsening. they can tighten the cells, but the scar tissue will be there unless one decides to pursue cosmetic surgery to remove them.

    finally, “no fun for men” – well i hope you find meaning in your life living with this mentality.. because i am sure that for some bizarre reason, unknown, you believe that women LOVE to have a 7-10 pound child being pushed out of their vagina to be able to provide you with meaning in your life. so frankly, deal. how would you like to have to push a child out of your cock. If it is something that someone does not want to deal with, or is that concerned with, it is called “c section” look it up. you might learn something.

    or maybe your cock is just too small…… possibility? likely? i think so.

  35. redhead4242

    PS. people only talk trash about people as #31 & #32 did because they are envious and insecure about their lives. it is sad, but sadder that they do not realise that the are completely transparent and also that they believe that posting something on thesuperficial can truly offend someone. LOL. no… we’re not as pathetic as you 2

    so bitter…. maybe they are just feeling inadequate…. *tear*

  36. “SMART ONES” will choose other options, folks!!

  37. 1moreidiotintheworld

    UUUhhhhhhhhh……. the only way she will make him jealous is growing a bigger beer gut than him… and it looks like she is doing great in that area……..

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  39. photodiary

    @ 25 and anyone else who has been critical of women whom have had children please see the following list

    Angelina Jolie – had 3 Kids

    Demi Moore- 3 Kids

    Reese Witherspoon – had 2 kids

    Kate Hudson – had 1 or 2 kids

    Cindy Crawford- had kids

    Heidi Klum- had 1-2 kids

    I know that those of you who like to talk badly about women’s bodies are either lonely hateful men or very jealous females.

    please get over it.

    you are boring us.

  40. She’s not a bellydancer shes a gut shaker

    click on my name

  41. Hey Amy, those are some lovely bolt ons. Seriously, money well spent. But for someone talking about people being shallow and how in love you are, you sure do spend quite a bit of time trying to get men to drool over your pretty little married ass. What is it? Marriage slowing down already? Attention whore? I mean, thanks for the bikini shots and all, but I suspect stripping is paying for law school.

  42. Sport

    She has no business wearing that shit anymore – those days are gone.


  43. Amy

    @ 41 Eh, they’re real…I’m just young and have great push-up bras. Thanks though..get that all the time. I don’t really try to get people to drool over me…just my husband…I like to look nice for him. Don’t flatter yourself in thinking I’m doing it for you or anyone else. I have one bikini shot in the middle of my photos section…it’s pretty pathetic that you went through EVERY ONE of my pictures in a sad attempt to try to find one to go along with your assertions. I wasn’t aware that going to the beach with your friends meant that you were stripping your way through law school. Nice try though. :-)

  44. missmc

    This story makes no sense, im from montreal and Tribe Hyperclub doesnt even have a bathroom door. Its one very big room with guys on one side and girls on the other side, but you can see eveything. Its not possible to block the view. Anyway…

  45. Amaranth

    “Keep it in the circus!” – Deuce Bigalow

    she got a man’s body that’s fukin gross

  46. thanks, 'Fish

    *wipes tears from eyes*
    oh sweet jesus, thanks for these photos.
    Hah hah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  47. CandiGirl

    #12. At work bent over laughing with tears running down my face. That shyte is FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY!! I really could care less about B.S. but I am a bit annoyed that she would have the audactiy to go on tour with her pudgy wudgy hanging all over the place. Since I have one but am not famous, I feel the need to put that out there!

  48. So Amy… do you like Chinese food?

  49. Amy

    #48…lol…is this a trick? Yes…who the hell doesn’t?

  50. So Amy… do you like candlelit dinners in sultry high end Chinese restaurants with your companion being both attentive and engaging, without talking right at your shirt? Does it ever offend you that after a two hour dinner facing someone they have no idea what color your eyes are?

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