Britney Spears triumphs then returns to crazy

March 25th, 2008 // 54 Comments

Did anyone catch Britney Spears last night on How I Met Your Mother? I would’ve watched it but, I was too busy trying to decide how much I hate mayonnaise. (Answer: A shit load.) Anyway, a lot was riding on Britney’s performance, according to People:

Her challenge was clear: Demonstrate that, even though she seems in recent months to have been traveling through life on the roaring, ragged edge of a tornado, she could still stop and stand still long enough to perform on camera, be as naturally charming as the role permitted, and let the audience conclude: “Well, she SEEMS all right. She seems like Britney.”

It appears Britney pulled it off because most of the reviews I’ve read this morning were positive. But then I find out that Britney celebrated her cameo by going out to eat – and decided to whip out her old friend the English accent. Us Magazine reports:

Throughout her meal at Italian restaurant Dominick’s, Spears, 26 — who did not drink — spoke in her British accent, a fellow diner tells
“She looked so good, completely normal,” the eyewitness adds. “She was smiling and laughing in the loud obnoxious Britney laugh.”

Someone suggested to me that, if Britney wants to be British so bad, why not send her to England? I immediately punched him in the face and screamed “Sir, art thou mad?!” She would meet up with Amy Winehouse and they would join together to form the two-headed hydra Britmey Winespears. The creature would soar through the air reigning down impetigo and Starbucks upon us. Not on my watch, mister. Then the dude got up and kicked my ass. What can I say? He was freakishly strong for a blind 8-year-old.


  1. Sara

    She looks pregnant.

  2. ell


  3. yomomma


  4. jakebarnes

    That was awful. They were both awful.

  5. nameless

    wow she looks pretty here. makes me forget about wouldn’t-touch-her-with-a-10-foot-pole britney.

  6. Sabina

    LMAOOO!! Freakishly strong for a blind 8-year-old bahahha. Man the superficial rules!! I don’t even care about the story, I just love the sense of humor!

  7. yomomma

    im so happy brits ok.

  8. JRZ


  9. I drank too many white Russians and fell asleep on the couch before it came on :( I knew I shoulda set my DVD recorder..

  10. deacon jones

    As Homer says, “BORING”

  11. nameless

    i meant she looks pretty in the video (not in the photo above, lol).

  12. ph7

    Her vagina is like a three-ring circus.

  13. Bigheadmike

    She looks great. I like boobs

  14. the point?

    her character and accompanying subplot were totally unnecessary. didn’t push the plot, only a couple setups for lame jokes.

    i’ve watched HIMYM from the beginning (Willow AND Doogie? c’mon !) and even put up with the stupid laugh track, but throwing BS into the show just to help push her career disgusts me.

    real creative integrity you guys got there.

    no thanks, i’m done with the show

  15. She looks ok. I’d tickle her latest fetus.

  16. jeff

    nothing compares to kate hudson’s sweet freakin’ ass.

  17. tired of idiiots

    Just found this site-won’t be back-found nothing remotely funny about your comments. Another site for losers to complain about others they will ever even be able to come close to being.

  18. TINA

    Love her. Always will.

  19. Adnan the spermanator

    Either she is packing a bun in the oven, or her gut is expanding over her belt in that photo. Any guesses?

  20. tired of tired


    took the time to post tho huh?

    looks like you’re the unfunny loser

  21. tired idiot

    insert something unfunny here

  22. Secretariat

    I would love to do her “Cowboy” style!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Mr. Fisty

    #21, you already did.

    Of course, it is a change from when you usually try to insert your fist in your @$$. SO good just on making progress.

  24. gotmilk?

    agreed, her character was totally unnecessary & the acting wasn’t really acting. it was just embarrassing, just like every other aspect of her life.

  25. you are lame

    Hey Mr. Fisty. Shove something usefull in that dick sucker of yours. Like a dick.

  26. Fish Stick

    4 years ago this show–or pretty much any show–would have felt lucky to get Brit . Now, they did her a favor by letting her do a cameo. My how she has fallen, far and fast. Pretty pathetic how the crazy train works with her.

  27. somedude

    is that Axl Rose?

  28. Mr. Fisty

    #25, #21, whoever you are.

    You stayed, changed names, and are one angry little troll. Must suck to be you. Let me guess, emo often? Lighten up, take yourself less seriously, and people might actually like you.

  29. K

    I read that as “ragged edge of a tomato”.

  30. Rob

    Thought her acting was suspect, but she actually looked pretty good … Not like the pig we’ve come to know and hate.

  31. Grunion

    Doesn’t she have children? Just wondering if they are still alive..

  32. FukMe

    Wow that was hillarious, in an un -funny “you’ve got aids” type of way.

  33. Abdo

    She looks great
    Go Britney..Hope you move on that way

  34. Wendy


    SHE’S BACK, BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WAY TO GO BRIT-BRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LUV YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  35. CrazyMage

    This wasn’t really a triumph, eeryone was just expecting her to be out of it. Her facial expressions are barely there, and she’s not thinking the lines at all.Your run-of-the-mill high school actor could do better.

  36. magickal

    I watched it, and thought it was pretty good. I mean, after the past year of crizazyness, watching her on HIMYM was refreshing. I love that show, and I thought she did great. Sarah Chalke’s (sp?) character, on the other hand, was boring. Hope that’s not “your mother”.

    I really hope the story about her speaking in that fucked up English accent is BS. I am so rooting for her. I don’t know why. I always root for the underdog. At this point I’m just happy if she’s not flashing her vag.

  37. Wendy

    I MEANS IT BRIT-BRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SHOW YOUR TALENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU’RE THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HAVE SEX WITH ME AND MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IT’S OK, WE ALREADY HAVE STDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. magickal

    P.S. I don’t think she’s pregnant. I think she has a bonafide case of anti-depressant gut. It happens when you go on meds for “a little case of the crazies”. She still looks a million times better than she has in a LONG time. Just sayin’.

  39. Randal

    Once a star, always a star! Looking great Britney! As I mentioned before, you’re a great actress! Still loving ya! xoxo


  40. Anonymous

    Randal and Wendy are classic Britards. Only dumber. If that’s possible.

  41. BarelyStearn

    I haven’t seen hair this bad since I was exposed to pics of Marcia Cross’s bush! Sweet Mother of God: Did that coonskin cap swim over from England?!?

  42. cookiemonster halsekr whhab bla

    blah wehw woooo
    wonky lajkdj blah gaaa mwah wba er hwle
    poop show

  43. A Friend


    Here is a YouTube video “How I Met Your Mother – All the Britney Parts.”


    A Friend

  44. KillMONTAG

    you better not send that bitch to England, you morons can keep your own filth, we want her as much as you want the scum Winehouse.

  45. Bush

    She is so lovely and large sexy.I saw her many times in millonaire dating site “W e a l t h y L o v i n g .c o m “.What kind of relation she want in this site?Dose she really fall in bad ill?

  46. Tom

  47. Tom

    Seriously though, if this broad doesn’t prove it…

  48. Super dooper!

    Come on Mr Superficial, you can do better than that. Did it ever occur to you to read over what you have written and check if you’ve used words correctly? Like reigning?

  49. B

    HEY NOW! I talk in an english accent sometimes for fun…Maybe she does it for fun or to get people talking about her. Or maybe its just some bullshit rumor because no one wants to see her get better

  50. Christine

    God, she’s so fat.

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