Britney Spears traffic video subpoenaed

November 12th, 2007 // 92 Comments

Britney Spears ran a red light at a dangerous intersection with her kids and parenting coach in the car on Thursday. Kevin Federline’s lawyer wants TMZ’s video of the incident and will present it to the judge during an unscheduled hearing on Wednesday:

Kaplan has already asked the judge to prohibit Spears from driving with the kids in the car. Commissioner Scott Gordon is set to rule on that motion on November 26. The latest development could accelerate that decision. The Commish has been troubled by Spears’ driving — the incident Thursday night could jeopardize her visitation.

Britney Spears jeopardizing her visitation rights is becoming pretty routine. Somebody let me know when she does something crazy, like creates a safe and protected environment for her kids. Or flashes her knockers. Because, well, gotta keep that boob money rolling in. You know, for the good of the economy. Not just so I can stuff my mattress with hundred dollar bills and have sex with gold-digging models. No it’s for whatever I said before; the lobotomy. Yeah, that.

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  1. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Well, I can wait. ;-) I have to go to bed soon anyhow, I work nights. It’s a kick catching up once I’m up, though. Hope the Fish gives you something worth commenting on. Have a good one.

  2. @43 Good Morning troll. Is your life that boring you have to pretend to be me? Get a life you loser..

  3. Besides, Frist kinda has a broad, flat ass. Not a turn on. Anyway the whole face thing is solved by teabagging, and she LOVES that.

  4. Steve

    It’s all the paparazzi’s fault. They would drive anybody crazy. Britney’s trying to drive her car and they keep setting off blinding flashes in her face, with no regard for the children’s safety. They’re the ones who should be prosecuted.


    Thought this was funny. Apparently Angelina Jolie can’t keep it in her pants.


  6. #51 Thanks, you too

    Apparently Jimbo’s Troll is planning on giving me hell today (jealous little twit) so, I’m leaving..


  7. pissy skank

    she always has so much shit hanging from her stupid mirror.

  8. gotmilk?

    54 aka idiot Britney sympathizer: i am pretty sure the “they made me do it” defense will never hold up in court, ever. nice try though.

  9. #56 – buh bigh! Don’t let the doorknob hit you on your broad flat butt.

  10. @59 Fuck you troll

  11. jersey


  12. n0luckh3r3

    if u look at the vid u can see that the light was green before all the paps blocked her and shit. oh and imagine all those cameras flashing while ur trying to drive!! Trust me its much worse than the glaring sun at times.

  13. stupid

    Like you have never run a red light. She just gets exposed all over the planet because she’s famous. If the pap quit following her around, she might STAY HOME?!?!? Just a thought.

  14. Dingles

    Dear 80% of The Superficial commenters,

    Learn how to spell, please. It’s not that hard, and will probably only cause you minor discomfort. I’ve been visiting this site for over a year, and there used to be so many witty, intelligent people leaving comments that I could actually read without cringing. Now pretty much all of them have moved on to other sites that haven’t been taken over by people who watch TRL on a daily basis and failed out of 6th grade (I’m looking at you, “Anexio” at 12:09…dear god man).

    So yeah, please don’t turn this site into the Wal-Mart of celebrity bashing blogs – let Perez Hilton have a shot at that title.

  15. Frist, come back! Please! I just took a dump so massive it bordered on inhuman (I didn’t go all weekend). When I was done the toilet looked like a gopher hole with a head sticking out. The worst part? There was no toilet paper! I need somebody to lick my asshole clean…little help?

  16. SupaFiche comenter

    #64 your a doosh, a real looser.

  17. Hey Dingles…I can spell, I’m just a crappy typist..

    Exhibit A: Comment # 39 “correst”

    But yeah, I know what you mean..

  18. #65 ew…now I’m definitely outta here..

  19. @65 Get a life you asshole

  20. redsonja1313

    SO commissioner Gordon is only “TROUBLED” by her driving. hmmmmmm let see

    *Hit & Run
    *Ran of cops foot
    *running red lights
    *driving with out a valid CDL
    *not to mention the frequency of the court ordered drug test would leave a sane person to surmise she has driven under the influence

    if you only get caught 1/100 times and that is what she has done in the past 6 months, I would be more then concerned. Additionally it is now Illegal to drive and talk on the cell phone with out a headset. I am not sure if where she was technically LA or Sherman Oaks/Studio city. But if it was that is a ticketable offense as well. The DMV really needs to suspend her ability to drive. ANYONE seen her score on her written DMV test

  21. Clem

    If I was in a car with my kids and I was being harrased I’d be taking off too.
    She is a dumbass and you got to wonder why she doesn’t employ a driver but the paps are really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    Wow! A picture of someone in their car!

  22. Brandon

    OMG, She is as much a no talent ass clown as Moobs is. Last I heard Moobs was were Crystal Meth supplier, isn’t that right Ass Pirate.

  23. Brandon

    OMG, She is as much a no talent ass clown as Moobs is. Last I heard Moobs was her Crystal Meth supplier, isn’t that right Ass Pirate.

  24. I just turned flaming gay so I say


  25. lux

    I do think Britney is an idiot and a bad driver, although I must say, obstructing traffic, standing out in the street with cameras is also illegal as well. I hate paparazzi as much as stupid celebrities.

  26. ack

    why is k-fed just now using all the pap crap in court? why not show all her coochie shots, too, while he’s at it? that should gross them out enough to take the kids away PERMANENTLY. jesus christ, what the fuck will it take for them to get those children away from her??? one of them DYING???

  27. It is nothing short of a miracle that she hasn’t mamanged to hurt her children (and it’s clearly not for a lack of trying!)

  28. you suck!

    Brittany is lame….she cant even strap her kids in the car seat right…and what the hell good is that parenting coach??? she doesn’t realize the kid passed out in the car seat has a good chance of flying out or getting hurt if dumb broad Brit crashes??? who are these people and where do they come from….mystifying!!

  29. Too Funny

    if you take a good look at the parenting coach’s face it looks like she would rather be fingered by a fish hook than sit in that car with spitney.

  30. CS

    Leave her alone! She’s a human being!

  31. lolo

    When are the California child protection services in America going to stop taking bribes/breaks up the azz and start investigating these parents??? It is obvious that Britney Spears-Federline whatever the hell her name is, did not want these children!! She got married and that was an excuse to have sex without a condom…she got pregnant…oh well, that is one child…then screwed Kevin again without a CONDOM and got pregnant again. These children are treated like a burden on her so-called revamped “career” and “life.” She does not give a damn about them…It is only a matter of time until something happens to one of them and the blame is going to be shifted on how fame and fortune robbed her of her youth/life/brain/common sense. Rather than punishing the real jack-off-BRITNEY!! The best thing to do is put her in a home and put her children in the care of someone who will get regular payments to take care of them, feed them, put them to bed at a decent time, (because you know that soooo interferes with the nightclub’s happy hour..) and of course show them love!!! She is a seriously poor excuse for a mother, and as for the paparazzi-”Keep showing those pictures of her mistreating and not caring for her children. By the way, where’s the stupid dog? She probably realized that dogs need care too but she can give the dog away without any scrutiny…

  32. shadowgril

    Whats it going to take before someone puts an end to this dumb ass bimbo? The death of one of her kids for christ sake!!

  33. Yes, she is cute. Some of my friends told me she has left some of her nude photos on a nudist date site named many celebs posed nude, rencetly such as Vanessa, Sophie Monk. It is porn path? No, I do not think so. Many celebrities have the nude photos, because they are intersted in nudim. I saw their profiles and nude photos on Being naked is comfortable and healthy.Nudism is divine and natural, do not regards as porn.

  34. Siobhan

    i just want to take note of that commissioners name. Commissioner Gordon? as if britneys life isnt already like a cartoon Batman characters in the mix now?

  35. Tara Li

    Anyone else notice the cell phone she was juggling while she’s going through this stupid-assed intersection? Yet another method to end up oozing out of the crumpled up car frame after you’ve been reduced to tomato paste.

  36. The Black Fox

    November 26? It’ll be a miracle if those kids make it that long.

  37. EarlLee

    NOW I’ve seen the video, and clearly she’s NOT BREAKING THE LAW.

    Any vehicle in an intersection before the light changes is allowed to leave the intersection. And any car entering an intersection must check to make sure the intersection is clear before entering.


  38. thr0l

    Dumb paparazzies, you can’t jump infront of her car on the road, just to get a picture, and then post news like: Britney ran the red light. Fuckin retards. I hope next time she runs one of you, dumb fucks, ffs! :S

  39. elva

    Britney changed a lot after her marriage. she took her mother and son out, where does she going? once i saw she on a celebrity & millionaire site called maybe she is lonly. she can not bear the plain life.

  40. janice

    OMG like fuck off you idiots………………… You might be sick of hearing about Brit and i am sure she is sick of hearing about herself……………. Man i would not live in the great USA if i was paid……… you people are media shit heads. Seriously it is time to get out into the real world. A world where bush doesn’t try to distract you with the chicken flu or brit. go back on code orange and sink your head in the tv or computer. i use to read this site for entertainment but now it is just sick. hope you pull out of your war devastated countries and for fuck sakes pull your idiot heads out of this girls sickness and sadness…………. man you make me sick and your comments make me sick……………………………looking forward to replies as me and my baby go for a ride on snowmobile and he learns something like what a lake is as opposed to who is ashley is dating……………..blah, fucking blah

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