Britney Spears traffic video subpoenaed

November 12th, 2007 // 92 Comments

Britney Spears ran a red light at a dangerous intersection with her kids and parenting coach in the car on Thursday. Kevin Federline’s lawyer wants TMZ’s video of the incident and will present it to the judge during an unscheduled hearing on Wednesday:

Kaplan has already asked the judge to prohibit Spears from driving with the kids in the car. Commissioner Scott Gordon is set to rule on that motion on November 26. The latest development could accelerate that decision. The Commish has been troubled by Spears’ driving — the incident Thursday night could jeopardize her visitation.

Britney Spears jeopardizing her visitation rights is becoming pretty routine. Somebody let me know when she does something crazy, like creates a safe and protected environment for her kids. Or flashes her knockers. Because, well, gotta keep that boob money rolling in. You know, for the good of the economy. Not just so I can stuff my mattress with hundred dollar bills and have sex with gold-digging models. No it’s for whatever I said before; the lobotomy. Yeah, that.

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  1. Soy

    what was she wearing?

  2. shnoobz


  3. shnoobz

    damn! ok 3rd/4th

  4. The commish has to put a stop to it. How could he knowing let her continue to drive children? He won’t. She’s done.

  5. Ben

    Dont like her but after seeing the video don’t blame her for it.

  6. maximmm

    So, TMZ will now see itself as having done service to humanity. It’s obvious that Spears ran red light due to paparazzi stalking her. If she had not done so, they would have blocked her off completely.
    When princess of whales died, I suspect paparazzi felt the same sort of pride, having taken pics of the accident (despite the fact that they were in fact one of the main reasons why the horrific accident took place).
    Now…. with the Spears case, they will feel even more justified for stalking celebrities.
    All celebrities should commit suicide in order to take the easy way out of the world filled with idiocracy.

  7. Joe Ass

    Gee, Supericial, ya think!?

    Thanks for the news! That I already got from TMZ over the weekend.

  8. Big

    she was clearly blinded by the lights.


    take them babies AWAY!!!

  10. IWONKY

    Ahh haha, that fucking stupid bitch!

  11. djthecat

    @7… the princess of “whales”? i thought that WAS britney.

  12. Brandon

    I don’t blame her either, shit I wish she would run down an entire herd of the paparazzi. If they would leave the girl alone maybe she can go away. How the hell do they get by with harassing people. 1st amendment is one thing but what they do is insane. Man I wish I was a celebrity for one day, I would take their camera, beat their ass, and then send them an autographed head shot.

  13. lamb

    go fatgirl

    #6 &7
    why the f*ck doesn’t she stay home with the kids
    the’re babies for cryin Outloud!
    No Pity for this stupid hoe

  14. Delores Clitoris

    This is inexcusable. All she needs to do is hire a driver and sit in back behind tinted windows and her paparazzi “problem” would be solved. But she won’t, cuz she lives for the attention. I wish that judge could sentence her to the electric chair.

  15. Sunshine

    that happen to give birth

  16. MsMilf

    with CA$H she pulls in monthly
    sympathy for this hoe

  17. tribalhulk

    Why don’t these celebs outfit their cars with some sort of device that will pepper-spray a crowd gathered around the car? I’m guessing they have the money to do so and they could simply say that they felt threatened by the group of people crowding around her car. Wouldn’t that be justified? (LOL – Justified)

  18. IWONKY

    Those pappies were pretty annoying and it was wrong for that asshole to stand in front of her car (hollering red light, no less) but she’s still a stupid fucking asshat. She blew right through that obviously RED light with her kids in the back seat. She lives there so she already knows about that light. She is lucky the oncoming cars had not stepped on gas or this might be a post about her kids in the hospital and her in jail for endangering them.

  19. nothinh

    On the brite side, new album “Blackout” really rocks all the way….awesome beats. The rave reviews she has gotten from Rolling Stone, AP, CNN, and USA Today are definitely deserved. I found her on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named or something. Hope she is getting better.

  20. JibJab

    Young girls are ridiculously BAD drivers anyway, can you even imagine just how TERRIBLE Ditzney is? #15′s got it. She has more money than can possibly be imagined and still MUST DRIVE. The papz suck but she brings it on herself too. Attention whore. For the love of God, and mommy or not, someone please save those kids from her circus clown behavior!

  21. gossipmonger

    In South Africa they have flame throwers built into cars now to stop carjackings (which are as common there as jaywalkers here). Maybe she should look into importing a vehicle from there?

    (Crime-obsessed South Africans have a powerful new weapon with which to stop likely criminals: the car flamethrower. Casting a man-high fireball, reportedly with no damage to the paint, the Blaster has been placed on 25 South African vehicles since its introduction last month.
    At 3,900 rand ($655), it offers a cheap, dramatic defense against carjackers. It has yet to be deemed illegal.
    South African courts allow killing if convinced that it’s in self-defense. The defense is not unheard of. In last year’s 13,000 carjackings, criminals often brandished weapons or used them with little provocation.
    The Blaster squirts liquefied gas from a bottle in the automobile’s trunk through two nozzles, located under the front doors. The gas is then ignited by an electric spark, with fiery consequences.
    Both sides flame at the same time, regardless of whether the attack is coming from just one side of the vehicle, or whether passersby are on the other side. But the breadth and depth of blast can be modified according to individual preference. )

  22. Lisa

    Could it be because everytime she turns around a CAMERA is in her face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What in the hell are they doing out on a corner at night anyway??????

  23. Fake

    Who cares about that “album” that she had basically NOTHING to do with? Ooooo it’s got some good beats…WOW…SO impressive. What a bunch of young and dumb fools buying that thing.


    (> <)

    she does not deserve those babies
    never has she displayed love for them
    it is ALWAYS all About her

  25. get nakes

    i have ran a red light before.

  26. meee

    what a stupid cunt. traffic violations piss me off to no end. that’s how accidents happen you fucking has-been!

  27. DUH!

    Could it be SHE IS A USLESS MOTHER AND SELFISH B*TCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What in the hell is she doing out on a corner at night stay home with your babies.

  28. Martina McBride

    no body has noticed or said anything about “Commissioner Gordon.” Batman? Hello? Anyone?

  29. buddha

    she was with her kids, which makes the bad driving worse.
    i see people run red lights all of the time though.

  30. Lysol

    I never ran a red with a kid in my car

  31. lamb

    thats why she’s ‘Fatgirl

  32. moobs

    @13 Brandon…

    Uhh, no you wouldn’t… Pussy!

  33. BritneyIsAMediaWhore

    @15 – Hahahahahaha! The chair. I love that! Were it only possible…

  34. Martina is a lesbian name

    The “Commissioner Gordon” part is old news and has been done to death already, so thankfully (almost) nobody commented on it.


  35. Sarah

    well you know Commisioner Gordon is getting on in years

  36. #26. Me too, but I do it for sport..

    (but there are no children in MY car)

  37. @37 Don’t you do it with a bottle of Vodka in your hand?..

  38. One more thing (before I look up how to make French Toast) all you blaming her bad driving skills on the paparazzi, you are possibly correst, however knowing that they are ALWAYS stalking her, you would think she would stay the frick home, and I dunno….PARENT???

    Betcha anything she wasn’t on her way out for emergency diapers..

    Also Veterans Day RULES!!! (day off paid)

  39. No Jimbo, a martini, it makes it more challenging not to spill..

    Those glasses are tippy..

  40. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    #20 “On the brite side, new album “Blackout” really rocks all the way….awesome beats. The rave reviews she has gotten from Rolling Stone, AP, CNN, and USA Today are definitely deserved. I found her on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named or something. Hope she is getting better.”

    The new SPAM. Ignore that shit. I’m seeing it everywhere. Annoying wankers.

    #23 They’re out there on that corner because Britney has a habit of giving them a ring and telling them where she’ll be so they come take her picture and keep her in the news. Otherwise, why else would they be there? How would they know she’d be there if not from her?

    I remember this summer, all of us waiting for her to OD or something. But this train wreck is the Eveready Energizer Trainwreck…

  41. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Yay! FRIST has the day off. Hope I can look forward to some more drunken frivolity from you!

    Ah, the days off for such holidays…not anymore, for me at least. Enjoy it. ;-)

  42. Fuck, I don’t have any patience today. Frist, just fucking bend over, ok? I’m tired of waiting. And I don’t want to look at your face.

  43. jk

    Just leave her the fuck alone. Everyone is ridiculous. She can’t drive from point A to B without fucking cameras at a fucking red light? Give me a break.

  44. gotmilk?

    44, no.

  45. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Pap #1–Hi.

    Pap #2. Hey.

    Pap #1–Hey, we both had the same bright idea. Standing here on this corner in the dark, hoping someone famous drives by so we can take their picture.

    Pap #2–Yeah.

    Pap #1–There’s a car, look, are they famous?

    Pap #2–No.

    Pap #1–There’s another car, look, are they famous?

    Pap #2–*sigh* No.

    Pap #1–Hey, hey, look, there’s another car, look, are they famous?

    Pap #2–No, you tard, now shut the fuck up.

    Pap #1–Geez. You’re cranky.

    Pap #2–Well, fuck! Titney called me 45 minutes ago and told me to get my ass to this corner to take her fucking picture, and she isn’t here yet. It stinks out here and I wanna go home.

    Pap #1–Oh. So she called you too?

    Pap #2–*sigh* Yeah.

    Pap #1–Cool. Hey, there’s a car, look, are they famous?

    Yep. Paps the world over choose random street corners, hoping someone famous will show up.

  46. Anexio

    This is redickulis! Brit is a windrfull young woman and its not fair that she be chased and who cares what the light is doing and stuff like thta. I for one am a supporting of Brit and her too suns and that kFed is a money hungering jerk. and I mean it to.

  47. #42, well ok, but it’s only 9:00 am here, so I won’t be drunk for another hour or so, I’m only on my second bloody mary..

    Jimbo Troll go away, you are icky..

  48. gotmilk?

    yeah someone ran a red light last week, totaled my brand new car & almost killed me, so this shit doesn’t sit very well. The bitterness is still fresh. Even though she at least stopped & looked before she went, the bitch is bat shit crazy! don’t do that with your kids in the car!

  49. #22 Britney with a flame-throwing car…half of L.A. would be burnt to ashes.

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