Britney Spears trades her clothes

February 13th, 2007 // 82 Comments
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  1. TheAdamBom


  2. the_stone

    as far as skank goes, she does look better in the hooker outfit that that hideous red nightmare dress.

  3. the_stone

    i take it back….does she look tanner? i don’t get it. plus she is wearing those same ugly boots. sigh….oh brit.

  4. N'Arianne

    Yuck. I was wondering how Brit could look any worse than she did a couple of months ago, when she was HUGE, walking around in clothes with food grease on them, with huge fatty-arms… I really didn’t think it could get worse. It’s nice to be surprised every once in a while…
    I should start clothes swapping with people I hardly know too. Just for fun. Too bad people only walk around in bikinis and fishnets on Planet Whore, where Brit lives. It had the potential to be a frightfully interesting experiment…

  5. Do do do dooo do-do, doowaa! Mentos – the freshmaker!

  6. misanthrope

    She’s getting tips on how to be a professional whore.

  7. Doxes

    I think I’m going to start calling her Anna Nicole Jr.

  8. tingle

    “She was trying on all their outfits and left in a bikini and fishnets”

    and then one of the dancers sighed heavily, and said, “ok, who’s going to soak all this stuff in hot water and Monistat?”

  9. Danklin

    SF, this is the most pointless story you’ve ever blogged. Who the fuck cares?

  10. Yes, Anna Nicole Junior is a very appropriate name
    for this ding-dong. It would be so sad to see Kevin
    get the kids but I’m thinking he might be the better
    parent-how sad it that?

  11. Italian Stallion

    Looks like those fish nets caught three whales…..

  12. pixel killya

    Could there be a LESS attractive person that people pay attention to?

    Let sleeping dogs lie.

  13. GeannaSparrow

    Oh, my God? Can this skank PLEASE disappear from the face of Earth? Could she get any more disgusting at this point? Where are her children? Why do we barely ever hear about them? How come everyone that ‘knows’ her keep saying that ‘her boys mean eveything to her’? Oh, yeah? What GOOD mother would leave her TWO toddlers alone, every night, so she can go clubbing with some whores? That’s fucked up, man. I hate Britney.

  14. I’ve heard a story she was actually trying to blend in and to be one of the “working” girls but later they realized she was scaring away the customers and told her to wrap herself in a towel. How do i know? Because I’m the real father of Britney’s babies- Kevin didn’t dare to do it straight up with her because of all her past flings, and that’s one of the reasons her bum was really sore all the time. But me- I have low standarts :)

  15. Josh_Lavarn

    Someone needs to hire a skywriter to notify Shitney that she’s not hot at all anymore. I’d rather see a decomposing Anna Nicole in a bikini. K-Fed must have triggered her white trash roots to finally come out.

  16. GeannaSparrow

    And, one more thing. When the REAL whore start looking more decent than you do, maybe you should start re-considering your life-style…

  17. PLEASE — I will pay top dollar for you not posting anything more about this whore. PLEASE. She is nothing more than a desperate has-been who will do anything to get publicity. Let’s stop it!!!

  18. misanthrope

    @11… Tee hee!

  19. Mylene

    that is a BRA and panty set from H/M, I bought the same one here in Germany, but wear a shirt and jeans over it in public

  20. wedgeone

    She must be following LiLo’s career. Since LiLo thinks that whores are OK, Brit must be thinking “I should aspire to be like them”.

    Where are her handlers? Why isn’t her $$$ taken away from her so that she can disappear from the limelight permanently?

    Most importantly, where are her kids while she’s out hangin’ with the strippers?!?!?

  21. CourtneyJade

    #13 is right on. Britney is a piece of shit mother and a repulsive person. I really cannot believe that she is doing all this shit and no one in her life has staged an intervention, or just outright chained her ass to her house. She is humiliating herself on a daily basis and it used to be amusing. Now it’s just disgusting and pathetic.

  22. LL

    At least it knocked the barf-in-the-car picture down so that’s not the first thing you see when the site comes up, so for that we should be thankful.

    Is Club One a titty bar? If so, what’s Britney trying to prove here? That she can look just as skanky as any other ho? Mission accomplished, Britney. Congrats. And if not, again, what’s the move here? Is she trolling for another boyfriend who will end up telling a tabloid what a mess she is? She’s beginning to make Lohan look well-adjusted by comparison. BTW, where is Lohan? More Lohan!!

  23. N'Arianne

    This site shouldn’t be called thesuperficial anymore. It should be called
    Because it’s all about Paris being a whore, Britney being a whore, and Anna Nicole Smith sleeping with everyman in sight and, yes, being a whore.
    I don’t see why people even bother reporting about Britney anymore. Nobody cares.

  24. LL

    Duh, sorry, I guess it is a titty bar. Yeah, that’ll look good to the judge when she goes to court. Hanging out with strippers is one of the foundations of good parenting. That and a never-ending supply of Cheetos.

  25. misanthrope

    I really really really want her to lose her kids.

  26. For the love of all that is good in the world, why does it say “obnoxious” comments may be removed? You’ve got nothing but!

    Thanx for the skanx. Reminds me every day why I’m happy to be nobody, and that no one cares what I wear or eat or smell like. :}

  27. can we please give her babies to CPS or maybe have them raised by wolves….it would just be better for them that way

  28. 86

    “Dear Customer,

    Please remember to leave your undergarments on when trying on intimate apparel.

    Your cooperation is appreciated.”

  29. 86

    Its like she’s signaling the rescue plane with that forehead.

  30. PunjabPete

    I cannot believe I am going to say this…..

    TEAM K-FED…..

  31. GeannaSparrow

    Her children would be better of with a family of hungry, blood-lusting bears. Althought, I think Sean Preston is going to do just fine, since he’s starting to look more and more like Cartman, with each passing day. And Jaylynn…? Well, I don’t even know if he’s still alive.

  32. misanthrope

    @30… Agreed. How weird is that? Who knew K-Fed would come out of this looking like an adult? Er, well… better than Britney at least. Has he been out whoring it up too and we just haven’t heard about it?

  33. Looks like a best man cheaped out on his buddy’s bachelor party.

  34. DIANA

    What judge in his/her right mind would award the kids to Britney? I’ll bet K-FED is ecstaic right now. This is gonna be an easy one for his lawyer.

  35. Looks like the best man cheaped out on his buddy’s bachelor party.

  36. no1justminda

    well, the 2nd outfit looks a hell of a lot better than that disgusting red dress! ugh britney is so gross!

  37. serial snarkalec

    Britney is interning. Her musical career is in the toilet. What else is she qualified to do? Taste-test Cheetos? Baby-sit retards when it doesn’t matter if they fall on their heads? Advertise brazilian waxes for the Heavy Ho Salon?

  38. danamay

    Is she serial? I miss sweet old Brit. If, according to her ex boyfriend, she is so concerned that her ex hubby will take her children away, does she really think behaving like this will make her appear more becoming? Granted, she deserves to have fun and I’m all for her to have a few drinks with friends but this is topping Lindsey Lohan behaviour!

  39. Josh_Lavarn

    It’s ironic that K-Fed used to be the most envied man on the planet a few years back. Now everyone realizes that wigger was friggin lucky to get away from that grody skank. He definitely is the better trailer trash parent compared to her.

  40. deborah

    Could someone PLEASE bring back in the “Stunt-Brittany” that was paraded on the Dave Letterman show a few weeks ago – and put “Sluttish-Brittany” back in the underground lair?? PLEASE?? God – I hope her mother beats the crap out of her when she gets home.

  41. F. Gump

    I think Britney looks hot. I like her with a little more weight. Like they say, real women have curves. I’d love to take Isaac Cohen’s place, but she seems very selective so I’m not very hopeful :(

  42. WiseMan


  43. veggi

    Is this a strip club? I don’t understand…

    Italian Stallion- funny like ha ha.

  44. whitegold

    Damn she’s ugly these days!

  45. ph7

    She’s a barnyard animal. With a cloven hoof.

  46. GossipHero

    I believe she always looked like that. It’s like, if someone started taking your pictures, about 90% of them you would never show even to your closest friend. Photographers don’t use most of the pictures unless they intentionally want a person look like a crackwhore or a retard. Plus, after 2 babies, any woman would loose their sex appeal, and partying every day doesn’t help either. She will be back as “Britney Spears” if she survives the whole ordeal.

  47. Lowlands

    I’m getting tired of this girl.She’s behaving herself like she’s in a personal candystore or something.I’m getting the impression she really doesn’t care about her kids.she likes them as they were puppies but now they’re getting bigger.I’m totally finished with Britney!Big turn off.

  48. #48 !!!

    Wait, who cares about Britney anymore? Unless! Unless she’s Anna Nicole Smith’s baby-daddy. Hmmm…

  49. #48 !!!

    Wait, who cares about Britney anymore? Unless! Unless she’s Anna Nicole Smith’s baby-daddy. Hmmm…

  50. allyoops!

    i am all about her making an ass of herself for our entertainment. it’s great.

    i am mildly concerned about the fact that she has kids though. i would be so embarassed f she was my mother…

    i don’t even think she means to be a bad mother—she just had kids WAY too young.

    and those boots are horrible, why oh why did she think those boots and that dress were ever a good idea?

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