Britney Spears’ topless pool make out session

August 8th, 2007 // 120 Comments

Here are the pictures from Britney Spears’ topless make out session with one of the extras from her latest music video. Although I’m not sure what’s up with Britney’s hat and sunglasses. I think this is part of her application to join the CIA. And she’s allegedly topless here, but you can’t really make anything out since she’s either covered up or underwater in all of the shots. Although why would you even want to? It’s like complaining you couldn’t get a good look at your grandma’s boobs during her funeral. Screwed again!


  1. Babee Dahl

    I do not believe that is Britney either, why would she be wearing those sunglasses? What is she trying to hide?? Who is this imposter??

  2. sdfg

    His hair reminds me of every other frat tard I’ve seen.

  3. Danklin24

    I think we’ve seen enough of Britney by now to piece together a puzzle of her naked body. My life is complete. And by life, i mean my worst nightmare.

  4. ??4=5??

    had fun…didn’t cha..? Ztop trying to B me, bitch…
    and who azk me Y I’m ztill a virgin if I’m hott…
    anzwer: coz I don’t want Herpez or any other zezpool
    of filth…like the perzon that pozted 4 and 5..enjoy??

  5. kbcan

    That is definitely Britney in the pics. Without a doubt.

    It wouldn’t be so bad, if she just occasionally did things like this. But she seems to do them ALL the time, so much that her reputation as being skanky and stupid, and a poor mother is apparently true.

  6. Rachael

    Ha Ha – this dude is like “fuck yeah – i’m hanging with Britney Spears!”

    I must admit as sad as it sounds if she invited me to hang out with her in a pool and she was half naked i’d fully take advantage of her fried mind too!

    She is totally lost – quite fucking sad really – she is definately suffering from child star syndrome. They just get crazier and crazier.

  7. hollyj

    Look at his pupils. He’s rolling…and clearly SHE IS TOO, which is why she’s wearing sunglasses in a hot tub in the middle of the night.

  8. Breaking Newz: Man_phat iz the clozet fagg DrPlowZhitonhizdick
    he hidez under other namez zuch az: boy_phat..

    He makez commentz like: look at U zpreading your wingz…
    Zoundz like Hannibal Lector type…I ‘ll bet your a butcher..aren’t U?

    Y hide under falze namez..puzzyazz dickbrain..come outta the clozet….

  9. Randy

    Wow…taking much X these days?

  10. Carly

    They are on DRUGS-Look at her clinched smile, his HUGH pupils! Naked, in a hot tube, making out, sunglasses inside at nite, clinched smiles and that guys eyes! LET ME SEE YOUR THIZZ FACE BRIT!

  11. Eileen

    Am I the only one that can see a VAGINA in pic #2? Look closely.

  12. lilbush

    Im not so sure its her either.

    I didnt think the photo a few weeks ago with her hands covering her breasts in some garden was her either, the smile does not look like hers in either photo.

    Yes, she is nasty, but I am thinking shinanigans are afoot.

  13. yt


  14. Cosmo

    What I need right now is for somebody to invent a time machine, so I can turn the clock back seven years to when Britney wasn’t such a skank. That way, these pictures will be something worth looking at.

  15. Frybread

    Yuk. For his sake I hope he rinses with mouthwash after this.

  16. GG1000

    I kind of sympathize with Brit for once. I mean, what ELSE are you going to do with a cute little airheaded piece like that except get buzzed and bang him. You can’t talk to him.

  17. Sure I’m all for going topless, wearing a stupid greasy hat, making out with a 21 year old college dude…….oh wait, no I’m not. When the fuck does she PARENT her CHILDREN? I mean, ya, we see her carry them from her car to a mall or restaurant from time to time but really, that’s hardly parenting. I give my purse way more attention than she gives HER BABIES.

  18. man_phat

    Breaking news! Breaking news! KraziHottKelli is a sad man from Florida who smokes pot! oh no, hang on, not so breaking after all really is it?

  19. Adam

    I believe Britney was under the impression that once the babies popped out, they were no longer her responsibility. Apparently, Britney is also under the impression that she doesn’t look like a piece of shit and actually has a chance or regain her pathetic trend whore career as a lip syncing stripper. Why are people so grossed out now? Because she’s fat? Britney was a sleazy piece of mind controlled crap back when she was fit (wow, that seems like a decade ago…).

    May her career end, as may the custody of her children. No one is fucking smart enough to care for these children.

    In one corner, there is a gold digging wigger, in the other we have a stripping hoe who thinks of her children as material items, and in the 3rd corner we have the parents that raised (failed to) her. The 4th corner is foster parents…who should get the two babies?

  20. Tessa

    That lame guy just wanted to be “popular” and he has choosen the wrong way! IMHO, they aren’t making out! Anyway, she’s ugly as always.

  21. ***

    stupid ugly slut!

  22. AJ

    To all you fags that always say :WHO IS PARENTING HER CHILDREN!?!!?!

    Just so you fucktards know, she has split custody with K-Fed. Meaning he gets them 3.5 days a week and vice versa…. gee perhaps this might have been one of those nights where K-Fed had the children… just a fucking thought.

  23. MJ

    Hey, at least she might be clean this time.
    That guy isn’t as stupid as he looks

  24. Hope he took his cheerz… AWESOME–like you never drank the night before-which u need for this train wreck!

  25. I like this girl, I wanna fuck she now.

  26. Mr. Truth

    Dear All,

    Mr. Truth is still finding it funny that Britney’s wig doesn’t take to water very well. He also still cannot believe why she would want to sleep with Jim Carrey.

    Yours faithfully,

    Mr. Truth.

  27. awww, so cute! she’s finally getting some love in the last pic.

  28. jus'stupid

    It’s her own stupid fault. Don’t invite dipshits with cameras to a party if tou wanna have a little fun. If she doesn’t want to be papa fodder, then don’t allow cameras.

  29. Steve P

    Strange, so now I’m getting unwanted nasty pop-ups from this site, when did that start? anyone else or just me?

  30. ringostarr

    mr. truth, you are a retard. you’re not funny, gay.

  31. Lovely

    … I am too

  32. Lovely

    that was directed to # 79 …not 80

  33. Mr. Truth.

    Dear Ringo Starr,

    You were the worst Beatle.


    Mr. Truth.

  34. Idiots

    Question. What is wrong with a adult partying in a hot top and doing whatever she wants? Last I checked as long as you are over 18 your of legal age to have sexual encounters and as long as your over 21 you can drink. Furthermore she is single and can do whatever she wants with whoever she wants. Get a life people.

  35. chimpy

    So did she get fucked by the stranger or not?

  36. Murph

    To 79 & 81/82:

    They are completely unauthorized pop-ups. I was having the same problem. If you can get all the info possible from them and send a message to the web master.


    And run a spyware check. The pop-ups will load stuff onto your computer.

  37. Britney's Nappy Weave

    Since this dumbass missed out on her teen years and early 20s, when most people date around and have fun, she’s trying to make up for it now. That would be fine if she didn’t have 2 freaking kids under 2 years old! This is what happens when people don’t have a chance to sow their wild oats and all that crap when they’re young. Take note people, have fun while you’re young and it’s acceptable. Don’t wait until your divorced with 2 babies to start whoring around. Poor kids don’t have a chance in hell. Britney is and always will be a white trash hobag with money.

    P.S. If this wasn’t her and it was someone posing as her and trying to make a buck by taking pics, why wouldn’t she make it more believable by kissing him back and looking more interested? Stupid theory. It’s obviously the dumb twat.

  38. jrzmommy

    Well, her sons will grow up to be womanizers….between K-Fag for a dad and Old Peanut Butter for Legs mom here, why on earth would they ever learn any respect for women?

  39. World’s biggest dumbest most popular whore. What judge wouldn’t give K Fed full custody? She doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near any kids of any age.

  40. Alex

    I just don’t get it. She used to be so hot… “Hit Me Baby, One More Time” or whatever that school girl outfit music video she did rocked when I was like 14. But here, I am… 19 and confused. Is this the same girl? I start getting a big juicy one when I hear the name, but I have to slowly ween myself off.

    My dong: “Hey, Brit–”
    Me: *looks down and shakes head*
    My dong: *puppy dog eyes* “But, she’s -”
    Me: “WAS. She WAS…”

    and then we both cry.

  41. dewey

    the pop ups seem to come from the third or fourth pic linked. I clicked the link and everything went apeshit when i backed out of the picture to get back to the main page.

  42. 68///// U juzt confirmed what I zaid in #58….howz it hangin..
    my good zir…and that zpread your wingz
    comment…zoundz like zomething a
    zerial killer would zay, kinda zcary?

  43. Someone needed to cut the Doppler Jacuzzi Jets

  44. caljenna66

    This guy is STRAIGHT?

  45. adeliza

    he IS Jim Carrey. Now we get to sit back and wait for Jenny McCarthy to kick Britney’s ass!!!
    Slap Fest!!!!!

  46. “KraziHottKelli is a sad man from Florida who smokes pot! ”

    Kelli, even The Beatles think you zuck.

  47. I don’t understand why everyone thinks her mouth and genitalia are dirty. I think she looks prime.

  48. Robert

    gross only a moron would bang that disease infested whore

  49. Jim Carrey

    ….yeah… it’s me…. I just wanted some strange!! nobody tell Jenny ok? I’m angling for a threesome, and I gotta go in fresh! shhhhhhh…..

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