Britney Spears’ topless pool make out session

August 8th, 2007 // 120 Comments

Here are the pictures from Britney Spears’ topless make out session with one of the extras from her latest music video. Although I’m not sure what’s up with Britney’s hat and sunglasses. I think this is part of her application to join the CIA. And she’s allegedly topless here, but you can’t really make anything out since she’s either covered up or underwater in all of the shots. Although why would you even want to? It’s like complaining you couldn’t get a good look at your grandma’s boobs during her funeral. Screwed again!


  1. edgar

    first damn

  2. bogart45

    so classy!

  3. pointandlaugh

    what the fuck is up with Britney and those UGLY HATS? AAAAUUUUGH!

  4. brzitneyz zpearz iz like zoooo totally koolzz! lolz LOlz LoLz LOlz LOLZ lolZZZ YAY WATZH ME UZE MY DEZIGNZ LOLZ OMGZ LOLZ!!! *****()()()()******<><><><><><>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<-====—=-=-=-=++-_)+_))_+)+_)+_)+_)+_)+_)=@@#@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$#@%$#$#%$#^#^%$%%^%^%^% CRAZIHOTKELLI LOLZ YEZ YEZ YEZ


  6. Helen

    Stupid slut!

    I use to respect her so much, but now I have no respect for her.

  7. sea

    Is that her headband tied around her wrist? Oh well, it’s not like the chlorine will hurt anything when she next uses it.

  8. Bite Me!

    @3 They cover up her ugly shaved head and keep those butt ugly cheap ass wigs on her head

  9. George

    Now everyone that goes into that pool will get Herpes.

    I’m also beginning to wonder about all of these weird hats, maybe she uses them as feed buckets.

  10. loveFIST

    FIRST BITCHES!!!!!!!!!

  11. Patricia

    Nasty bitch.

  12. This guy got the ultimate cock block. She invited him up to her room and was only in her panties sprawled out on the bed, but the guys buddy almost drowned and acted like a jackass and her people made him take his buddy out of there.

    She’s a train wreck and all, but you could still tell people you nailed Britney Spears and just lie and say it was 5 years ago before she resembled a used tampon.

  13. blahblahblah

    I can’t believe he talked about it with people of a magazine. That’s pretty lame.

  14. Michellio

    is he proud of this?? uhhh he must have somthing wrong with him if he makes out with her… hes good looking though, thats a suprise

  15. Sugar Tits

    Man, I wonder how many people in Hollywood have transitively fucked Britney Spears through some of these sleazy back up dancers…rather, all these people with pulses…wait, I still feel like I’m leaving someone or thing out here.


  16. Nicole

    Ok .. how about you guys don’t report of her anymore. I compare Britney to having your period, unpleasant to look at and smell. She must have STD’s by now. Jerry Springer needs talk show guests… perhaps she should appear. I used to say she was a trash can painted gold. Well the gold wore off, now she is just trash.

  17. shnoobie

    yes! damn that guy so lucky!

  18. Is that a Jim Carey clone? Just the thought of her now makes me vomit in my mouth. She will look like Zsa Zsa Gabor in about 5 years.

  19. Cronus 10

    These photogs suck.
    They can’t manage to get even one nipple shot.

  20. Cronus 10

    The more I look at this the more I’m not sure that’s even Brit.

  21. juls

    that guy looks exactly like jim carrey.

  22. Mr. Truth's Secretary.

    Dear All,

    A funny event once happened to Mr. Truth: he thought he was making out with Britney Spears, but opened his eyes and it was a garbage can with face and bigfoot’s detached cock hanging over the side. Mr. Truth never knew whether to find this funny or mildly revolting. There is a story about Tara Reid too, but telling that one might get me fired.

    Yours faithfully,

    Mr. Truth’s Secretary.

  23. She’s come so far…..what an amazing you woman she has grown into

    lulz, what a skank

  24. Binky

    # 20.
    I agree. I pretty sure that’s Hillary Clinton.

  25. ali

    you guys, thats clint moffatt.

  26. Binky

    Well ok – but who’s the guy ?

  27. malicious

    why does she let people take these photos of her in such compromising positions? she must know they are going to hit the stands the next day.

    It must suck for her that every guy she ever gets with is going to sell their story from here on in.

  28. Malffy Hernandes

    What’s up with the herpes scars on her chin?

  29. AJ

    Oh yeah, that’s some hot making out going on there. OH WAIT.


    WOW, I sure wish every time another human being brushed their face towards mine that I could get rumors and lies posted that we “made out”. Because we all know no one has ever drunkenly made out before with a person they’ve just met.

    Please, believe everything you read. It’s always true.

  30. Charlie

    This is what sicks about being a celeb. First let me sat…I think Britney is a fucking TWAT who makes really bad choices. BUT. I doesn’t much look like she is making out with anyone. The guy clearly wants the photo op for his return to college this fall. He’ll be a hero with his frat buddies!! But on a more human level, why cant she go skinny dipping in a pool and maybe make out a little without having pics taken of her. I mean…what is more summerish than skinny dipping. She is of age to drink…so who cares about that…and she divorced and hardly making out. Sounds like fun to me. Then comes the the person she invited to this little party with her little camera. you know by her face that she is worried by the pics beig taken. It sucks and you really cant trust anyone……

  31. CD

    I see going to rehab worked…..NOT! This exhibitionistic nutcase needs to pursue her future career in porn – since her former career is over and done with, due to her stupidity.

  32. Linz

    I really don’t think that’s Britney. I think someone wanted to make some money with some chick who looks similar to her, so they slapped on a hat and sunglasses to make it less obvious that it’s not her. Although I don’t know why they didn’t do something crazier.

  33. Sassy

    I know this dude. He’s a family friend.

    I’m almost 100% positive that he was not an extra in her music video (he never mentioned anything about this) but was just clubbing in LA and ran into her.

    Also…I think the quote about her nipples having fake tattoos is false too. Another one of our family friends got drunk at a party and was running around trying to show Matt her tattooed nipples. He ended up running outside and leaving. And why would Britney have fake nipple tattoos for a photo shoot? We haven’t seen any topless photos of Britney (thank god) so I doubt that statement is true.

    He basically realised he could make a buck and get some exposure if he fucked Britney, and took a bunch of photos and made it seem worse than it is. There aren’t even any juicy photos. He’s just all over her. He’s definitely the dick here. Britney was just having a good time and got sold out.

  34. DJSS00

    Good Lord, i weep for her children

  35. JrsyGrl

    I was about to say the guy was cute until #18 compared him to Jim Carrey. Oh well.

    And yeah, you guys are pretty ridiculous with your headlines – BRITNEY MAKING OUT. Nope, sorry, a couple of shots where he is kissing her neck, but he’s obviously thrilled to be getting photographed in a hot tub with Britney.

  36. I do believe I see nipple in this shot:

    Then again, you can just observe the humongous zit on her cheek and confuse that for a nipple.

  37. britney spears go playboy o.k hoootttt.

  38. woodhorse

    Why doesn’t she do a Playboy spread? I’m sure she needs the money by now.

  39. Joheki

    This is probably ye old “Teehee! I’m drunk-He’s-Gay-isn’t-it-funny-that-we kiss-in-stuff?!?!?!” ol’ gag.


  40. star69

    2007 is the year this guy will never forget. Or the age 21. He’ll be reminded of this night in the jacuzzi followed by a tasteless, drug infused, blurry romp in Shitney’s hotel room for the rest of his life.
    You know how he’ll be reminded?

    Every day when he sees the warts and the painful zits on his once normal genitals. Then he’ll sigh and swear and reach for the extra strong dose of Valtrex.

    The End

  41. From Argentina

    She is such a skank, He must be gay or just trying to get more biz from her. He also only has a few years left, his hairline is really receeding for a guy so young. She is a SKANK…… only a few more years and she will be 35 and REALLY OLD and very worn out. Can you imagine ?

  42. Rezzy

    That guy really does look like Jim Carey.

  43. From Argentina

    Oh sorry a few more comments, look at her “smile” of gritting teeth.
    She hates the attention from the press but she seems to allow cameras at “private parties” or somehow show up on a beach in Malibu when she can strip down because that is such a great way of not bringing attention to one’s self.
    she is some class act. If she wants to be left alone, buy a fricking ranch in Canada and move with your stupid kids.
    Lindsey, Paris and Brit are — OK the 15 minutes of fame will someday end and if they are not pathetic now, My only thrill is to see how pathetic they will be in the future.

  44. JENN

    hey atleast hes hot, really cute guy, and yeah shes hoe, good taste tho

  45. Yeah, baby, my frist post!

    This is about right. First rehab, then relapse, then screwing total stranger, then getting pulled over for chasing someone while drunk with coke in your pocket….oh wait…wrong skank.

  46. redsonja1313

    Because ……Just about everyone wears a hat into the pool AT NIGHT!!! what she is afraid the moon my burn her face!!

  47. blake

    I went to school with that kid and we lived in the same neighborhood. I guess it’s nice that he made something of himself?

  48. sienna

    no way! he is really ugly

  49. she’d have to pay playboy now

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