Britney Spears topless photos leaked

June 7th, 2009 // 141 Comments

When I first saw these topless photos of Britney Spears that just leaked online, my immediate reaction was “FAKE.” But then I realized they’re outtakes from the set of her 2007 video “Gimme More,” and back then, she would’ve traded Sean and Jayden for a Chalupa and two Marlboro Reds. So knowing that information, it’s entirely feasible Britney colored all over her exposed breasts with magic marker and demanded they shoot the video “mah way, y’all.”

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that amazingly don’t include fried chicken.


  1. TJ

    TJ FTW!

  2. Athens

    Those are temp tatoos or no?

  3. godamongmen

    her tits look surprisingly good…go figure

  4. TJ

    mm, she’s so pretty.


  5. Ortal

    Wow, I’m kinda first.
    Nice boobs BTW. Are those tatts are real?

  6. Kathleen

    Haha her nips are gross.

  7. Skope

    No those tatts are not are real.

  8. zagg

    hot hot hot

  9. Scott

    It’s so typical that when I finally get to see Britney Spears topless she’s got goddamn fake tattoos covering what I want to see.

  10. WTH in the world?! Those are real?! I don’t even imagine that… I pobably would watch more times gimme more (:…

  11. breasts are real. tats are fake. hair is fake. all is boring

    hair extensions that look real:

  12. Zane

    Leave her alooneee :P

  13. Marco

    Britney tit is the most amazing thing on the web and always has been. Keep giving us those fantastic braless and tit pics. You are the hottest thing ever.

  14. maya

    it’s not even her, it’s pretty obvious it’s a body double.

  15. maya

    it’s not even her, it’s pretty obvious it’s a body double.

  16. phuture98

    mmmm, what a HOT SLUT!!

  17. Sean

    hah…i thought she’d have nicer nipples.

  18. Hard to argue with bewbs.

    So I’m not gunna.

  19. as always, a hottie. You make fun of her accent like its a negative thing…its not. Southern girls are the sexiest girls in America.

    Dont tell me youd rather some west coast, granola eating, binge and purge flake or some fucking Fran Drescher look/act alike.

    ? Keep Hating China Man Fish?

  20. shesgross

    Really ugly tits and I’m not surprised. She’s gross looking.

  21. kingcash

    She looks like cancer….

  22. billybob

    – trailer trash wet dream

  23. Cartman

    These pics do nothing for me.

    There was a time when this chick was so very hot and now she’s so very not. Most chicks take 20 or 30 years for me to stop caring. I wouldn’t fuck her now with 2 rubbers on.

  24. nosvcn

    and now she’s been declared by a judge to be an incompetent adult so her dad is in charge of her.
    im britney bitch = ROFLMAO!!!!!!

  25. sjp

    Wow. I’ve waited 11 years to see her topless!! Woohoo.

  26. Stacy from Canada

    Wonder who the lucky bastard is that got to apply those henna tattoos? hahaha

  27. Darth

    Is this really her? Or is this a dummy?

  28. jess

    her tits are surprisingly small.

  29. danzo

    Hey superficial, remove those censor stars from her nips.. oh wait.

  30. Bobby Ewing

    Well she is nasty. Does anyone really want to look at her suckle teats? Come on – this swamphog chick is such a pig. But surely someone is turned on by them so you here are the uncensored ones

    watercooler dot jlaforums dot com\

    BLECH – what a mess

  31. Nero

    This blow up doll looks quite realistic.

  32. Dr. ho

    bah 10 years too late

  33. You know, I’d still hit it…

    I’d make sure we did it somewhere other than my place, and that she would have no way to find me after I snuck out the window, but I’d still probably hit it once…

  34. i’m gonna fuck my wrist up today. i’ve decided.

  35. Brit Brit is such a pioneer in being a mobilize peep show, those pics don’t even faze me…those battered boobs looks like they’ve been dipped in chocolate, it would’ve been more erotic, which i think shes trying to do here…

  36. This girl is an exhibitionist. I think she’s got some serious psychiatric issues still ongoing. If Kevin flashed himself everywhere, he’d be a registered sex offender. Britney Spears is a sick individual.

  37. e-rock

    She had implants, then had them removed, hence the saggy weird looking boobs. They are sort of deformed now. But bravo to her for getting them removed so she could nurse. Too bad she was a terrible Mom anyway back then. Now I just feel bad for her. She is C-R-A-Z-Y, so its kind of like picking on a little kid with a disability. Just sad.
    Well I hope she gets her head together and straightens her act up. So far she is doing better… we will see… only time will tell.
    Good luck Britney!

  38. Lippen Whiskey

    Ah, she looks prettier here than about any time I’ve seen her lately. Reminds me of a babe of babe gypsy babe in #15 and others. Must be because she’s happy being naked. Maybe more of the same will make her feel better, she’s had a rough time lately. But pooey on tattoos. I digress.

  39. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    I’ld hit it because I’m not gay.

  40. MaryJane

    She doesn’t look bad, if it’s her, the fake tattoos look cute. Her hair or her not hair looks shitty tho. Is there make up between/under her boobies to make it look more “cleavagy”?

    and how are her nipples gross you can’t even see them????

  41. missywissy

    How are these photos leaked????

    This is from the uncensored Gimme More video. It’s on Youtube. These are stills from the video.

    There’s a story about after this video was shot that she was supposed to be taking care of her kids but was partying in a hot tub with a bunch of guys.

  42. Nikky Raney

    I am glad that people are finally accepting the fact that her breasts are real.

  43. Nikky Raney

    In the second photo she looks like Tori Spelling.

  44. I wonder this are real.

  45. flappy boy

    they look like I thought they would…..BORING.

  46. flappy boy

    they look like I thought they would…..BORING.

  47. Axel

    Whats with all the double comments?

    On Topic: Eh…

  48. vito

    That is one sexy little tart! She’s the kind of girl from whom one might pick up a disease, but who gives a shit?! She’s worth the risk!

    Hefner…you paying attention?

  49. vito

    Hey Fishmeister…once and for all, you ought to put a line by the “Post Your Comment” button explaining to people with speed limit-IQ’s that they only need to click on the button ONCE!!!

    Bunch of fucking dipsticks!

    On the other hand, you probably make money on each click so (from your vantage point, at least) that wouldn’t be such a good idea…

    FUCK IT — it’s only money. Do ti anyway!

  50. so thats what human breasts look like…

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