Britney Spears to star in new Quentin Tarantino film?

August 6th, 2008 // 50 Comments

Quentin Tarantino is reportedly trying to cast Britney Spears in his remake of the 1965 film Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Apparently, Tarantino can’t imagine anyone else tackling the role of a lesbian stripper. Way to dream big there, buddy. The UK Telegraph reports:

Spears’ character murders the boyfriend with her bare hands before taking the girlfriend hostage. The troubled singer will also have sex scenes with another girl before the drama ends in a blood-bath.
Tarantino is in discussions with other Hollywood stars to take the roles of the remaining two strippers.
A source said: “Quentin is convinced Britney will be brilliant. She’s delighted. She thinks it could turn her career around.

This could work. Britney’s playing a psycho lesbian stripper which isn’t too far off from her real-life role as a psycho amateur stripper. You know the type: Hasn’t quite mastered flashing her boobs yet but is aces at flashing the beave. Keep practicing!

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  1. GinaRae


  2. chango

    “psycho lesbian stripper” . . . hmmmmm sounds like a perfect gig for La Lohan . . .

  3. Dave ain't here, man

    I must admit, I’m alarmed.
    And mildly turned on.

  4. i may in the minority here, but that sounds pretty damn hot to me.

    my mind spins with the possibilities of what other hot young women could play her lovers… i mean at least realistically. this should make for an interesting thread lol

  5. Bigheadmike

    Me likey….

  6. Jumpin_J

    What? Lohan wasn’t available? Bada BOOM! I’m on fire.

  7. mimi

    BITE Britney’s butt Fish-Gutz!


  8. ishi-san

    is it just me, or does she actually starts looking better?

  9. fuqt

    Quentin Tarantino, you are DEAD to me, DEAD. Lohan would be so much better.

  10. I hope she uses her British accent in the film, and says wanker a lot.

  11. hata

    But what will turn Tarantino’s career around?

  12. I’m pretty sure the first picture was taken at her casting couch audition…

    Really, that wide Brit? Good girl…

  13. cherry

    I am not surprised by this. I saw her profile at milllionaire personals site -”"”"”"”"”W e a l t h y L o v e m”"”"”"”"”" last week. It is said she is dating a young billlionaire on that site now.

  14. ming


    Jessica Biel. A body that’s a million times better than the other two, plus she’s a bona fide lesbian (albeit closeted).

  15. H-BOMB

    OOOOOOOOLD news (and Spears aint no Tura Satana). Get up to speed – THE QT’s new flick is INGLORIOUS BASTARDS – I was hoping the BS would be in THAT. I’m sure QT has some Lesbian Strippers in there.

  16. blackops

    uh, tarantino -in my mind- hasn’t the skills or talent left in him to pull this off. he failed -absolutely failed in my mind- to pull off Grindhouse, and Kill Bill stunk to anyone steeped in knowledge of 70s samurai films. now he’s digging up Russ Meyer for an easy remake? when will people stop supporting this clown?

  17. Clem

    Why would someone who wants to make a good movie put someone who will make the movie crap in it?
    If the public were more discerning about what films that bought tickets for, rented or bought then the likes of Lohan, Spears, Hilton etc. or anyone who has more fame for wearing sunglasses at night than their talent would not even be considered thus movies would improve.

  18. Lexoka

    I really think she could pull it off…

  19. Alli

    So glad to see Brit Brit back to her old beautiful self! I am sincerely happy for her!! I think she needs a good director like QT to help her revive her career. I think he can do it.

  20. havoc

    How about Dusk til Dawn 4 and put a stake through her heart in the opening credits?

    Just trying to help…


  21. missywiisy (evil)

    Quinton had one good movie. The guy is a jackass. Oh, and he dated Uma Thurman Whoopdeefuckindoo!!! Maybe making a movie like this would help Britney get her boys back.

  22. LL

    Between Biel and Britney, yeah, I’m going with Biel. But Britney in a Tarantino film might not be terrible. She can knock out more fuckin’ crazy before 9 am than most people do all day.

    And yeah, why is her mouth always gaping open like that? Her and that other blonde dummy.

  23. Andrew

    damn hot if I do say so myself. Now ya just gotta bring in Kim Kardashian and possibly the Olson twins…now there’s a waste of 2 hours

  24. JPRichardson

    This is like the 899,787,232,005th false rumor I have heard of Britney during the last couple of months. If it sounds fake, most likely it is fake.

  25. Not cute

    Oh, Britney has huge arms. Like that Mexican woman that sells tortillas in that corner in East L.A.

    How much again is she spending a month to regain her former physique???

  26. JXC

    isn’t porn star Tera Patrick supposedly one of the other lesbian strippers?

  27. rough daddy

    this role sound perfect for lezlo and let sam do the sound tracks…

  28. hopefully it’ll have as much success as Crossroads.

  29. Stroker

    Watching Brit go down on chicks will be worth the price of admission. Now how will Quentin express his foot fetish in this one? Definitely food for thought….

  30. anon

    25- clearly you are ridiculous , and I am sorry that you are not cute

  31. jt

    whats it going to be rated?
    she can flash her boobies, but is going to have to wear panties if sh expcects a theatre to show it

  32. Jessie

    Brit looks so beautiful!

  33. As what most people i read are saying… i doubt it.

  34. chrissy

    omgosh britney looks gorgeous!!!!
    she looks just like her old self like in 2002-2004!!
    she looks great. <333333333

  35. jordan

    britney looks amazing. im so happy for her!

  36. dee

    her hair looks sooooooo good!!!
    wow she looks awesome

  37. wanks

    i honestly think that her being in a movie will actually motivate her to work out and look decently hot again…besides if any indication of the visuals from Sin City, I think they can make her look hot again

  38. Brittany

    No! don’t remake that movie, the original was perfect.

  39. drotx

    I’m tellin you folks; Britney Spears will win an Oscar in the next 30 years. Because America is about nothing if it isn’t about a good celebrity/politician/Republican congressman redemption story.

    You heard it here first. I think Quentin may be on something…I mean on to something.

  40. Sluggo

    Niiice!!! I looooove Brit’s legs, which will be prominently displayed onscreen I bet,
    and to answer Stroker’s question, yes this flick will be a footfest like DeathProof was!!!
    I wonder whose toes he’ll be sucking in his cameo?!!?
    Jessica Biel would be deadly in this too!!!

  41. Janeane The Acerbic Goblin

    Quentin should be lobotomized for remaking Meyer’s masterpiece. Asshole Tarantino.

  42. emily

    has anyone actually seen that movie? i’m frightened. there is no way SHE can pull off varla…

    i love quentin tarantino but…. seriously.

  43. Grunion

    Why not just throw some make up on a pig, feed it some meth and viola, no Britney needed

  44. BaconRain

    Give me a fucking break. Whats tommorows rumour going to be, Obama’s picking her for vice-prez? She’s not even allowed to go to the bank by herself for fucks sake and can’t even secure custody of her kids but now she’s gonna star some shit ass Tarantino flick?


  45. sadie

    she looks good

  46. A gushing woman?
    NOPE, it’s the usual sickmaking response by britney spears folks!!

  47. Toontime


    Britney has said she likes her feet worshipped. You know that was a BIG part in getting the part!

  48. P-Mat

    She’s already a psycho lesbian mother – fits the role perfectly.

  49. sam alshamy


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