Britney Spears to lawyers: We’s gonna rumble

Britney Spears is taking it up the butt on legal fees for her custody battle. Between her old lawyers at Trope & Trope and having to pay Kevin’s fees for Mark Vincent Kaplan, Britney owes over a million bucks. Her new lawyer is fighting the fees and thinks lawyers for both sides were stretching out the custody battle to jack up fees, according to TMZ:

We’re told it’s going to get hot in court. There’s been a theory for a long time — some divorce lawyers use the pain of a split to fleece clients and keep the dispute alive when it should be settled. Whether true or not in this case, we’re told that’s what Brit’s lawyer will argue.
One of the points will be that multiple lawyers on both sides have appeared for every hearing and it’s just to jack up the bill.

I think Britney’s lawyer has a point: Months ago, really, how many lawyers did it take to prove the kids were better off playing with live dynamite then being with Britney? I don’t even think you needed one. Granted, she’s got her shit together now and once again looks confusingly doable, but, c’mon, it was pretty cut and dry back then. I doubt it took ten attorneys on both side to argue that Kevin Federline should have the kids as long as he doesn’t throw knives at them. And even then…