Britney Spears to lawyers: We’s gonna rumble

March 10th, 2008 // 57 Comments

Britney Spears is taking it up the butt on legal fees for her custody battle. Between her old lawyers at Trope & Trope and having to pay Kevin’s fees for Mark Vincent Kaplan, Britney owes over a million bucks. Her new lawyer is fighting the fees and thinks lawyers for both sides were stretching out the custody battle to jack up fees, according to TMZ:

We’re told it’s going to get hot in court. There’s been a theory for a long time — some divorce lawyers use the pain of a split to fleece clients and keep the dispute alive when it should be settled. Whether true or not in this case, we’re told that’s what Brit’s lawyer will argue.
One of the points will be that multiple lawyers on both sides have appeared for every hearing and it’s just to jack up the bill.

I think Britney’s lawyer has a point: Months ago, really, how many lawyers did it take to prove the kids were better off playing with live dynamite then being with Britney? I don’t even think you needed one. Granted, she’s got her shit together now and once again looks confusingly doable, but, c’mon, it was pretty cut and dry back then. I doubt it took ten attorneys on both side to argue that Kevin Federline should have the kids as long as he doesn’t throw knives at them. And even then…


  1. genny


  2. racheee

    Get some new boots already! YOUR BRITNEY FUCKING SPEARS!

    The rest of the outfit looks surprisingly acceptable.

  3. Is Britney taking up the butt news to anyone? The only differnce this time is it is her lawyers instead of some homeless dude at the gas station..

  4. The Veggi Whore

    Oh come on guys. It’s Britney. She puts her pants on one leg at a time just like us.

    Wait, no the FUCK she doesn’t.


  5. It's me Fuckers

    Lawyers are evil, blood-sucking cunts. I also think they are pounding the fees to her just because of who she is and the fact that she has money.

  6. Britney

    bbbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *STING*

  7. She really should give Kanye his glasses back. And his posse too.

  8. @4 Veggi Whore, she dosn’t ever wear panties. Normally I would find that a big turn on, but not on Britney..

  9. surrounded by idiots

    well, at least she’s wearing panties. I’m tired of going blind from seeing her crotch

  10. mamadough

    fish needs a good pity fuck if he thinks britney is “doable.” if i had a penis, i’d rather stick it in a rusty sewage drainage pipe with rats waiting on the other side than britney spears.

  11. Iggy

    Grandma’s been wondering where her tablecloth went.

  12. pointandlaugh

    I think I’ll start law school now. When I finish, and pass the bar, I’ll step right in to the still-ongoing legal battle Britney is having and get MY share of billable hours. WOOOO easy street, here I come!

  13. Scope's Monkey

    Those sumbitchs Darrow and Bryan dragged my case on forever. Took me for all my bananas. Inherit the wind, ain’t that the goddamn truth.

  14. P-Daddy

    Dude, did she go to Rihanna’s plastic surgeon for a forehead transplant? That cranium looks huge!

  15. Harry

    Hiring lawyers to sue lawyers trying to squeeze you. Only in America.

  16. samoan

    God hell! I think I see the
    pattern! This one sounds like real
    trouble! You’re going to need
    plenty of legal advice before this
    thing is over. As your attorney I
    must advise you that you’ll need a
    very fast car with no top and after
    that, the cocaine. And then the
    tape recorder, for special music,
    and some Acapulco shirts…
    This blows my weekend, because
    naturally I’ll have to go with
    you — and we’ll have to arm

  17. The Veggi Whore

    Britney and an ant were walking across a bridge. The ant looks up at Britney and says

    we sure are shakin’ this thing..

  18. stella

    i love her top!

    or is that a dress?

    …..i’d wear it as a top, with jeans or leggings :)

    not underwear-showing like brit

  19. lookma_nohans

    @13 – nice.

    She’s still treating us to panties. Just now you have to look through the doily to see them.

  20. You’d hit this. You’ve hit much, much, much worse.

  21. Yo Momma


  22. The Laughing God

    My peach cobbler was so nice on Saturday. See the trick is to, make sure the peach is firm, but not too firm, soft, but not too soft, almost pre-rot, pre, not rot. Then to dice them up and mix it all together with my “special ingredients list”. Shh! I am not telling you! Martha has been after that recipe for years! The glower on her face when she looked over at her husband Mathew and saw his face awash with pleasure on his first bite is the only thing that give me pleasure my old years. Mercy me! Mercy me! Oh, ho, ho…no, no I think I will cut back on the amount of marijuana in it next time.

  23. veggi

    So, I got a razzle dazzle frozen pie last night. I put butter on the top of it and lined the edges with tin foil so I wouldn’t burn the sides. I put it in the oven and set the timer. Then I got drunk and forgot about it and went to bed. It was not a good pie this morning.

    Maybe I’ll microwave chicken tonight..

  24. Ted from LA

    What’s the deal with the tree down by her bush?

  25. Anally Abused Homeless Man on Library Computer

    I had me a chicken pot pie the other night. I ate it cold out of the box cuz I aint got no oven or nothin like that. Then I finished off a bottle of warm cold duck and went over D. Richard’s for a slice of Fudge.

  26. Ted from LA

    Do you know what happens when you give a lawyer Viagra?

    He gets taller.

  27. Jennifer

    She was said to have a personal account on ‘ m’ club with her hot pictures and blogs there. The site is getting hotter and hotter, cuz quite a few millionaires and celebrities tend to go there.

  28. Sloane

    Wow, those constant extensions are really starting to recede her hairline.

  29. Sloane


    Acceptable?! Maybe in your trailer park! That “dress” is clearly a top. And with black boy shorts underneath?? Plus what the fuck is with that ugly flower chocker… halters and chokers do not go together… too much around the neck. Besides, a chocker is always a no-no if you suffer from He-Man neck, like Miss Spears. Lastly, nice finger- smear sunscreen tan lines on your red ham arm. Gross!

  30. Grunion

    Does she have dowms syndrome now? I thought you had to be born with that shit.

    Oh well if she needs money that bad she can always rent out space on that gigantic fucking five head.

  31. anony

    How many times did this bitch fail to show in court and now she wants to say it’s the LAWYERS who are dragging this trial out??? Retard…

  32. hahaha

    so let me get this right–her new hourly paid lawyer is going to hold hearings to argue that the old lawyers were holding too many hearings. oh ok…

  33. hahaha

    so let me get this right–her new hourly paid lawyer is going to hold hearings to argue that the old hourly paid lawyers were holding too many hearings. oh ok…

  34. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    @20 while i may have f’d uglier women, i was never in fear that my unit was going to burst into flames and incinerate 30 second laters. My personal opinion – bragging rights of banging some skanky celeb can’t possibly compensate for the certain destruction of the penis. Perhaps you don’t value your penis enough.

  35. sherry

    wow brittany is starting to look like a person again, i swear she looks clean…i love to see her without the hair extensions i bet she could get away with short hair…go jamie spears keep it up your daughter may still have a chance yet…

  36. Sandy

    #34 you’re confusing her with Lindsay and Paris, the herpes whores. Britney’s got mental illness, not venereal disease. And #20 was probably right, I bet most of the guys here have had sex with fatter and more disturbed/retarded girls than Britney.

  37. gotmilk?

    35, except he forgot to tell her to put some pants on.

  38. gotmilk?

    29, although i agree with 99% of what you said there, those marks are from where that dude was grabbing her in the first 2 pictures. Her arm is still like a red ham…or sausage. any port product really.

  39. Spazz

    Another classy outfit from Brit.

  40. mer

    Other than seeing her underwear, she’s looking better than she has in years. Way to Go Brit Brit!!!

  41. mer

    Other than seeing her underwear, she’s looking better than she has in years. Way to Go Brit Brit!!!

  42. NY Ted

    Her dress looks like it was made out of my grandma’s doilies collection!

  43. Alas, I held the Superficial writer in higher regard than to drop the “then” bomb, i.e. “…better off playing with live dynamite THEN being with Britney”

    Come right, or I shall cease reading this Web Log post-haste.

  44. amster

    Dear Brit:
    A doily over your crotch does not equal coverage. Sigh. Since when did covering up your vagina become a hallmark of etiquette? I thought it was just a given.

  45. fukker

    i was going to buy that fucking shirt britney has on fro urban outfitters but not any more. ewwww fucking gross. ………trash
    im so glad i didnt order it yet.

  46. The lawyers are concerned that her other lawyers are screwing her out of money, yet the fact that two children are basically having all hope of a normal life completely trashed is not a concern.

    If a lawyer goes after another lawyer, do they cancel each other out, or is it like the doppelganger thing, where they can’t occupy the same space or they explode?

  47. Igottabemeeee

    A shirt/dress that comes with a window for your vag? That way don’t have to jump in a car to flash your genitals. Wow, she is an innovator in fashion/porn.

  48. Hello

    She’s wearing denim cutoffs. Pants are proof: she’s making a comeback.

  49. cindy

    Dear Britney, we strongly support that you take your sons, you are the mother!! And someone said that your recent photos were attached to a dating profile on, where many tall models and celebrities engaged. is that yourself?

  50. hausfrau

    Hmmm…..I ‘ll just take a piece of my grandma’s family heirloom embroidered tablecloth, put these large black panties on underneath, throw on some brown boots I got from Goodwill, and voila! Today’s outfit.

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