Britney Spears to give away sex tape

November 20th, 2006 // 103 Comments

According to a family friend, Britney Spears is “seriously thinking about” giving away a digitally re-mastered copy of her sex tape for free so Kevin Federline can’t make any money off of it.

“Brit figures she’ll beat that sucker to the punch, just like she did by giving away pictures of Jayden James,” said Spears family friend Nyla Price, 55, the owner of Nyla’s Burger Basket. “Half of nuthin’ is nuthin’, and that’s what her lying skunk of a husband will get if she gives that video away before he can find some sleazeball to buy it.” Federline has been saying the sex tape is four hours long, however, Price says the tape is closer to forty-five minutes

This is like a battle of wits between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline to see who can screw each other over the most. I’d compare it to an intricate game of chess but it’s really more like a pig wrestling contest. I picture each of them staying up late at night trying to put together battle plans, furiously scribbling on a notepad with their tongue sticking out. Then when you look at the notepad it’s just a bunch of numbers, with some of the 3′s facing the wrong way.


  1. NipsyHustle

    she’s obviously going to take him back she’s still wearing a wedding band. if she was THAT through with his ass she would want to display no symbols of the marriage.

    we are getting played by the malibu hillbillies.

  2. yuckyfresh

    THAT is jason priestly?? he looks like he works at a gas station.

    and she’s still a hefer.

    i wonder how many times she was dropped as child. probably not half as many as SP, and this is how she turned out. those poor kids will never have a chance.

  3. yuckyfresh

    THAT is jason priestly?? he looks like he works at a gas station.

    and she’s still a hefer.

  4. natechip

    She has no ass!! It’s too bad she didn’t make a sex tape when she was still hot.

  5. I guess this game will need to switch Kevin for Britney! LOL!!!

  6. danielle

    could this girl’s hair look any tackier? cut that shit off! looks like 2 squirrels are wrestling for the last nut on top of her head.

  7. dreamhypnotique

    The liklihood of people handing money over to Kevin Federline to buy a sex tape with him in it — even if it has Britney in it too — is about as likely as people going to one of his gay rap concerts. My god. The guy air-synths in his video for Lose Control. What a homo.

  8. SuperG


  9. CruisingForCock

    This is just another page from the Britney diary of how to seriously fuck up a good thing.

    My fellow bitches, rule #1: Never document it. Married, gay, straight, in “love”. Camera = I’m not getting naked. BASTA.

  10. Ferret, you were trolled on the last post. Just lettin’ ya know…..

  11. cap077

    That guy is LArry Rudolph, the manager that initially made her famous. She hired him to make her hot again. Haha…JP…Donna MArtin graduates!!!

  12. SEcwags

    HMMMMMMMM..So many things wrong with this picture, so many places to start. Oh wait, I got a good place to start! How about I traded in K-Fed for a fuggin truck driver. And my truck driver is walking without his truck. Cause the truck is impounded due to the DWI. DWI’s are sexy. Like baseball caps. And flabby assed belly-buttons. And 45 year old truck drivers. And oversized “your mom was a fly” sunglasses.

  13. That guy with Brit is NOT Jason Priestly.

    That being said, no matter who gives away or sells the sex tape, I know it will sell.

    After all, we sell quite a bit of Paris, Chyna, Pam & Tommy and other celeb tapes. Not sure the draw other than the rubber neck idea that it is hard not to be curious.

  14. rsx

    Well whether its Britney who does it herself or Kfed.. we just need that tape out in public pretty soon! Though I’m not sure if she was looking any pretty when they made it.

  15. BeaGass

    2 cunts…… waiting

    *apologies to the cunts in the room

  16. BeaGass

    Posted by SuperG on November 20, 2006 9:07 PM

    and by saying, “HILARIOUS”, juSt proves what an idiot you really are….

  17. jazzmine

    She best be careful not to trip over them there boobs.

  18. nash

    Anyway I can’t wait to see Brit’s shaven pussy getting f***! I wonder what the tape will show (soft like Paris or more explicit like Pam’s one).

    I hope Lohan’s is coming out soon too.

  19. lol, jerking off to pr0n starring K-Fag would be a disaster!

  20. killeristic


  21. tweetyeyes

    I’m confused. Where are you guys seeing JP?

  22. PaisleyMoon

    That girl needs a bra. ParAss just needs to be killed.

  23. oh god just let this tape be released already.i cant stand britney spears but i dont mind seeing her have sex.let’s see if this hick should have really been a pornstar.

  24. RichPort

    I need to stop reading so fast… I thought the headline said: Britney Spears to give away sex… what the fuck am I gonna do with these non-refundable tickets to Weezyana now???

  25. Icehawg


  26. zena marie

    So much for the rumor that Britney recently got bouyant new implants to go with that weave.

  27. PrettyBaby

    Good Morning All! BTW, this is my first post on here. And also BTW, what is the point of trolling me with pro-abortion websites?! Am I missing something there?! I guess I don’t get it….

    Anyway, Brit is a Dumbshit. Now she is in this mode where she will completely be involved in one-upsmanship with K-Fed. So that should make for a lot of good comedy for us :)

  28. PrettyBaby

    #36 Fucking Hilarious Post

  29. serial snarkalec

    44 of the minutes are of them eating aphrodisiac food like pork rinds, barbeque Slim Jims and Little Debbie creme raisin cakes.

  30. ponk

    Brit held the tape up to the light and figured “what the hell, you can’t see anything on it anyway”.

  31. Brit’s journey to lesbo island starts now…but the video release will make K-Ded a bigger star.

    Can nothing stop the juggernaut from hell?
    The apocalypse is coming, K-Fed being famous and getting free meals is a sign!

  32. 86

    Well……….now we know what she and Paris were talking about.

  33. magickal

    Enough of this story already! What, slow news day? Nothing happened in the world since Shitney went club hopping with Parisite Herpton?

  34. 86

    Seriously. I’m over it.

  35. haggis

    Dumb. If Federline gets 50 Million for the tape that means she is entitled to half so she gets $25 million. Dumb bitch is gonna throw away 25mil for spite.WTF she is the tupidest person on the face of this planet.

  36. Brilliant! No tape for cash, no leverage! And she would have put a permenant stamp on him being a big loser.

    Well played, my friend…

  37. KimberWolf

    I agree, it’s the best move she could make all around.

    Anything else happen today?

  38. veggi

    come on folks, “waisting of assets”. Please for the love of common sense, you can’t believe that.

  39. Tardass100

    never thought it would be possible that Federline turns out to be the better parent now that Britney has become another skinny skank crack ho in pimp Paris’ stabble.

  40. mikewall

    I wonder who performs better in bed in front of a camera, Paris or Britney

  41. Mr. Fritz

    That bitch should buy a better fitting top and stay home with her NEWBORN son.

  42. I don’t know about you, but if it’s Fatty Spears, then I’m not watching it. Vaginas aside, she looked pretty god damn gross as a chubby motherfucked. Yes, motherfucked.




  43. nycssmith

    She’s such a great role model for young mother’s
    Keep it going Britney you are really living up to your roots and I’m not talking about your weave-White Trash.

  44. sassi_chic

    Good for you Brit! You people act like she is not allowed to go out and have fun. Before you point fingers your hands better be fucking spotless!!

  45. lol, that’s funny – that would be great

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