Britney Spears to appear in new Pussycat Dolls video

June 5th, 2008 // 64 Comments

Britney Spears will have a cameo in the currently filming Pussycat Dolls video for “When I Grow Up.” But she will neither sing nor dance leading me to believe Britney will perhaps walk down the street and silently nod to Nicole Scherzinger. Almost as if to say “Where’s the snack table?” People reports:

“It’s a small part,” says a source about the popstar’s visit to the L.A. set of the group’s video shoot for their new single, When I Grow Up, on Wednesday. Possibly saving her trademark moves for her own album, Spears was not expected to dance or perform with the girls in the video.

Judging by these photos, this video includes scantily clad women and automobiles. Yet someone thought it’d be wise to add Britney Spears to an already perfect equation. Britney Spears and cars, yes, what could possibly go wrong? Hmm. Fortunately, the Pussycat Dolls are easy to replace. In fact, I’m looking at two stand-in’s right now. Oh, wait, they climbed off the poles and want their dollars. Excuse me while I fake a heart attack. MY CHEST!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Mememe FRIST!

  2. Mememe FRIST!

  3. Gotta admit, she’s looking smoking hot!!!

    Oh, and #1-2, you’re a loser.

  4. Almost frist! Wow Brit’s looks better then ever!

  5. britney's weave

    this best be a small cameo, for we are not in the same physical condition as the pussycat dolls. this could possibly make us look bad.

  6. Randal

    Britney IS back, b#$*ch but was she really gone?

    Through ups and downs, Britney has shown the industry just how tough of a young woman she is and is becoming. Folks love to watch someone from the top tumble back down to the bottom but what makes this woman that more than all the rest is her slow and even climb back to the top.

    Her name’s out there. Her image is shifting and another album is on the horizon, even though her current one is still selling and doing well.

    The Pussycat Dolls should be happy to have her in the video, for it will be Britney that vaults this group to the top.


  7. kelly

    Hey, sportsdvl, why you hafta be such a dick?

  8. mephesto59

    I’m not sure if I interpreted the first couple comments correctly…but that blonde is definately not Britney, although she is sporting some pretty evident hair extensions.

  9. mephesto59

    And the one chick looks like she might be having some vaginal difficulties…

  10. Moo Moo - I'm Bessy/Britney the Cow

    So Britney is going to be an Extra in their video, big deal, anyone in LA can get a job as a low paid Extra and be treated like cattle.

  11. FU

    You stupid fucks!!! Britney’s not in ANY of these photos. That blonde is one of the Pussy Girls. Oh, and that redhead in the last two shots has got to be one of the fugly skanks in music. I can’t believe they let that fugly bitch in their group.

  12. Deva

    Are the dolls this desperate for attention that they have to hire this inbred hick? Seriously, why not just get Asspad Kardashian or Herpes Hilton?
    I can’t believe that this fuck is going to get back in the publics eye better than ever.

  13. Trover

    Eh, these chicks are wannabes. Loads of hawt chicks out there with more real talent than these hacks. All they do is dance, act slutty, and get paid for it. Glorified strippers, without the payout.

  14. D4P

    “When I Grow Up”

    More like “If”.

  15. Mad Max

    These girls are from Bordertown’s brothel..

  16. Which one’s Britney?? Oh, right….the one staring at her own crotch..

  17. riz

    none of these are britney you idiots.

  18. Hamper Lint

    these women have no class.

  19. arnie

    wow, finally a message of peace and love. Look at the nice things jewish kids doing:)

  20. charm

    Could these women be anymore stripped down, done up, hair extensioned, make-up coated, plastic-surgeried, trampified?

    They may be the only hope for Britney Spears.

  21. These Pussy Cat Dolls. They great. They have one song.
    Sometimes, when I not watch movie, Knee from 17th floor and I go to Karaoke Night, 8th floor. Only we clever. We change to ‘boyfriend’. This make ladies ‘hot’.
    Which remind me – this newer song very popular over here in Kowloon (ChungKing Mansions) every Thursday Karaoke night.
    Remind me very much of Bee Gees and best days of Disco, that type of thing.

  22. she does look smoking hot.
    i hope she’s taking my advice about the birth control pills!

  23. Me One


  24. Not Randal

    Randal #6: ” for it will be Britney that vaults this group to the top.”

    WTF!? Thanks for the chivalry, Hamlet.

    The girl in the pink has ape tits – forth-hence is Britney’s evil twin.

  25. Deva

    Is the chick in pic#2 checking herself for skidmarks or something?

  26. Pete

    omg, it’s her orgasm face!
    i’d know, i’ve made her make it before

  27. Dorito Man


  28. Lila

    Haha, first of all…
    A. That blonde is NOT Britney, some of you need glasses or your monitor screen needs a good cleaning.
    B. I think she will do a good job in the video, what do they do that you need to be really good at? As long as Nicole doesn’t let her have the mic, all is well.
    C. #27, pass the chips!

  29. Re: #21
    Cliff Notes : Wow these Chinese guys really know how to ‘strut it out’ Karaoke style with the Brothers Gibb. What do you think Bink ? You think AC/DC will just slightly redo ‘Highway to Hell’
    Binky: Sorry. I’m still eating. That and the booze seem to be doing it for me now… because I keep waking up.
    Cliff Notes : So you’re still in your : ‘Do you ever feel you’re drowning in a sea of mediocrity ‘ period.
    Binky : No matter what those swim instructors say – dreading water is fucking boring.


    she is so hot..

  31. Randal's Pharmacist

    Prozac and Oxycotin is the secret. (shhh)

  32. #31 can you be my pharmacist?

  33. Lizaard

    Why does one of them keep looking for its penis?

  34. Apple

    Not a single one of these pictures is Britney.

    Not a single one of these pictures is Britney.

  35. Eddie

    Man Britney is looking better now. I hope this video will help her out, and get small boys drolling all over her.

  36. Eddie

    Man Britney is looking better now. I hope this video will help her out, and get small boys drolling all over her.

  37. humpin frog

    My guess is Jessica Simpson needs to quit trying so hard. She had me on, “I have big tits”. That’s her in the picture, right?

  38. Waaaaaahh!

    Hey, here’s a thought….maybe noone actually thinks that’s Britney, they are being sarcastic.
    Everyone getting all het up and exclaiming the likes of ‘You stupid fucks!!!’ needs to calm down and stop pooping their pants over nothing.

  39. ME

    Gawd, i was gonna say…
    have i gone blind? hahaha i was thinking..
    “ that really britney..which one!!”

  40. ME

    ape tits? or are u just racist against black skinned ppl.. lolzz
    hahaa these girls are skanks if they seriously go fking around~

  41. George Washington

    The pics look like a bigfoot butch dike amazon remake of the old Mel Gibson flick Roadwarrior – Mel should be proud.
    I believe pick #2 is Britney looking for her most recent vaginal victim that forgot to tie a 2×4 to their ass before entry or maybe there’s just an echo in here.
    Enter at your own risk…..


    Wow…just wow…you guys are so easily influenced….NONE OF THIS PICS ARE OF SPEARS
    /*bangs head on desk

  43. Anonymous

    They are to blame for raising a homosexual fuckstick with zero taste in music and an insatiable need for attention, be it good or bad.

  44. CF

    Randal is a hilarious vagina.

  45. billabong021


    In the 14th pic she looks like she’s got a hernia or summin :P

  46. havoc

    Strippers are fun.

    Coked-up bimbos with daddy issues.

    How can you not love that?

  47. Grunion

    I like the pics of the one having problems with her penis.

    Fuck why don’t these no talent trannies give it up already

  48. hot mess

    @33 Lizzard – thanks to you, I need a clean up crew for the coffee on my keyboard.

    But damn! These trannies ARE smoking hot, even if they have to “retuck” every once in awhile.

  49. MInerva

    What part of being sexy requires wearing hobo clothes?

  50. …………………………………..THEY LOVE IT TO GO BANKRUPT?

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