Britney Spears talks about her behavior

December 7th, 2006 // 68 Comments

Britney Spears has a little diddy on her official site talking about her recent behavior and even poking fun at all those shots of her bojangle. She writes:

It’s been so long since I’ve been out on the town with friends. It’s also been 2 years since I’ve even celebrated my birthday. Every move I make at this point has been magnified more than I expected, and I probably did take my new found freedom a little too far. Anyway, thank God for Victoria’s Secrets’ new underwear line! I look forward to a new year, new music and a new me.

I’m just getting started … Happy Holidays everyone!


Yeah, after being married to Kevin Federline for two years I can see how the taste of freedom might make you a little bit nuts. When they finally released me from prison for killing three men with my bare hands trying to defend a family of orphans it’s not like I went straight to the TV and gym. And sure, maybe banging the entire line of Victoria’s Secret models was a bit excessive, but it has to be illegal to keep this much man to myself.


  1. EJ

    37, and 42 – fucking hilarious!

  2. becky191985

    She looks like she smells of stale urine. Why is her hand jammed into her pocket? to check that her distended vagina is still attached? This person is vile, everyone knew that ‘K-FED’ was a loser, she chose to marry him and get knocked up twice and is lucky enough to have slaves to bring up her spawn for her. Any decent human being would be at home attempting to bond with and raise their young babies snatching rare nights out, since the father has never given a fuck it’s up to ‘britney’. Do us a favour, love-cover your digusting fanny, raise your children and get a grip with reality. Oh, and wear some kind of underwear.

  3. Grope For Luna

    14. Mother Theresa, change your fucking tampon.

  4. Grope For Luna

    I mean 13. Oops!

  5. Betty Nuggs

    I’m looking forward to someone convincing her, Paris and Lindsay that group suicide is “hot.”

  6. EJ


    Wow, Grope for Luna, 13 should feel totally owned. That was, like, the harshest thing ever. I for one feel totally ashamed and humiliated and I’m not even the one you were addressing! That’s how potent the pwnage was. :D

  7. tsarinaamanda


    Yep, I am SOOO owned! God, she sure told me! Now I’m gonna go cry in the bathroom while I change my tampon.

    I like how she called ME “Mother Teresa” when SHE’S the one making all the excuses for Shitstain… I said, she’s a sub-par troll and should really go join the Britney Fan Club, because it seems like everybody here hates her dumb ass. Fuck off, troll, and have a nice day :)

  8. tsarinaamanda


    Yeah, that’s pretty much what I picture a bag of smashed assholes to look like too. And the guy really DOES look like one….hahahaa

  9. EJ

    As we Australians say,

    “She looks like a basket of assholes with all the pretty ones taken out.”

  10. randomcandy

    Ha, I don’t care. Until she posts a rambling, misspelled, gramatically spastic tirade about how dan quayle is going to help her save the world from her vagina, lindsay lohan wins forever.

  11. Grope For Luna

    #57. Post 13 has to be the biggest meltdown I’ve ever read on here. If I were titney, I’d have a restraining order taken out on you or have you shot just to be sure. You are batshit insane!

    “called ME “Mother Teresa” when SHE’S the one making all the excuses for Shitstain”

    What excuses, and what’s it got to do with Mother Teresa? You’re the wacko advocating for all the “people who are living in poverty and are starving and dying in horrible, squalid conditions”. What a hero.

  12. If they play their cards right, one of them may be the next Mr. Spears. Good luck!

    Take a look.

  13. jojo

    Are those really outdated jeans??? I have those jeans. So i wonder how long i’ve been walking around looking like a douche? How about the jelly shoes I wear with them…are those out too?

  14. I feel bad for Bit-Bit..

    I mean, she made it out of the trailer park, falls in love with a measely back-up dancer, gets knocked up (twice, apparently).. and now she’s trying to have a social life again.

    I, personally, wouldn’t have made the same decisions, put I’ve seen it happen to people in my every-day life. She’s no different from us, really.

    Sorry, I really do feel for her. I dont think she was ever ready for fame, yet alone anything to come along with it.


  15. sportlife9

    Ms. Thang needs to remember she didn’t get raped, she chose to get pregnant. Further, what is this about “new found freedom”? If when she was with Kevin she was basically a single mom, now that she’s separated nothing has changed, she’s still on her own. So just where has she found this new found freedom? She needs to grow up and take responsiblity for her actions. She also needs to raise her own kids and not let the nannies do it for her. Britney is not a teenager anymore.

  16. What? Britney Spears can’t go out w/Lindsay Lohan & take a little break fr parenting – hell, I wish my rents had. It’s the hardest job in the world. She got her babies a sitter, after all.

    Bette Midler & Courtney Love lashing out @ Britney & Lindsay – Courtney telling Brit to stay home & look after her kids, while Bette calls them “wild & woolly sluts” – what total hypocrites. It’s an outrageous shame when even women who sowed their own oats later on become raging misogynists. Men can do whatever they please but women have to stay @ home, do what they’re damn told.

    In the words of William S Burroughs, “Thanks… For decent church-goin’ women, with their mean, pinched, bitter, evil faces… Thanks for a country where nobody’s allowed to mind their own business.”

    In my own words, “LOHANARCHY in the USA… U gotta FIGHT for your RIGHT 2 PARIS! 3 CHEERS for Pop Royal Hot Shit BRITNEY SPEARS (& her 2 DEARS)! Hip Hop Hooray, ho-hey-ho-hey-ho-hey-ho!

    I tell U the triple truth, Ruth. Tonight You 3 will be w/me in Taradise! 4 U gotta have faith, & give thanks 4 the most lovable of most hated celebrities in Hollywood.”

  17. ha ha… she’s trying to brush it off?

  18. britney……im your biggest fan. i love you and every thing you’ve done. i wouldnt take what the rest of these assholes say to heart…..and the end of the day they’re just jealous. you’ve been my idol for years now. dont go changing on me. im a mother of two and i know its tough. you do need to unwind. especially doing the raising of them on your own. take care! hope to see you in the charts soon. back at number 1….where you belong. xxx

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