Britney Spears takes lessons from Paris Hilton

November 24th, 2006 // 169 Comments









  1. el_princess




  2. World’s #1 Mom

  3. lifeonholidae

    Why Britney why!!!!!

    You were doing so well.

    Ah well!

  4. well done britney, you managed to make paris hilton look….dare I say it….classy!

  5. Elikapeka

    There’s all of a sudden a lot of throw up in my mouth.
    Wasn’t her divorce from Kevin supposed to bring on the end of her severe trailer trash days? She looks like the lady I found eating cat litter out of my trash bag yesterday.

  6. SuperG

    At least she wears panties!

    Paris needs to take her shopping for a decent pair of shoes.

  7. Ed Bambrick

    Once again, there’s never a suicide bomber around when you need one. Thanks a fucking bunch, Allah!

  8. NipsyHustle

    why can you see her real hair through that weave? shequita working the register at Target making $7/hr has a better weave than these rich whores. is there not a stylist in the world who can give a white person a weave and not have it look like birds live in it? millions of dollars and their weaves still look like they were pasted on.

    paris is only hanging out with her because she enjoys making brit look stupid or because brit is licking her herpes poon….or both.

  9. calicojack

    see britney.
    see britney after she returns from a dark alley after sucking off a guy named Mo for a buck.

    ahh ms. spears, the epitome of class

  10. SVA1994

    Man, I was hoping for something good. All I see is a tiny triangle of blue, and only in one pic. What’s ironic though is that Paris seems far more covered up than she usually does.

  11. fishyfish

    Yikes…she looks like she is ready to open a $5.00 BJ stand. I thought there would be better things ahead for her after dumping K-Douce, but hooking up with Paris Hilton is worst than hitting rock bottom.

  12. tits_on_snack

    Everyone keeps waiting for this Britney comeback miracle while simultaneously watching her get up and fall back down like a toddler learning to walk. I’m about sick o’ dis shit.

  13. Tracie

    Love the ill-fitting dress that she’s needing to adjust in every photo. And I agree that she actually makes Paris look better, even Paris’ own extensions. Britney’s shoes are from the Tammy Faye Baker Fallen Angel Collection. Yep, now she’s prime for the Mother of the Year for both 2005 and 2006.

  14. fishyfish

    She looks single and ready to mingle. Dressed like that, she is sure to attract some really classy guys.

  15. Charm

    how do two people with so much money look like such crap? And its not even the “i didn’t even try hard to look good, I just rolled out of bed” look. Seriously, they look like shit.

  16. Mike

    What’s with those retarded shoes? She wouldn’t look too bad if it wasn’t for those.

  17. pop

    and with the bisexual rumors – it’s only a matter of time before photos of her fooling around with paris show up….

  18. How many cheetahs were killed to make that outfit?

  19. Christie

    Is it just me or does Britney’s thighs look super huge in the 6th and 7th pics?

    No it can’t be me they are huge!

  20. fishyfish

    If Paris hates Jessica Simpson because she is fat, why the hell is she hanging out with Britney?

  21. Boodlelicious

    Why is it that in both of these “public sitings”, Paris looks like the girl next door, and Britney looks like last night’s piece? What’s wrong with this picture?

  22. BigMember

    Congratulation Britney! Your transfromation into fat crack whore is now complete!

  23. Glammarama

    SCABS in CABS with CRABS. Nice name for a porno. Or better put, nice name for Shitney Spears and Parasite Hilton’s night out on the town with each other. These pics are why the rest of the world HATES the USA.
    The Apocalypse is coming! LOL!!!

  24. drowningfool

    I feel sorry for all the real working women out there, you know, the ones that actually HAVE to be whores because they really don’t have any other way to feed their kids. How can you compete against someone who’s willing to do the same thing you do for a living, but for free?

    This confirms my theory that women just like to be prostitutes. They really do. Its not about the money at all. My visit to a nearby college campus also gives more credence to this theory.

  25. BigMember

    What’s whith them holding hands in every photo?

  26. Glammarama

    15 week deal at the Palms, doing what? Stripping, er uh, I mean lip synching? Uhhhh, I feel so sorry for those people with comps at that hotel. All you can eat buffet and tickets to Shitney Spears trying to relive her whory days, uhhhhh, I mean glory days. It’s gonna be a train wreck. TRUST ME!

  27. chortle

    White shoes after Labor Day? For the love of God, what is this world coming to?

  28. sitara

    Britney needs to take a page out of Paris’s book [please no more than one.. and no, not *that* one] and play the friend test.

    You know, the one Paris uses where she puts on a shitty outfit and a good outfit and asks her ‘friend’ which one she should wear outside.

    I bet her stylist is weeping.

  29. NipsyHustle

    paris finally cleaned up her image by hanging out with someone more tragic than her. brit looks like gum off the bottom of my shoes; bulging in some places, dirty, and used up.

  30. They actually met and became BFF at an HSA meeting (Herpes Sufferers Anonymous). They found they had something in common other than poor fashion, no IQ, and the natural ability to engender loathing. If a thought passed through either of their vacuous heads, it surely died of loneliness.

  31. polypam

    I never knew Britney was going to be playing Pebbles in the next Flintstone movie. And I also didn’t know that Pebbles had grown up into a hooker.

  32. shelfbeast

    Man, if this is where all of this is leading, I’d almost rather see her back with that mouthbreathing fingertip-sniffer.

  33. Berzerker

    wow, Shitney Spears looks fat and ugly. but she pretty much always has in my opinion.Parisite Hilton is looking hot tho, as usual.

  34. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Britney looks like my Aunt Velma except she’s not holding a can of Moutain Dew and sitting in a lawnchair.

  35. the-man-himself

    Oh look how sweet they are. The brainless duo is holding hands.

  36. the-man-himself

    And what the heck is that sticker on Hiltons knee?

  37. Carina

    Aren’t those the same white D&G shoes she took from Paris’ house the previous night, and the same coat?

  38. NicotineEyePatch

    I thought Paris was stupid, but she actually found someone that makes her look less like a dishrag whore than she does, who’s also willing to be seen with her… so maybe she’s smarter than I gave her credit for.

    But she’s still as shallow as I previously thought. And, twice as ugly, even though Britney is looking pretty bad next to her. So I guess her plan backfired… which makes her stupid again.

    Wow, she cancelled herself out in what, ten seconds?

    And the shoes enrage me to no end. Sell the sex tape and buy some clear heels with the money, you freak. Leopard print and white don’t…. oh, never mind, she isn’t listening.

  39. nortex001

    Paris is a slut. Britney is a stupid redneck. That being said, if they were slices of bread, I would gladly supply the meat for that pussy sandwich – anywhere, anytime.

  40. Well sure, this makes sense… Paris had her sex tape out now Brit needs some pointers.

  41. Saera

    Wow. This is sad. Because even Paris is not dressed up like a slut. :-/

  42. Goonly

    What kind of circus wagon are they getting out of anyway?

  43. Mya

    isn’t it the other way around? britney was the original whore after all. she just took a sabbatical.

    and oh, i echo #5 and ask the same question as #22.

  44. BeaGass

    2 slags…… waiting

  45. beifiori

    hmmm, maybe paris is wooing britney into letting her be the opening act when she goes back on tour. it’s the only reason I can think of as to why she would want to even think of hanging out with her given she hates fat chicks like jessica, and brit is definitely a house compared to jessica.

  46. sexybitch

    #45 Because Paris looks better by comparison next to Britney, and with all the sex tape and divorce hooha it makes sure the attention slops onto her. It’s like the sexy hoskank in high school palling around with the dimwit Prom Queen – if the Prom Queen had gotten knocked up twice in one semester and still had baby weight, that is. You can stand to do a lot of hanging out with chubby people you secretly hate if it makes you look good and keeps the spotlight on you.

  47. dramaticme

    Wow. Britney almost makes Paris look classy. Shocking!

  48. aurealis

    I never thought I’d say it… but Paris is genius! Stand next to someone more heinous, and voila! Now she’s the decent one. This is exactly why she’s friends with the emaciated Nicole Richie.

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