Britney Spears entertains some theater

August 24th, 2009 // 33 Comments

A family-friendly attired Britney Spears took her kids to see The Little Mermaid yesterday on Broadway which had to go awesome.

BRITNEY: Holy shit, y’all, that bitch has fins for leg! We gotta get the fuck outta here! Quick, throw Sean at her while we make a run for it.
SEAN: Mommy, she’s just an actor.
BRITNEY: …. *throws Sean onstage* She has a taste for flesh now! Save yourselves!

Photos: Splash News

  1. did you see those pictures of britney on a rikshaw in manhattan? they are pretty funny.

  2. val

    thats cute

  3. val

    thats cute

  4. nothing better to say

    i guess i’m first then?

  5. Wow, must be slow in the news b/c there is nothing but bleached blond butterfaces being reported on…

  6. Randal

    Great to see you around The FISH again Britney and to think, folks at one time were trying to claim you were a bad mother. You’re doing a great job taking care of your children and juggling and impressive career. Keep inspiring us!


  7. For shame…her kid inheredited those far apart, turned down FAS eyes of hers. Almost as bad as Sly Stallone’s original eyes until he got that shit fixed.

  8. Stupid SLUTney

    Is it me, or does ol’ SLUTney have facial jowls now? I guess that’s what happens to meth addicts…

  9. chango666

    This another CUNT y’all can stop putting up on this rag everytime she farts. . . .
    enough already . . .BORING . . .

  10. Paulina

    lol @ the Britney & Sean dialogue. Nice one Fish.

  11. great hype

    I love how there’s always a shot of her kid that could be captioned with: “Yeah, I was suckin’ on these. Maybe that explains the aftertaste of Marlboro’s and vodka.”

  12. ktb ( . )( . )

    Seriously, do her kids even know how to walk? Every picture I see the’re being carried or in a stroller.

  13. We’re getting into Britney overkill now…

  14. Fati

    The kid looks just like her.


    Haven’t you heard? They like the worl “shit” a lot.

  15. Del

    She is looking the best i have seen her look in years.

  16. Del

    She is looking he rbest in years

  17. Blah

    Heh. Weird. I was at that exact same show she was in near the front, orchestra, and there was no talk about her being there. Man. They must’ve really snuck her in or she has lost star-power and sat in nosebleed-balcony.

  18. kimmie

    At least her kids inherited the cute gene from her. They are so cute……kiss…….kiss…….kiss……

  19. kimmie

    At least her kids inherited the cute gene from her. They are so cute……kiss…….kiss…….kiss……

  20. kimmie

    At least her kids inherited the cute gene from her. They are so cute……kiss…….kiss…….kiss……

  21. joe m

    Happy birthday,Preston!
    Happy birthday,Jayden!

  22. me

    uh, sorry, the kids are NOT cute… but that’s okay, neither is she. Why does she look so sad? Did she get dumped again?

  23. me

    look at those jowls……on Britney

  24. me

    the man in the back in pic 4…..scares me.

  25. h

    her youngest kid got the Britney ugly mongrel genes.

  26. jumpin_j

    Most Broadway theaters prohibit children under 5. I supposed that could set up a joke on how Brittany is allowed in any theater. I hate her. I suppose you could add a joke about her seeing Little Mermaid and catching crabs too, but that’s just me. I effin hate her.

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  28. ha


    Maybe she’s always holding her kids because she doesn’t want them trampled by the paparazzi?

    I think she looks good, and anyone who calls her a “butter face” is retarded. Her face was totally beautiful and drugs haven’t ruined it too badly (like Lindsay Lohan’s face…)

  29. Darth

    This sounds like some quality kids time!

  30. Galtacticus

    If you see them act publicly you never know it foreal.But,is.she.becoming.finally.a. good.mother?

  31. ak

    I was at that show with my 5 year old…we sat a few seats away from Brit and her entourage. They arrived after each act started and left before each act ended, blocking people’s view, in an effort to dodge the crowd. What they forget is that no one attending the theater in NYC actually gives a flying fuck if a celeb is in the audience, besides the twittering and hemming and hawing. If she’d behaved like a regular human being, no one, save the few people sitting next to her group, would ever have known she was there.

    Her kids behaved beautifully btw, which goes to show a good nanny is indispensible. They were dressed appropriately too, though Britney felt the need to wear a tank and shorts. She looked out of place, and like she was trying to get attention.

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  33. Great to see you fish around to Britney and think again, at a time people were claiming you were an unfit mother. You are a great and influential career caring for their children and magic are working. Keep inspiring us!

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