Britney Spears tackles life – with dance!

February 11th, 2008 // 87 Comments

Britney Spears: Street Walker seems to be focused on reviving her career and spent the weekend at the Millenium Dance Studio rehearsing for her next video. Her father Jamie came along to offer moral support, according to OK! Magazine:

“Her focus and clarity are noticeable,” says one fortunate witness who had the chance to look on as Brit worked on her routine for her upcoming video. “Almost like the old Britney we’ve known and loved.”
Brit’s dad arrived at Millennium to watch his daughter rehearse before they headed back home together. “Before Jamie got there, she seemed to be getting anxious,” one witness tells OK!. “And then he arrived and her mood changed.”

OK! also reports Jamie Spears is doing some major house cleaning. He fired Britney’s business manager Howard Grossman who allegedly has ties to Sam Lutfi:

According to court documents released Friday, Commissioner Goetz ordered Grossman to turn over “all documents, records ands assets relating to Britney Spears” to Jamie Spears and co-conservator Andrew Wallet.

Wait. All this time Britney Spears had a business manager? Jesus, what did this guy even do? How the hell was he making a commission off of her? Her only income lately has been Frappucinos. Does Howard Grossman get his 10% by demanding Britney give him a sip? That’s gotta be impossible to collect. Unless you have a wooden chair and a whip. Even then.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin,

  1. D. Richards (Attention whore.)

    Somebody cover that casualty with a blanket. Britney looks like one of those people walking around stunned after a suicide-bombing.

    God is one sick bastard.

  2. FACE

    Number 5 is hilarious and so true. But I would still fuck her in the ass – even though she looks like she doesnt wipe.

  3. #51 Hahaha!!! Yeah, he made you..

  4. AntiCitizenOne
  5. Rachel

    #37 – do you have legal permission to post those pictures??? They look like stolen personal stuff.

  6. my comment

    They took her kids. Now they should take her boots. For the sake of humanity!

  7. #1 hater

    what is with those freaking fishnets…???? damn, they UGly..!!!!
    what is she doing in the real world without restraints..??? at least a straight jacket and a hannibel lecter mask……is that too much to expect..??

  8. Rat

    She looks NASTY and not in a good way.
    She’s been ridden hard and put away wet!

    She has six months to a year to live! At best.
    Very sad she was such a cutie!

  9. Britsalright

    I’m preatty sure she really doesnt care what you haters think of her.

  10. Britsalright

    I’m preatty sure she really doesnt care what you haters think of her.

  11. Tapeworm

    This fucking cow must love sucking on cancer sticks even more than cocks.

    She’s always got a lighter or a pack of cigarettes in plain view.

    Undisciplined piece of trailer trash.

  12. D. Richards (Sadist.)

    #53. Frist, there is no god, drunkard. I was being facetious.

  13. Dick Richards

    #59 – 60. You’re right, Britney’s self-esteem has been so mismanaged by her mother that Britney has accepted the fact that people think she’s completely useless.

    It was either accept it, or go insane, ya’ know? Wait.

  14. Taylor

    and she’s supposedly “better” now?

    she seriously looks like a cheap hooker. What is she thinking?

    and is she…LACTATING? …*laughs confusedly*

  15. havoc

    No one cares anymore…..

    Except the paprazzi….



  17. just another day...

    I think she honestly thinks she’s making some kind of fashion statement with these outfits. She stretches and pulls EVERY T -shirt over her shoulders, and the boots are like a staple with every outfit. And the knot on her shirt? Has she even OPENED a fashion magazine since she was hot in 1998????? Dad, aside from a business manager and a lawyer, pleeeeease get this girl a stylist. I would LOVE to see a Britney makeover. Weave out – nice hairstyle – flatttering clothes – UNDERWEAR. They could make her look so good….and maybe even get the cigarette stench off her skin and hair.

  18. Igottabemeeee

    That outfit really does make her look like a homeless retard. Maybe she’s working on another movie role? Is there an opening for the lead in “I got so much money my brain rotted?”

  19. gosh

    In these pictures she looks something halfway between the cheapest drug addicted street hooker, an ugly fat stripper that works at the cheapest, worst strip club and it got on fire so she had to run outta the place half “dressed”, wearing only the first thing she could grab in the worst attempt of looking clothed, and a woman who hadn’t showered in 2 weeks and was struggling with life and drugs at home and then suddenly when she was going to take a shower her house got on fire and she had to run out of it all naked, until she found a strip club, got inside asking for help and they handed her some clothes.

  20. maddMike

    I’m so tired of seeing this dried up, UGLY bitch all over the place. Shitney is such a waste of space.

  21. Donkey Punch

    Oh so sexy when mommy’s nipples point to the ground.

  22. Ript1&0

    Down with wooden chair and whip. Yes.

  23. Ript1&0

    (meaning that I’m for it)

  24. tom petty and the lipsinkers

    Yep, definitely off her meds.

  25. lambman

    based on that outfit and the fact that any half-way sane person would still be in treatment I think its safe to say we’ve got about 3 days until relapse time

  26. Well at least we know she’s wearing underwear.

  27. FRT

    That fucking WHALE is planning to get back on stage and dance…!!!
    They better re-enforce that stage and REAL GOOD!
    More like someone should HARPOON that beeeetch!

  28. britplusadnan
  29. bebe

    Risperdal makes you lactate. It makes ya fat and diabetic too, but it’s good for teh Krazy.

  30. attractive

    She is so fat now.. I have seen her photo on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named Many men winked at her there.

  31. N

    try some yoga

  32. yuck

    holy shit! why is she not wearing a bottom?
    It looks UGLY, UGLY, UGLY, especially when you’re fat and are completely full of cellulite. It’s gross, Britney.
    She makes cheap street hookers look classy.

  33. md


  34. kara delik

    ? love you britney

  35. Britney is Sexy !

    Maillard Hebdo

  36. Joe

    Dude, I don’t care. Perhaps I have different standards than some of you guys, but I still think that’s absolutely fucking delicious and I’d do horrible, disgusting sexual things to Britney.

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