Britney Spears tackles life – with dance!

Britney Spears: Street Walker seems to be focused on reviving her career and spent the weekend at the Millenium Dance Studio rehearsing for her next video. Her father Jamie came along to offer moral support, according to OK! Magazine:

“Her focus and clarity are noticeable,” says one fortunate witness who had the chance to look on as Brit worked on her routine for her upcoming video. “Almost like the old Britney we’ve known and loved.”
Brit’s dad arrived at Millennium to watch his daughter rehearse before they headed back home together. “Before Jamie got there, she seemed to be getting anxious,” one witness tells OK!. “And then he arrived and her mood changed.”

OK! also reports Jamie Spears is doing some major house cleaning. He fired Britney’s business manager Howard Grossman who allegedly has ties to Sam Lutfi:

According to court documents released Friday, Commissioner Goetz ordered Grossman to turn over “all documents, records ands assets relating to Britney Spears” to Jamie Spears and co-conservator Andrew Wallet.

Wait. All this time Britney Spears had a business manager? Jesus, what did this guy even do? How the hell was he making a commission off of her? Her only income lately has been Frappucinos. Does Howard Grossman get his 10% by demanding Britney give him a sip? That’s gotta be impossible to collect. Unless you have a wooden chair and a whip. Even then.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin,