Britney Spears tackles life – with dance!

February 11th, 2008 // 87 Comments

Britney Spears: Street Walker seems to be focused on reviving her career and spent the weekend at the Millenium Dance Studio rehearsing for her next video. Her father Jamie came along to offer moral support, according to OK! Magazine:

“Her focus and clarity are noticeable,” says one fortunate witness who had the chance to look on as Brit worked on her routine for her upcoming video. “Almost like the old Britney we’ve known and loved.”
Brit’s dad arrived at Millennium to watch his daughter rehearse before they headed back home together. “Before Jamie got there, she seemed to be getting anxious,” one witness tells OK!. “And then he arrived and her mood changed.”

OK! also reports Jamie Spears is doing some major house cleaning. He fired Britney’s business manager Howard Grossman who allegedly has ties to Sam Lutfi:

According to court documents released Friday, Commissioner Goetz ordered Grossman to turn over “all documents, records ands assets relating to Britney Spears” to Jamie Spears and co-conservator Andrew Wallet.

Wait. All this time Britney Spears had a business manager? Jesus, what did this guy even do? How the hell was he making a commission off of her? Her only income lately has been Frappucinos. Does Howard Grossman get his 10% by demanding Britney give him a sip? That’s gotta be impossible to collect. Unless you have a wooden chair and a whip. Even then.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin,

  1. Cate


  2. Binky:OK i’m back.
    CliffNotes: Your troll was an inside job.

  3. i feel sorry for those stockings

  4. Ang

    Wow, she ripped such a toxic laxative-Adderall-Cheetos fart that it burned a hole through the stockings.



  6. bacon bacon BACON!!!

    The only reason she’s dancing is because Jamie said her ass has to feel much tighter before he’ll give her a weekly allowance.

  7. Bucksta

    Where’s the sausage hiding?

  8. gits

    If these pictures were in the dictionary under “renewed” the caption would say “antonym”.

  9. This crack-whore brings in about $700K a month, but she can’t ever seem to find clothes that look good on her.

  10. Hmm…she might need to play up the “held hostage and brainwashed by Al Quaida dudes with vagina faces” angle to get her momentum going now. That might generate some sympathy.

    “I slacked up for a while but now I’m back” seems too little too late at this point. Might have worked before VMA awards.

  11. Sasasasa

    She’s wearing that shirt backwards AND inside out….

  12. KH

    She needs to tackle the mirror.

  13. SlowMonkey

    I wonder what causes her to have such an unhealthy attachment to those fishnet stockings?

  14. Hey, the link in my name doesn’t work on here, but there’s still English challenged Asian ads for shitty dating sites everywhere.

    DOGS DON’T KNOW SHE’S NOT BACON!!! I guess the boots help her dance.

  15. Auntie Kryst

    I don’t understand record industry math. Why make a video for an album that bombed?

  16. is she wearing her panties on the outside of her stockings? is that the style nowadays? i’m so unhip.

  17. Wait… did she REALLY go to the funny farm or did Dr 90210 de-implant her? Her tits look like deflated baloons.

  18. Gerald_Tarrant

    Why aren’t people supporting Brit like they do Winehouse? They are both fuckups in life and should be left to die in the elements. Brit still has serious methface and her music is putrid.

  19. I did not think we could get to far past an Amy Crackwhore post before we got a Britney post… I think the Fish secretly has a crush on Amy and Britney. His dream is to have a 3-some with both of them..

  20. Brit, oh Brit

    Why does she bother on putting on a long sleeved t-shirt? Britney, don’t be such a prude, just go and walk around naked.

    Ugh, girl. Why did you let yourself go to shit like that? Don’t you know it’s gross to expose your body when it’s fat and cellulite filled? Get on a freaking diet already girl, especially if you wanna flash your body and wear that kinda “outfits”, heck, it’s not that hard. You have been given chances and chances but you truly are a trainwreck girl. You have absolutely no will power at all. You let your haters turn you in what they wanted you to turn. I used to be a fan and support you, but you truly are disappointing and tiring. If you wanted, you could already have recovered your body 100 times, but nothing, you don’t even try anymore . You have no will power at all. You have no self respect. You are an example of what everyone does NOT have to do in life.

  21. veggi

    In the studio working on the dance moves for

    “how I punch-danced out my crazy”

  22. oh my

    Okay, joking and bashing aside, she’s truly looking like a cheap street hooker.

  23. IKE

    Britney, I missed ya. Glad you’re back! :)
    Nice cheek, too!!

  24. Gary_Not_a_DudeBro

    Um, is she lactating in a few of those pictures? There are definitely strange wet marks near her constantly pronounced nipples. I’m officially really uncomfortable now.

  25. Utley

    “I used to be a fan and support you”

    Man, that says it all. Well, almost all, you need “my boyfriend used to think you were hot” to complete it.

    It’s the only explanation for all the continuing interest, and the endless threads filled with comments directly addressing Britney by pseudoFishers.

  26. That outfit is too much even for the sluttiest hooker.

  27. CLEARLY she has her shit together now..

  28. bathe this dog already

    she looks so nasty. her dad has the authority to cut those shitastic extensions out of her head? they look greasy, he face is pimply and she looks like she hasn’t bathed in awhile. i bet her vag smells like kimchee.

  29. LOve

    Don’t listen to what anyone says brit, you are the o-bomb, everyone loves you, you got it all, great rqack, great ba, will you be my moma?

  30. Eric

    Hey! Ease off. That outfit was Dad’s idea. He loves her slutty, as if she really enjoys his…attentions. He just wants her to not be such a fat pig. In truth, he speaks for all of us dads.

  31. veggi

    you’re going the wrong way. Why can’t you be more like your sister? Always pointing in the wrong direction….. I mean, just try and look up.

    ~What was said to britneys nipple..

  32. @30, What rock did you just crawl out from under??

  33. momo

    Can you imagine those feet?
    can you?

  34. P

    Her music is amazing (yet, still AMAZING, sorry haters), but I don’t know what’s wrong with her (her persona). Get better Britney, you need some will power. Don’t listen to haters, they call you ugly and fat but the funny thing is that they’re so much uglier and fatter than you are, and I’m sure those chicks are STILL jealous of you because you are still so much hotter and better looking than they are.

  35. momo

    Can you imagine those feet?
    can you?

  36. Jamie knows our dirty little secret. A bad girl always wants Daddy to c u m home and spank her bare quivering upturned ass.

  37. @32 Hey Veggi, just wait until she can tuck them under her arms..

  38. mamadough

    i am praying that since her dad is around, we won’t be seeing any vapid crotch shots anytime soon.

  39. vw

    38- yeah, gives a whole new outlook on back fat..

  40. FCS

    I see she’s still rocking the Wilfred Brimley-esque jowls.

    Oh well she can always shill oatmeal if things get really bad…

  41. I think she looks fine. She is working hard on her new video, and hopefully getting her life back on tack.
    I say good for her!

  42. LL

    Jebus, I would contribute some money for a bounty on those fugly-ass boots. Could someone sneak into her house and steal those things?

    And Britney’s dad, would you talk to her about that hair? And get her to wear a goddam bra?

    I think her ass actually looks OK, for a mother of two (no offense to other mothers, I’m sure all your asses are awesome). Her music still sucks, contrary to what a few people above have said. That “Gimme More” song is annoying as shit.

  43. ha ha

    i wonder if she’s getting an endorsement deal on those boots? has anyone seen her in any other footwear recently?

  44. guy

    Are her tights made out of black licorice? That would explain all the holes.

  45. Anonymous

    “Her music is amazing (yet, still AMAZING, sorry haters”

    Thank you for the Monday morning comedy. It is most appreciated.

  46. Auto-Erotic-Asphixiation

    All the way from your stupid looking hair extention hiding hats ….
    (why the hell did you whack your hair off, if all you do is wear clip-on now? ) To your big ass hanging out from under your shorts …. to your paparazzi photos of your crotch (with/without panties) … to your nipples begging to be seen …. to your skanky lookin stupid knee-high boots …. to your vodka laced frappuchino & Marlboro’s you constantly pack around with you.
    AND THOSE ARE JUST FOR NOW ….. I’m eagerly awaiting the day when Dad leaves and Adnan goes back to sponging off you and Sammy goes back to sponging off you, and mommy dearest goes back to leaching you … Ahhh ….
    The prodigal dost return — YOU GO GURL !!

    “Saaayyy ……….. where’s baby gurl ? ”
    “Jamie Lynn ain’t been hurd hide-nor-hair from since she done went-N got hurself pregnunt “

  47. gotmilk?

    is she lactating?

  48. KBC

    What an idiot! Check the pics, she is wearing a v-neck top inside out and backwards! She probably think she looks SO sexy with it pulled over her shoulders and knotted on the side. It just makes her look like a moron, and then combined with the fishnets and boots, she is a MESS! She has a really strange sense of what she thinks is sexy. If I saw her dressed like that in person, I would burst out laughing because this look does NOT work. And I think she was dressed the exact same way the day before when she was at the dance studio.

  49. gotmilk?

    does she dance (if you would even call it that) without a bra on? that would explain everything going on there with her saggy tits.

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