Britney Spears sues Us Weekly

britney-sex-tape.jpgBritney Spears has filed a $20 million libel lawsuit against Us Weekly over a story that she and Kevin Federline had made a sex tape and were worried about its release.

The lawsuit, filed Monday, seeks $10 million in libel damages and $10 million for misappropriating the 24-year-old pop singer’s name and image to promote sales. It also seeks unspecified punitive damages. “We have a very credible source and we stand by our story,” Us Weekly spokesman Alex Dudley said Tuesday in a statement.

I could understand this if Us Weekly reported that Britney and Kevin keep enslaved midgets in their basement, but being worried about a sex tape doesn’t really call for a lawsuit. Are Britney and Kevin actually worried that the idea of a sex tape will ruin their public image? That’s like Hitler leaving a large tip at Denny’s because he doesn’t want people to think he’s a bad guy. Too little too late, man.