GRAMMYS: Britney Spears’ stylist hates her

February 1st, 2010 // 52 Comments

Presumably to make the nominees feel better about themselves, Britney Spears was invited to the 52nd Annual Grammys where she arrived wearing some sort of pants-free sadness. Although, the best part of her outfit is the look on Jason Trawick’s face as he realizes everyone now knows he bribes her with M&Ms for sex which really should be considered a form of rape when one party’s been deemed retarded by the state. But that’s just me.

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    trailer trash hoeee looks like shit

  2. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Yeah, that celebrity fashion in the US to wear no pants is similar to the common folks’ trend in the UK to walk in the street wearing just jammies – NO CLass. Kudos for wonderful hair, Britney!

  3. zoeyboey

    She’s still pretty. WTH is she doing with that guy??

  4. Matthew

    Yeah… awful dress. From the waist up though, she looks gorgeous. She needs to rock the dark hair for a while. It looks real.

  5. Britney has no business even being in the same room with real musical performers.

  6. doh

    so close britney so close

  7. Eva

    Oh Britney, you were soooo close!… and yet so far. Agreed on the hair though. Looks nice.

  8. roxy

    Britney is sooooooo sweet. I love her!!!! I agree that the dress is not the best one, but… She’s gorgeous :)

  9. Why the fuck are you wearing my mothers girdle! This outfit is full on retardation. Might as well wear adult diapers.

  10. tony

    She is a fat whore. She has short stumpy big linebacker legs. no waist to hip ratio, no curves. she is just a blob.

  11. Nancy White The Queen Elizabeth.

    omg all u haters r just fat n jelos of britney. she looks like a supermodel and has the body of a runway model. she is the hottest woman in hollywood. stop being oi jelos. she is a talented beutiful woman.

  12. Her stylist wants her RUINED.

  13. Jon

    Wow, she looks like a overweight 5 year old who hasn’t even grown boobs yet. Of course we know that she does have boobs and that they are very saggy and her nips point towards her toes but you wouldn’t know it in that main pic. Even her face is ugly.

    And of course, non of the looks mean anything when you know that under the hood, she is batshit crazy. Would not touch her with a ten foot pole!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Pal

    It’s not the most flattering dress she could have picked, but she looks good in the the last picture, sitting down in the dimmed light. I guess it looks worse in the other pictures because it’s evening wear (the sun was still up in those pictures).

  15. Britney looks great. I’d like to see her nude :)

  16. pappy smear

    i bet sean preston still smells like her pussy

  17. She looks like an old lady with a probocative dress, although yes her hair looks nice.
    ps: the kings of leon are behind her in the last picture

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  19. You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.

  20. La Manchuba

    Oh, Britney. I don’t give a shit about her either way, but does she not own any mirrors? She can’t have looked in one and decided that that thing she’s wearing is even remotely flattering. Very bad choice. Very bad. Very.

  21. I put it in her pooper.

  22. Filling in for Parker

    #21 Parker takes care of that here sir.

  23. Freebie

    Not her hair – extensions or wig.

  24. doesn't matter

    She looks amazing. Yes, not the best dress choice, but at least her hair stylist was on top of things and finally found a way to blend the extensions. I love her and you all know you’d go bat shit if you woke up one day and found yourself fat with 2 kids, a deadbeat husband and a fallen empire…all within a year span…yeah, I know I would so don’t be so quick to judge the poor girl…even if she is legally retarded…

  25. whocares

    i think she looks really pretty, although that dress really wasn’t her best choice. her hair and makeup are gorgeous

  26. Bon Jovie

    # 2 -

    I live in the USA and I wear my PJ’s all the time and everywhere. I’ve been doing this since the 7th grade, so I wouldn’t be late of the bus. It’s not like I run around in bunny slippers or Fredericks of Hollywood trash. So what is your problem with PJ’s. Oh I get it, you think that they should only be worn when using your computer and not as everyday casual wear. Why don’t you just go to FIDM and then get a job dressing dolls or something that would suit you.

  27. Kitty Furry

    britney actually looks like a bangable WOMAN here..she’s looked alot worse..better than that lady gaygay and curvier than most of the chicks on this site… if fat bitches hate
    less than they ate – sites like these would be know like in mulholland drive? fat bitches there either

  28. chupacabra

    too bad she is showing off those cankles again.

    She should have worn something like Taylor Swift, something long and elegant. But, Britney wouldn’t know elegant if if came knocking on her chicken coop door.

  29. Sport

    All that fortune and cant afford a mirror?

  30. I call 'em as I see 'em

    #11, Britney, is that YOU?
    It is, isn’t it?

  31. me

    Britney is such a fat ugly talentless piece of shit. She is the biggest has-been alive. Why doesn’t she just kill herself and spare the masses from looking at her pathetic fatty-fat-fat body.

  32. tim

    Britney is a fat whore who looks like a man. Anyone who says she isn’t fat must be fat themsleves. It makes me laugh how the same people who
    call Supermodels fat on here are the same people defending Fatney Spears.
    wake up britards.

  33. wow

    Britney really has decline over the years hasn’t she. I remember she used to be considered one of the hottest chicks around for the first couple of years of her career. Now look at her. She is a fat trashy little mutant. Does she have no shame? Her boobs are saggy and disgusting, her ass is fat and filled with cellulite, her legs are like fat tree-trunks, and her face looks like she’s been on a meth-binge. She is a disgrace… a fat ugly disgrace.

  34. mary

    i think she looks really decent in that last pic. but the outfit is horrendous when she’s standing up, she should fire the one who made her wear it

  35. me

    what happened to her waistline? She looks bad. The outfit is not good at all. What is the matter with her? She could have done so much better. She looks… well…..bad…..

  36. chilly

    Britney should have won. Nothing against Gaga, but Womanizer rocks! For all the haters above, you’re sad & pathetic.

  37. Rasputins Liver


    Ha! The fat country-ghetto cow just can’t get it right, man.


    Bitch looks utterly….or, in her case, ….udderly….stupid.


  38. minx

    So that KIngs of Leon guy has a girlfriend, huh? Damnit.

  39. yes, awful dress…her stylist needs to get fired cuz i love britney and want the best for her cuz she’s such a gorgous and TALENTED woman!!!

  40. Good Lord everybody: she’s back to that phase. White jackets and shaven head to come.

  41. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Thank you Bon Jovie.

    I cannot believe someone can call Britney fat. Guys, really??? Where is she fat ???
    Her legs are good, muscular, I don’t see ANY fat on her whatsoever.

  42. Lisa

    This is pretty much the same stuff she was wearing years ago! See through lace. You know she hasn’t changed when she busts out the brown boots, too. Sigh. Poor thing. It’s like she’s been caged too long.

  43. jill

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  44. bob


  45. Xanthia

    I LOVE how in the last picture he is leaning WAAAAAAY over so his face won’t be in the same picture with her! As if he just realized what all those flashes were and is hoping he wasn’t in any of the other ones!

  46. who is surprised? she never did have any taste in clothes, but then, why is anyone surprised that white trailer trash has no taste/class?

  47. Booyah

    when did she start dating dax shepard?

  48. dr kenneth noisewater

    I wish I was appalled after seeing this picture. Sadly, nothing Britney does freaks me out at this point.

  49. bRITEY iS A jOKE

    THIS IDIOT IS SOOOOO STUPID SHE HAS NO IDEA THAT THE WORLD IS LAUGHING AT HER AND NOT WITH HER . . . . What other adult celebrity do you know that needs to have a babysitter (not a body guard) with them 24/7/365 to make sure they behave???? How far she has fallen!!

  50. lol

    Not fat???? the bitch has chubby stumpy tree trunk legs and a double chin.

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