Britney Spears: Pregnant or just eating a ton of her dad’s cooking? You decide!

May 16th, 2008 // 55 Comments

Britney Spears stopped at a health clinic yesterday before taking flight with Mad Max for Jesus himself, Mel Gibson. This adds fuel to the rampant speculation that she’s got Adnan Jr. in her belly. But, there could be other causes for her recent weight gain, according to The Sun:

The source said: “Despite daily workouts, she has put on a lot of weight in recent weeks. She isn’t saying if she is pregnant, but she is taking medication which has affected her weight. Living with her dad — a chef — means she has piled on pounds. She is extremely paranoid about her body at the moment.”
Britney is also believed to be struggling with her weight after she stopped taking Adderol, a stimulant prescribed for attention deficit disorder and used by women to keep hunger under control. Addiction specialist Marty Brenner said: “Weight gain is a common side effect.”

Someone needs to get to the bottom of this. I wonder if Britney Spears would let me look at her vagina with a magnifying glass? WOW! Too far, me. Way, way, way too far. No one needs to see that – ever. In fact, if she’s pregnant, I think the doctor should be allowed to deliver the baby blindfolded. So Vote “Yes” on California Doctors with Blindfolds in the Case of Britney Law. A doctor is a terrible thing to waste – unless he won’t give you free boner pills. I hate you, doc!


  1. cate

    for the sake of our entertainment, I pray to God she’s pregnant.

  2. Jackson

    This is an old picture. She has the 6 pound flab and can lose it easily. Brittney will never get as fat as Kim Kardaskank because she gains it on her stomach, so females that gain weight on their stomach tend to quickly lose the weight whereas chicks like Kim gain it on the butt, hips, and thighs and don’t realzie they are fat until it’s too late.

  3. Zim

    It’s a baby (sized) gunt, not a baby bump.

  4. snyggast

    Barack ’08!!

  5. Anonymous

    I’ll go with “who the fuck cares?”

  6. looks a big large for a muffin top

  7. ph7

    What an inbred piglet with cloven hoofs.

  8. Tsk Tsk

    Excuses, Excuses …

  9. Hells Bells

    Wowzee wowzaaH!

  10. @3 Good call. Definitely a gunt.

  11. andie

    Housewives all over suburbia took ritalin in the 60′s to get thin. ADD meds work like that.

    Hmm. Maybe she’s going to give birth to Chester Cheeto Jr.

  12. Tanya

    She is pregnant!!! No doubt about it

  13. pat

    just what this world need is another trailer trash baby from a trailer trash mama…lets pray she isn’t pregnant..that’s the last thing this stupid bitch needs.

  14. meh

    Who cares? Let the bitch keep procreating. She’s not on welfare, so my tax dollars aren’t paying for HER fucking kids…She’ll end up eating them anyway at the rate she’s going.

    Who let the spammers back in?

  15. blackout

    I’m the daddy.

  16. Sport

    Pregnant with Obama’s love child.

  17. Britney Bastard

    Fat? I’m no fat. I’m dead sexy. Look at my sexy body. You are crap. Baby? I EAT BABIES! I want my baby back baby baby back ribs, I want my baby back baby back baby back ribs… CHILI’S… BABY BACK RIBS! Baby – the other other white meat. Baby! I’m bigger than you, I’m higher up the food chain. GIT IN MAH BELLY!

    May I ask: YOU SHIT ALOT?

  19. A pregnancy claim with one whole picture? Comeon….

  20. sla

    Bipolar meds cause weight gain, reduce mania & depression,
    Adderall lowers appetite, encourages euphoria, mania and hyper-sexuality.
    Southern chef in the house means lots of good eatin’ with lots of calories.

    The result: Crazy, thin, vagina-flashing, head-shaving, Adnan-dating Britney is gone, replaced by slightly chubby, maternal, productive, level-mooded Britney.

    If you are her dad or sons, you probably like the second, if you are paparazzi or blog addict, you probably liked the first.

    It sucks that depression is a symptom of bipolar, but for a woman in a body-conscious industry, weight gain can cause depression. Mental health can be a bitch to achieve.

  21. Anne

    She is most likely just gaining weight. One of the drugs she was reportedly taking after being committed was an anti-psychotic. They are used for bi-polar, Post partum Depression, schzophrenia among other mental disorders. Problem is they cause horrible weight gain. They are fabulous drugs for helping with the disorder, but the weight gain is usually why people go off of them. I was on the same drug she was reported to be on for postpartum depression and gained 60 pounds in 3 months. Still trying to lose that.

  22. Swam Whore Is Pregnant

    Considering that her parents are still whoring her out all over the place, I doubt that her dad would be stuffing her dumb ass full of fattening foods. She is the meal ticket and they aren’t about to forget that. Dumb ass whore is pregnant, plain and simple. She is just now really beginning to show enough to end the speculation that her growing gut has been creating for a while now. With both of my pregnancies I started to show but looked chubby for the first 5 months and then all of a sudden my gut popped out and was obviously baby gut and not chubs. THAT is Shitney as of very recently, not questionable any more.

  23. M.D.

    Nah, it’s not the meds. You’re all focusing on the wrong thing. Remember it was also reported that she was taking tons of laxatives daily? When you stop that, you go in the opposite direction. If she’s pregnant, it’s with a 10-lb poop.

  24. sla

    #24 …If she’s pregnant, it’s with a 10-lb poop.

    So you do think Adnan got her knocked up.

  25. More Naked Britney!

    britney spears is not pregnant. she’s just been eating too much junk food and she’s getting a big fat belly from it.

  26. secybirch

    God help us all if she’s pregnant. She’s the last person who should be having a baby right now, and that will be one ugly fucked-up kid if it’s Adnan’s. There’s rumors that she’s HIV positive but who the Hell knows anything with this chick….

  27. Jackson's an idiot

    Belly fat is hard to get rid of you putz. And while Kim K is her own brand of fat, at least she’s not potato shaped like Britney. She’s a classic case of BMW (body made wrong). Sure she was good looking when she was young and taunt, but now that she’s aged all her weight is hitting her in the wrong places. The only thing in this girl’s future are a honking pair of cankles. (But who knows, some men like muffin tops.)

  28. Biff

    Britney used to exercise (or dance on stage, or both) for at least 5 hours a day when she was young. She never developed good eating habits because she never had to. She’s going to get fatter and fatter, not like Elvis, but like lots of athletes after they stop playing competitive sports. It’s exactly the same process.

  29. fygu

    Between Kim K. and Britney Kim’s body is better. Her face is too.
    And I agree with you #29.

  30. renez

    maybe she went on this little trip to drop that baby bump in private

  31. mamadough

    well, if it is kid #3, it’s just another fleshy lump that she will not love, drop, abuse, and use as an ashtray/airbag

  32. Chupacabra

    It’s sooooo true. Note: that ugly horse faced blonde chick from the hills never worked out, so she’s probably never get fat, except in the chin and boobs.

  33. marg

    i agree with the sentiment that it could be weight gain due to medication – in which case i hope she has a good therapist to help her deal with it, because she’ll be abused in the press endlessly.

  34. Planned Parenthood

    I think she’s having Mel Gibson’s baby.

  35. Auntie Kryst

    I doubt she’s preggers, but I’ll defer to Anexio for final clarification..

  36. Randal

    Well, pregnant or just putting on a few pounds, it does not matter.

    Britney Spears looks great as she is and will always look great regardless.

    If you want to eat dear, then don’t let the media stop you. Enjoy your life as you are!

    If you’re pregnant, even better because you’ve always been a good person and will continue to shine as a mother AGAIN!

    Love you Brit! Hope to see you soon. xoxo


  37. Planned Parenthood

    # 22 – Anne -

    You’re a nut job, too, and I hope you don’t reproduce like Britney. There are too many nuts in the world already and most of them live in California. I bet you live in CA where they let mental cases like you run lose. Now go sign yourself into a mental hospital and stay there. They’ll make sure you take your meds and lose weight, you fat ,selfish, little piggy.

  38. LL

    Aren’t there some psychotropic drugs that can cause weight gain? At least the excuses are plausible now and aren’t such an insult to our intelligence. I want to believe she’s not knocked up, because I think we can all agree the Spears gene pool is plenty big enough. In fact, I think we should have a national referendum to have both Britney and what’sherface fixed. And the father, too, of course (Mr. Spears, I mean).

  39. NurseBad

    Simple answer for that belly. she is off the adderall (speed-makes you skinny) and on the bi-polar meds–most likely seroquel and maybe some others that will make you gain weight. Fast.

  40. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    Why doesnt this sad character just stay out of the limelight? some much bigger “stars” seem to manage it. If I was having a fat or spotty week I wouldnt be courting the paps.
    I hopes shes not pregnant what a fucking disaster that would be.
    Soon it will be Daddy Adnan getting custody and raking in huge chunks of her cash for the next 18 years.

  41. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    As for weight gain I have a cousin of anti psychotic drugs (she has a schizophrenia diagnosis) and she piled on the weight and also got very hairy in the face.
    She’s on em for life too.

  42. meee

    i just love how the write at The Sun can’t even properly spell adderall. it’s RIGHT on the damn pill itself for god’s sake.

  43. Gwen

    This is why I’m pro-choice.

    But, seriously, it’s most likely the meds. She’s working out, though, which is good. That’ll help with the weight gain AND her mood.

  44. lambman

    um she looks totally fine, and a lot healthier than a few months ago. there were many pics of her leaving the gym, some she has a bit of a bell but others not so much.

    also, you build muscle far quicker than you loose fat. So when people start working out who haven’t been in a long time their waists get thicker becuase you start building stomach muscles before you loose belly fat. but if she keeps it up she’ll look good again soon

  45. this fat blob is definitely NOT PREGNANT!

  46. herbiefrog

    not with one of us

    i think we can say

    with confidence is high [what?]

    is high… you ever travelled these places ?

    full of stories, happy, sad [dont start singing] ok…

    [where were we… ?

    mummy ? : )))

    she’ll make a great mummy…

    …someone send her back home… thanks

  47. latty

    That’s a fatty belly. Not a baby belly, sad to say. I find Britney’s tale of motherhood almost as good as the lady in Arkansas expecting her 18th child.

  48. Gabriela

    Hello! Britney is in Costa Rica in Mel Gibson’s house. Here are some pics

  49. Josh

    Britney has a new sex tape i just saw the comment on here is the link… this is not spam look!

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