Britney Spears: Pregnant or just eating a ton of her dad’s cooking? You decide!

Britney Spears stopped at a health clinic yesterday before taking flight with Mad Max for Jesus himself, Mel Gibson. This adds fuel to the rampant speculation that she’s got Adnan Jr. in her belly. But, there could be other causes for her recent weight gain, according to The Sun:

The source said: “Despite daily workouts, she has put on a lot of weight in recent weeks. She isn’t saying if she is pregnant, but she is taking medication which has affected her weight. Living with her dad — a chef — means she has piled on pounds. She is extremely paranoid about her body at the moment.”
Britney is also believed to be struggling with her weight after she stopped taking Adderol, a stimulant prescribed for attention deficit disorder and used by women to keep hunger under control. Addiction specialist Marty Brenner said: “Weight gain is a common side effect.”

Someone needs to get to the bottom of this. I wonder if Britney Spears would let me look at her vagina with a magnifying glass? WOW! Too far, me. Way, way, way too far. No one needs to see that – ever. In fact, if she’s pregnant, I think the doctor should be allowed to deliver the baby blindfolded. So Vote “Yes” on California Doctors with Blindfolds in the Case of Britney Law. A doctor is a terrible thing to waste – unless he won’t give you free boner pills. I hate you, doc!