Britney Spears still wearing bikinis

May 21st, 2009 // 67 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears enjoying a day by the pool while vacationing in the Caribbeans. Remember a decade ago when seeing her ass was like seeing the face of God? Well, now God’s looking a little drunk and maybe someone should have pointed him in the direction of Jamba Juice instead of Starbucks. Sure, he might’ve got pissed and fled to Mexico to film a sex tape, but in the end, he’d thank you. Or use Sean like a mallet to beat you to death. Either one.

Photos: Mavrix

  1. Disgusted

    What’s the big deal? So she looks like a real human woman instead of a stick figure…and no I’m not fat. I’m 5’8″ 130lbs, and would give anything to have a little meat on my bones. I’m in no way a fan of hers either. This is the problem in our society today, and the reason why there are eating disorders. So to all the girls seeing these pics and believing she looks gross, don’t feed in2 the bs. Brit looks great in that bikini, the rest of ya’ll r just jealous, n I can imagine that u haters probably look way worse fully clothed! Real men like a woman who has the ability to bear children, not boney, sickly, unhealthy women.

  2. dirk

    What is the attraction??? She’s a 5 out of 10. Dumpy little hick whore.

  3. u people r such losers

    Dirk…I bet ur whores look like junkie strippers with hepatitis! Would u like her better if she had track marks?

  4. gil

    shes is in moo moo cowrific shape

  5. sam

    Too fat, too thick, too short… whatever. I think she looks HAPPY. So she’s not 17 anymore. She has had two kids, she doesn’t look crazy and we can’t see her crotch. I’m not in a mood to be hating this morning, so I’m going with those who say she looks good.

  6. Alli

    #43, I LIVE in Las Vegas…and have heard no such thing. lol

  7. jerks

    i think bodies like britney’s, and women who are more fit in general, are more beautiful than super skinny bodies.

    because they work hard for it. they earn it. fitness is a choice and they know that healthy bodies are beautiful bodies. there’s nothing ‘masculine’ about it.

    they don’t wake up looking starved (olivia wilde). but rather they challenge their bodies for the better, and look great.


  8. kc

    Britney looks fabulous and as long as she is that hot, wear as many bikinis as you want!!

  9. I still say you’re all retarded cunts for thinking the Bahamas is in the Caribbean.

    Idiots. Is it any wonder your only joy in life is bitching like bithces over bitches you could never hope to even speak to?


    Oh. Bu the way, did I mention you are all retarded cunts?

    I did?

    Oh, good.


  10. carly

    Brit looks hot!, very healthy looking that’s what’s important.!!

  11. Dlvme2

    There is nothing wrong with how Britney looks and I just cannot believe the rude comments. She looks young and cute and she is relaxed and out with her children. No one has to look all made up and dressed up all the time. Photos also make pretty much everyone look a few pounds larger than they are, but even if that is the case she looks good. I get tired of all the skin and bones girls that many of you seem to idolize.

  12. Susana

    Britney looks BEAUTIFUL.

    Fat? Really? Post YOUR bikini pictures!

    You’re all jealous of her, simple as that.

    My advice: Get over it. Britney’s body is slammin’.

  13. Still looks good to me.

  14. ben

    nice caboose

  15. ben

    nice caboose

  16. ben

    nice caboose

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