Britney Spears still wearing bikinis

May 21st, 2009 // 67 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears enjoying a day by the pool while vacationing in the Caribbeans. Remember a decade ago when seeing her ass was like seeing the face of God? Well, now God’s looking a little drunk and maybe someone should have pointed him in the direction of Jamba Juice instead of Starbucks. Sure, he might’ve got pissed and fled to Mexico to film a sex tape, but in the end, he’d thank you. Or use Sean like a mallet to beat you to death. Either one.

Photos: Mavrix

  1. mr.Checkers


  2. Jackson

    Nice butt shots! This is better than looking at Kim Kardaskanks airbrushed bikini photos.

  3. caleria

    cutie!!! i love her! regardless of who she is now, her music brings awesome memories of my twerpy teeny bopper days :P

  4. She looks like she got her lips inflated again (perhaps to match her ass)…

  5. Alli

    I like this bikini even better. It looks pretty with her tan. I don’t think Kardashian’s pics were airbrushed. Even if they were, who cares? We all have flaws. And if she wants to pay to “FIX” her’s, what’s it matter? I don’t like my nose…if I could afford rhinoplasty, I’d do it! i’m pretty sure most people feel the same! Call me shallow, i’m still a good person. Sometimes ;)

  6. Alli

    I like this bikini even better. It looks pretty with her tan. I don’t think Kardashian’s pics were airbrushed. Even if they were, who cares? We all have flaws. And if she wants to pay to “FIX” her’s, what’s it matter? I don’t like my nose…if I could afford rhinoplasty, I’d do it! i’m pretty sure most people feel the same! Call me shallow, i’m still a good person. Sometimes ;)

  7. pete

    She’s a pig but I like how she doesn’t play hide-and-seek when she puts on a bikini.

  8. She sucks.. and swallows

    Hmmm… I could could be wrong, but it looks like SLUTney is either growing her bush out, or she’s growing a dick…

  9. looks good

    i’d hit it, luscious ass, im the assman

  10. Bo

    She’s looking a whole lot better then she used to.

  11. Deacon Jones

    Hey Alli, is that the face you make (Pic 13) when you take it in the butt?

  12. zoinks`

    Whatevah! She looks hot. She’s popped out two kids and still looks 300,000 times better than ninety percent of the general population. And wtf is up with the caption, you lost me at Jamba Juice.

  13. oink

    Boom BABA BOOM…….chunk

  14. Dubya

    You’re all full of shit,

    if you want to see a real looker then scroll down for Kelly Brooke,

    Britney is a fugly old hag..end of story!

  15. double d

    Anyone guy who says she looks bad is way, way gay. I’d bend her over and fuck her ass. (Wait… that isn’t gay, is it?)

  16. Alli

    Yes Deacon Jones, actually it is! But I scowl just a little bit more! You know, to get the complete effect. Is that similar to the face you make when YOU receive a sweet treat from behind?

  17. Alli

    Yes Deacon Jones, actually it is! But I scowl just a little bit more! You know, to get the complete effect. Is that similar to the face you make when YOU receive a sweet treat from behind?

  18. granuaile

    She’s looking pretty hot these days but man, has she ever got some ugly tattoos. You’d think with all the money she has that thing on her lower back would be possible to make out as an actual shape and not some black blob…

  19. Reality check





  20. KT

    Why does this chick always look so masculine? she has big thick tree trunk
    legs that are short and stubby. She has a linebackers bull neck, her back
    and shoulders are like a truck drivers. She looks like she is either on
    steroids or a male hormone supplement.

  21. wendy

    liposuction, airbrushed pics, nose jobs, breast implants are the norm but kim lies about it. maybe because she needs more work than the non fat celebrities. and celebrities wear spanx and admit it so why can’t kim admit she wears a butt girdle when it is so obvious? i think most people hate kim because she is a no talent selfish liar about all her plastic surgery and airbrushed pictures.

  22. Reality check


    how men find this appealing is beyond me. victoria’s secret models i get, jessica alba i get, hell even kim k i get, but this woman is more masculine than most guys i know. i don’t mind thick chicks, scar jo’s body is amazing, great tits… but this girl is nearly flat chested and is looking more and more like brooke hogan everyday. :/

    i think her face is super cute, and i’ve always kinda liked her but the body is just too much. also, i hate how tacky her jewelry always is and i DESPISE jewelry when wearing swimsuits.

  23. Anonymous

    Still the most talentless and irrelevant skank in the entertainment industry……also one of the worst mothers in the history of time…..has to be led around by her Daddy because of her intelligence level…..repeatedly has to ask the nannies what her kid’s names are…..and the teeny boppers worship this ditch pig? I weep for the future of our country.

  24. Alli

    Some opinionated fools on here! LOL! Although, it makes sense…this is a website for opinions. But when you get down to it, our opinions don’t mean squat. Britney is obviously happy with her body enough to wear a bikini and NOT play “hide and seek” with her body like #7 said. It will be impossible for her to ever please EVERYONE (or any human being for that matter). And the reason celebrities DO get so much surgery (and then get ridiculed) is because of the media/these websites. They’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t. I think her body looks great….her mind….not so much. I think that’s the most important part lol. By the way, I’m eating watermelon. ARE YOU JEALOUS? :)

  25. Butterfly

    let’s remember…Britney has had 2 children via c-section.
    She looks amazing! Good on her!!

  26. Reality check

    It’s simple why so many women support britney’s body in these pics, it’s because from the majority of female bodies superficial posts, from kim k, to jessica alba, to scar jo, to heidi montag, to megan fox, etc, this is the MOST achievable body. most thicker girls can work out a little, get toned, tan and you’ve got yourself a britney body. britney’s body is so common, i see tree trunk bodies like hers all the time… megan fox and jessica alba, not so much. and nice big REAL boobs are a dying breed, so somebody like kelly brooke or scar jo (where they have great boob to waist ratio) is rare too. so of course so many of you women will defend this stubby shapeless body, you see it when you look in the mirror. FACT!

  27. Well, you know. She’s a Mom?

  28. AJ


    There is nothing wrong about Kim getting massive lipo, breast implants, nose job, airbrushing her massive cellulite and lumpy lipo and reducing her fat, and Kim wearing butt girdles to improve her saggy butt, but Kim denies all of it. This is what I hate about Kim is that she is a big fat fake liar. Britt looks good considering these pics are not airbrushed like Kims.

    This is what Kim looks like without airbrushing:

  29. J

    what’s up with her wearing wooden rosary beads?

  30. Jen

    She could always lipo her thighs but then she would get ugly liposuction lumps like Kim and always have to airbrush her pictures. She looks good considering she did not do massive lipo like Kim K.

  31. His Huge Greatness Himself

    How about this bitch? After all those invesments from our side,is she finally making profit for us?

  32. Darth

    Till now an empty bag of Cheetos.No profit.

  33. Slutney is a blowjob specialist

    Slutney is a disgustingly ugly skanky slut. She’s got droopy tits, HUGE tree trunk thick legs & a fat ass; she isn’t even the slightest bit sexy. I’d rather fuck a tree knot hole than stick it in this paris hilton wannabe…

  34. Galtacticus

    I understand we need to motivate most bitches.Means;drag them by their hair to an ATM and have this empty bag filled with fresh banknotes!

  35. Darth


  36. Starshine

    @ Reality Check, KT, and the other negative folks. Sorry when I look in the mirror I look equal to if not better than sexy Miss Fox & Miss Johansson and there are a lot of women (way more than men) who are also just as good looking. Where do you live where the majority of women aren’t hot? Mexico? (Then again I live on a college campus, youth usually looks good) Thing is, regardless of how slim and near perfect I am, I give this thing to other people called…wait…you may not understand it or be able to read it, but its called RESPECT. I wonder what you look like naked…but then again I might go blind or find the portal to hell through your mangled belly button which is probably hanging dangerously close to your balls. Anyhow, just because you might be attracted to what only exists in glossies after FXs are applied doesn’t mean other women who don’t look like a mag cover aren’t beautiful. Also how is Britney a Truck? What she’s 5’5 and weighs 130? Have you not looked at the rest of America? (Or in a mirror?) Oh and why is it men feel like they can look 6 months pregnant, stay in their rooms and jack off to their computers all day b/c they can’t get any, and then judge other people they will never meet or even come close to? Oh…wait I know why, duh its because that’s all they can do. Man I love this site, and being insanely gorgeous. Which is why I want to date Megan Fox, its as close to sleeping with myself as I’ll ever get.

  37. Reality check


    it’s not her size that bothers me, it’s her build. scarlett jo prolly weighs the same, if not more but she has a more feminine appearance, including full breasts. britney (imo) is built ford tough, lol. just too stalky and compact for my liking. hell, even j-ho’s legs taper from full hips/thighs to lean thin calf and ankle, where as britney legs look the same size from thigh to ankle, the whole cankle syndrome. all i am saying is, i’d rather date megan fox or jessica alba than britney, personal choice. she’s too brooke hoganish for my taste. in 2001-2002 i’d hit it rom sun up to sun down. nw, would i choose britney over whale kelly clarkson or of dyke pink, yep, but compared to women like alba britney falls very short.

    i’m not fat, nor hairy, nor a loser who faps all day by the way. it’s safe to say some of the people who post here are in fact good looking.

    this is america last time i checked and i’d say 80% of women i see are cows, but i see a lot of britney clones. if i do see a skinny woman she is (as you say) a college girl or like 14. i am not saying hot bodies don’t exist, they def do, but we don’t all live in miami, la, or vegas… sadly.

  38. Hey, fuck knuckles,

    a) She’s in the Bahamas, which isn’t in the fucking Caribbean

    b) Its fucking Caribbean, not fucking Caribbeans – there’s only one – singular, not plural.


  39. Amy

    Most of you are correct that she looks like an average girl I see walking around at the beach. That’s true. However, we are talking about Brittney Spears. She used her looks to become famous. I’m sorry, but people are going to talk about it when someone who went from wearing schoolgirl skirts and nude suites draped in a snake becomes…totally normal. Also, Alba is a mother as well…and well, she looks amazing. And although I give most men hell on this site, I don’t think they are all idiots who believe that all women should look like cover models. They’ve got eyes and walk outside every now and again. They are aware of how we really look. They are usually intelligent enough to know that they will never get someone like Scarlett and rarely expect so. But that’s why women like Alba and Johannson are famous…because they are beautiful and have highly unobtainable bodies. That’s why blondes are favored over brunettes (most of the time)–because true blondes signify youth and it is a rarity. That’s life. It’s not easy to have small feet, tiny waists, and huge breasts…but women mutilated their feet by feet binding, wore corsetts, and get boob jobs…to have the unobtainable. Men do it too…hence steroids, etc. etc. etc. The ability for women to be more choosy in mates, makes men consider penis enlargement, rogain, steroids, etc. Again, I consider myself mildly attractive…maybe a little above average, but I’m not famous for a reason. I deal with it. Britney is normal. She looks like an average, cute person. Put how she looks no longer warrants her as famous…other than her decent performance skills. And this makes me sad, because I have been a fan since I was 13.

  40. 1moreidiotintheworld

    God shakes his head and moans in despair:
    “Now I’ll NEVER get that smell out of my fish!”

  41. ……………………………WHY, for god’s sake?

  42. MBA Nixon

    She looks ok in her staged shots. She looks like a normal pushing-30 mother of two in her candid shots.

  43. jroeqw

    Britney DID get lipo on her stomach and thighs a while ago in Vegas. Do some research you stupid retard.

  44. jesus

    glad to she she has all of that weight back.

  45. jesus

    glad to she she has all of that weight back.

  46. She looks kinda fat in those pictures

  47. Hi Fatty
    Looking nice

  48. I Dunno

    WOW!!! the ppl saying this woman is fat has severe issues. considering this woman spit out 2 kids and ate the cheetoos factory two yrs back – i think she looks good.. Now i see why stars and ppl get eating disorders! its retarded !

  49. Andie

    This is pretty much what I look like in a bikini. Without the manly shoulders. I’m perfectly happy with my body.

    Of course, I’m a 35 year old mother of two and I don’t work out regularly. If I had the time and resources that this girl does, I have to say I’d be looking better than this.

    But lets get real- she has NOTHING to be ashamed of with that figure. And to be honest (I never thought I’d say this) I really do like her new music.

    I just wish she’d stop with the “oh baybuh baybuh baybuh” crap. Expand your vocabulary, Brit!

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