Britney Spears still trying to kill her baby


Britney Spears is up to her crazy baby-killing antics again, and has been photographed with an improperly installed child safety seat facing forward instead of backwards.

“It’s far safer if the seat is facing backwards to avoid head-on injuries and whiplash in case of a collision,” said California Highway Patrol spokesman Tom Marshall. Spears, 24, “could be” cited for violating Section 27360 of the California Vehicle Code, which says child safety seats must be installed to comply with the federal standard. “We would have to witness the violation. We can’t issue a citation from a photograph,” Marshall said. “It’s a bit of a gray area,” he added, because state code doesn’t specify the backward installation – a federal regulation does. Spears’ rep did not return calls for comment yesterday. “We strongly urge anyone who is uncertain of how to install a car seat to come down to one of our headquarters and get help. We offer that service free of charge,” said Marshall.

You’d think Britney Spears would have done a little research on how to raise a baby, but it really looks like she’s just winging the whole thing. At this rate the baby will end up tied to the hood of the car with rope, taped to the door, and possibly just placed in the trunk. Because hey, people can’t yell at you about your baby if they can’t actually see it.