Britney Spears still the queen of fashion

August 29th, 2007 // 276 Comments

I’m not sure what has to be going through a person’s mind that they could leave their house forgetting to wear pants. Then again, I have no idea what’s going through Britney Spears’ mind period. If you could peek inside her brain I’m pretty sure you’d see a cartoon kitty taking a nap.

UPDATE: Want to see the view from the back? Of course not, but it’s right here if you’re interested.


  1. Blah

    first…. weird….

  2. bigsteamyone

    Skank Alert !!!

  3. beyondmp3

    Definitely trying too hard.

  4. Jahn

    I can’t believe you’d say such things, she’s just trying to share her beautiful dimply ass with the world!

  5. Superevil

    Is the a fucking mop on her head?

  6. Ifuckinghateyou

    Easy access since she’s turning tricks on the corner for 25¢ a pop.

  7. bob

    those fucking boots are back!!!!!

    and fish, what is up with all the jokes about people have a kitten in their head?

  8. Disgruntled Cow

    Actually, if you could see inside her head, my bet is you would see a small home made sign that says “This Space For Rent”… only it would be spelled wrong.

  9. Sabrina


  10. Ifuckinghateyou

    #9 – like this “Thes spase fer wrunt”

  11. Texas Tranny

    I wonder if she’s wearing pretty panties.

  12. Tits McGee

    I love this. We look at some chic that is basically the same thing you’d find on the corner in front an Allsups in West Texas chewing gum with her mouth open and fried blonde hair.

    Exception: The cuntry-girl wouldn’t be wearing those goddamned boots. JEEZ… I seriously want to rip those off her stinky white trash dirty little fat whore feet and burn those goddamned boots in front of her, dousing them with gasoline first… and screaming, “There! Ya see? Now you can’t wear them anymore!”

    Inside her head: slow-moving intestinal worms.

  13. Morning Wood

    She traded in the Italian greaser body guard for a bigger greasier brotha…

    Why would you need pants if you are an ass head anyways?

  14. big

    WTF is wrong with this child. Had to be bad upbringing.

  15. What’s going through her mind? I’d say about a 12 knots. That’s what.

  16. veggo

    Want to bite the hiney.

  17. Jenna

    I’m wondering….did she not realize that this is just a long shirt and requires pants…………not one of those new short dresses? what is wrong with this bitch. besides all the obvious stupidity

  18. veggo

    17- you are so cute. and by cute I mean a dirty sammich maker.

    OH sweet sweet brit. Hump day just means…..ak, nevermind.

  19. BigHead21

    i wanna see her panties.WHERE THE PANTY SHOTS??? theres gotta be some.

  20. Superevil

    11- Don’t forget the backwards e’s

  21. YeaWhereAre PantyShots

    I agree with #20. The only thing that picture makes me want is a panty shot!~ How could the fish buy that pic with no panty shots? The Fish is not a professional organization.

  22. me

    this is not normal! she needs her head checked pronto!!

  23. Marinika

    You didn’t even put the worst pics up. Check this out and sob for your mama.

  24. jbird

    I’m not lez or anything, but you’ve got to admit that butt-cheek looks YUMMY!

  25. veggo

    Great update! I’d love to slide my tongue between those luscious full cheeks. Yummy!

  26. pointandlaugh

    Britney’s skankiness is a comfort in this ever-changing chaotic world. It is a rock. Ever-present, and unmoving.

    “Hey y’all……does it feel breezy in here?”

  27. BigHead21

    after veiwing the pics from behind, i heartedly take that “wanna see her panties” statement back.

  28. Oh Holy Hell, I clicked on the link….:(

  29. GodDamnShit'sChangedALotInAYear

    #29 I couldn’t resist it either. Her greatest crime was not growing up to look like a model. Who could possibly sell this plain Jane ordinary image, with serious sexual issues?

  30. veggo

    FUCK YOU 27-

    @25- jezus holy hellfire fuck crap damnation!!!!!! Seriously you guys, doesn’t she have SOMEBODY to tell her that that is a SHIRT?????? Her ass looks like the fake veggi/veggo’s face…..all flabby and white and sadly, out there for the public to see……

  31. mdiz

    Worst ass ever!

  32. She forgot to put on her pants.

  33. ella

    S L U T

  34. Panties? What panties? The Daily Mail left out the best picture (front upskirt flash).

  35. jrzmommy

    *shakes head………..walks away*

  36. Solaera

    Wouldn’t one notice if their ass was totally hanging out? has a closeup shot of her face and she only has one blue contact in. LMAO! Sweet jesus, what a trainwreck.

  37. bob

    is she wearing no underwear or just a thong? either way, it’s a filthy mess.

    i’d like to say that this can’t be for real, but since it’s her, i know it is!

  38. theoriginalmilf

    WTF is wrong with that girl? Odds are that next time she’ll have toilet paper hanging out of her ass (and perhaps little green men screaming out of her poopshoot, “Save us! We’re being swallowed by the moon!”).

  39. lily

    lets hope she remembered to wear underware!

  40. Um

    Oh dear God. I’m speechless.

  41. pointandlaugh


    I would pay good money to see her with TP coming out of her ass. LOLOL

  42. BunnyButt

    Geez! It’s a sad day for Buttney when she’d lose to me in a hot ass contest. And she would. Not that that’s saying much for my ass.

  43. Dr. Sigmund Freud

    Going outside with out pants on is a typical male nightmare. She must have penis envy.

  44. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    Doesn’t anyone around her have the cojones to say, YOU’RE FUCKING ASS IS HANGING OUT………….AND IT’S AN UGLY ASS.

  45. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    I’m done making fun of Britney, it’s redundant. Where the fuck is that hook nosed, wonky eyed slutbag Paris when you need her.

  46. Sigmund Shadenfreude

    i’d still hit it…mmmm

  47. craigj

    Brit, sweetheart, darling! As a dress that makes a terrific blouse, and would look fab with some Jessica Simpson-style jeans and boots … right you’ve already got the boots, but honey you forgot your jeans again! And after 2 kids honey, you do not have what it takes to pull that look together anymore.

    You can take Britney out of the bayou, and since the divorce you can take the hillbilly out of Britney … wait … I forgot where I was going with this. Let’s just agree that she’s an inbreed country bumpkin, who’ll end up living as a half dress drunken chain smoking scank in a trailer park somewhere just west of Bogalusa LA with 8 kids from 5 husbands.

  48. LL

    Yeah, I got nothin’… except she’s kinda channeling Courtney Love now, with the fugly clothes and the insane ranting and the aggression. Actually, has anybody checked to make sure Courtney Love and Britney Spears aren’t the same person? You note that they’re never pictured together, I say there’s a reason for that…

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