Britney Spears still technically nuts

May 30th, 2008 // 43 Comments

Britney Spears is “not yet fit” to participate in court hearings regarding her conservatorship. To bring everyone up to speed, after Brit’s second trip to Crazytown Mental Ward, her father Jamie was placed in control of her estate and is actually doing a bang-up job. Britney’s attorney Samuel Ingham spent 90 minutes yesterday talking to Commissioner Reva Goetz, according to the AP:

Ingham told the court afterward that Spears’ medical condition is “fluid” because her treatment is changing.
Spears’ probate case is scheduled to go to trial July 31, but Ingham said it could be “harmful” for her to participate. Goetz agreed and said Spears’ diagnosis is not complete.

Just so I have this straight: Britney is unable to hear about her finances, but is allowed to have sex with her agent. Is Jamie Spears making sure her vagina stays open for the summer? If so, smart move what with it being vacation season and all. There’s never a more bonding experience than packing up the fam in a camper and visiting our national parks and vaginas. God bless Jamie Spears.

Photos: Splash News

  1. poop


  2. j-dawg

    I wouldn’t hit that with a baseball bat

  3. AvP

    fuck, britney looks hot here!


    ok…what EXACTLY happened to her?!?!!?

  5. havoc

    And oily…….


  6. Steve

    I would.

  7. whatever…shes hot…and cute. Just young and needs the Bill Murray treatment. That and a good ol Kunte Kinte whipping!

  8. Ahh, too be young, rich and crazy….

  9. deacon jones

    Man, for some reason, after looking at these pics, I envisioned myself throwing her over a table, ripping that skirt up, and going to town.

    Only for a second though

  10. fygu

    Anyone who wants to fuck her should cut off their dick.
    What the fuck does it mean that her diagnoses isn’t complete??? It’s been HOW long? And they still can’t figure out exactly what’s wrong with her, Stupid.

  11. The White Urkle

    I would so suck her pussy until her head caved in….Mmmmm, pussy sucking.

  12. HDRoadkng

    “Get in the truck bitch and bring your friend” Thats foreplay here in the south ya’ll
    I’d hit ‘em both in the back of the truck

  13. noneyobeezwax

    i’d hit it, but that’s because i likes my bitches a little on the crazy side. no drama, no fun.

  14. Auntie Kryst

    Is it “harmful” to force her to act like an adult and take care of herself? Maybe it is financially harmful for the dozens of leeches profiting off the ride on her crazy train? Is it harmful to start drinking this early on Friday??

  15. Steve

    Pretty amazing scam being pulled off by her dad. He saw an opportunity and knocked everybody out of the way and made a successful money grab, and there’s no way he’ll let go. Didn’t care one bit that it was his daughter (either that, or it made it all the more gratifying). Cold blooded killa. Gotta love the guy!

  16. The White Urkle

    I wonder if she still shaves her pussy? Smooth pussy rocks!

    To add insult to injury I would do Britny in the ass while I made her eat her friends pussy. I did that to my girlfriend once. She said she hated it but we all know different. Don’t we ladys.

  17. andie

    I’m telling you, schizophrenia kicks in and starts to show symptoms in the late teens to mid-twenties!
    I would not doubt one bit if she’s seriously mentally ill. Has anyone heard what her actual diagnosis is? If she’s in treatment, what the hell is she in treatment for? Mental illnesses have NAMES, yo! What does she have? Anybody know?

    They don’t put you on meds without a diagnosis. I bet she’s schizophrenic.

  18. It seems that everyone gets to fuck her. It’s just that, unlike the Simpson family, not every fucking involves a pearl necklace.

  19. nipolian

    “Is it harmful to start drinking this early on Friday??”

    Not if your still going from last night.

  20. This just goes to show that so-called “mental illness” is a total myth.

  21. Ted from LA

    She isn’t that hot. If she were, there would be a grease fire. And White Urkle,
    is there anyone whose pussy/asshole you would suck “until their head caved in?” Give a rest. You’re a sick fuck. Get in therapy was Brit.

  22. Ted from LA

    She isn’t that hot. If she were, there would be a grease fire. And White Urkle,
    is there anyone whose pussy/asshole you would suck “until their head caved in?” Give a rest. You’re a sick fuck. Get in therapy with Brit.

  23. Auntie Kryst

    @19 Good point doctor, thanks for your diagnosis. I’m going to Irish up my coffee. Sláinte!!

  24. sam

    It’s “ladies” White Urkle. you’re an idiot.

  25. Hey, much like most ladies with an ounce of self respect, you guys need to lay off of White Urkle. Bullies…

  26. nipolian

    #17- I was reading an artical in JAMA the other day about her and I believe the medical term for what she has is called “crazy as a shithouse rat.”

  27. lunchboxx


    what the fuck is wrong with your function???

    i would never EVER EVER EVER EVER hit that even if she and i was the last people on earth!!!

  28. Now who shall be named the conservator of her hair extensions?? There IS a solution to the top 3″ of natural hair having no connection to the beautiful, long extensions…

  29. Just Sayin

    the Britney Spears’ estate pays Jamie Spears $2,500 a week and gives him a leased car while he handles “Britney’s affairs”
    McDonalds only paid him $250 a wk. (10 times less tax) No car.(no gas bill)
    2 burgers 2 cokes per shift. (foods getting mighty expensive) and no Britney.
    (nuff said)
    All in all – I think he was better off before

  30. BaldingBritney

    What a coincidence! She’s still technically disgusting as well.

  31. Onyx Blackman

    @ #7

    So does just about every other major psychosis.

  32. Kim

    I bet Justin Timberlake is kicking himself in the ass for letting all of that get away………………

  33. Ted Mosby

    Britney wanted my nuts.

  34. badger my lingo

    What “probate case” are they talking about? Did someone fucking die?

  35. Igottabemeeee

    Along with everything else I hate about this wench, why is she always so GREASY? McDonald french fry grease working its way out her pores?

  36. Britney is Pathetic.

    So she is unab le to care for herself, her finances and more importantly her OWN children; yet her conservator (AKA Daddy) is whoring her out to do televison, “comeback tours” (I’m laughing because she is such a joke, mentally ill or not). What is wrong with this picture?

    Unfitney needs to take a year OFF and relax and get her mentally ill head together. Jesus, it isn’t that difficult. I hate these so celled celebs. Grrrr.

  37. Missystar

    Love the old-lady makeup.

  38. Pepsodental

    Nowhere but in America is it “beautiful” to have teeth as white as sugar… Far too fake-looking for most of us europeans. Britney is okay thoug =)

  39. Cougar Texas

    She has rockin legs, I gotta give her that much. I would like to suggest that her stylist start doing their job and buy this hieffer some OIL BLOTTING SHEETS that she can carry in her purse. ICK.

  40. Lmao.Check out that wide load (referring to her ass in the 4th photo). She’s not hot at all. She’s a washed up dipshit who can’t learn to keep her legs closed. Now she’s fucked herself over w/ her mentality,her inability to sing,act & dance, her ruined reputation,her loser husband and her two children who will be scarred for life by all the drama & problems caused by their parents.

  41. IWONKY

    Britney: “Y’AAALLLL?……………………….”Y’AAALLLL!!!”

    I’m still laughin’.

  42. Go Britney!!

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