Britney Spears still hearts Adnan

Seen here immediately after someone suggested salad for lunch, Britney Spears is apparently still in love with her former paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, according to FOX News:

In July this year Jamie Spears’s request to have a restraining order against Ghalib was approved by the court, and he has been prohibited from going within 100 yards of Britney and banned from all forms of communication with her ever since.
“It is really breaking Britney’s heart,” the source told Pop Tarts. “She is still totally in love with Adnan and she can’t even speak too him, it’s making her really depressed.”
Our source also confirmed speculation that she’s dating her 37-year-old William Morris agent, Jason Trawick, although it seems her dad is the one most involved in the romance.
“Jamie (Spears) is really, really pushing the relationship with Jason, he thinks he’s a really good influence on Britney,” added our source. “And the last thing he wants is Britney going back to Adnan. She would if she could.”

Here’s how I know this story is bullshit: Britney Spears has exactly two loves in her life: Jayden and fudge. In no particular order.

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