Britney Spears still hearts Adnan

August 25th, 2009 // 44 Comments

Seen here immediately after someone suggested salad for lunch, Britney Spears is apparently still in love with her former paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, according to FOX News:

In July this year Jamie Spears’s request to have a restraining order against Ghalib was approved by the court, and he has been prohibited from going within 100 yards of Britney and banned from all forms of communication with her ever since.
“It is really breaking Britney’s heart,” the source told Pop Tarts. “She is still totally in love with Adnan and she can’t even speak too him, it’s making her really depressed.”
Our source also confirmed speculation that she’s dating her 37-year-old William Morris agent, Jason Trawick, although it seems her dad is the one most involved in the romance.
“Jamie (Spears) is really, really pushing the relationship with Jason, he thinks he’s a really good influence on Britney,” added our source. “And the last thing he wants is Britney going back to Adnan. She would if she could.”

Here’s how I know this story is bullshit: Britney Spears has exactly two loves in her life: Jayden and fudge. In no particular order.

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  1. Bizzy

    Yikes. Look how high her hairline is, she’s going to be bald in a couple of years, courtesy of those ugly extensions. Poor Britney.

  2. kimberly

    But what about Starbucks and Taco Bell??

  3. Swine Flu OVERHYPED

    Neither can put together a coherent sentence.
    They deserve each other.

  4. noyb

    Your first line had me laughing! Thanks fish…

  5. She is sure showing her age. I have more pictures that prove it.

  6. mensa

    substitute “turkey legs” for “Jayden” and I think the Superficial Writer may be on to something.

  7. Max Planck

    Mrs. Federline, the kids look like dad.

  8. mixedsugar

    There’s the infamous “It’s my birfdayz yallz” expression again….wow…..

  9. missywissy

    She’s got more moles than Larry the Cable Guy’s 300 lb sister.

  10. Annie Loves Anal

    I swear that younger kid is special needs. Look at his cranium.

  11. me

    She shows a scary resemblance to Kate Gosselin here. Scary indeed.

  12. ha

    Ugh, that’s so disgusting! Look at her-

    Oh, wait a second, she’s way hotter than 90% of the world. Whoops, maybe I should shut the fuck up.

  13. Rasputins Liver


    …she’s so country-ghetto, trailer trash, neanderbilly gross.

    She gives inbreds a bad name.


  14. Rasputins Liver


    …she’s so country-ghetto, trailer trash, neanderbilly gross.

    She gives inbreds a bad name.


  15. jojo

    why is this woman always holding her younger child and never the older one? What a bad mother – the older child is always ignored….poor child….you can totally tell the younger is her favourite…..

  16. Joey Jo Jo Shabadoo

    You mean cigarettes (not Jayden.)

  17. Pointing Out the Obvious

    This is the first thing in years she’s done that shows she’s a normal woman– Falling in love w/ the “bad boy” who’s totally wrong for her.

    She’s just like every other woman out there, as far as this is concerned.

  18. Adnan is not a bad fella! there are many dude that would’ve giving her an internal cream pie during that crazy summer, he would’ve been set for like….

  19. Xavier little frenchie

    I’m pleased that her children have inherited the cute gene from her. Hopefully, they will also inherit the hard-work and talent genes too, unlike all the other bad genes in the father’s gene pool. Come to think of it, Brittney and K-FedEx are like Arnold and DD in “Twins,” with all the good genes in Britney, and …..

  20. Kelley

    I don’t get the hideous hair extensions; it’s been years since she shaved her head. WTF ??

  21. me

    I just don’t find those kids cute.. at all….. I’m sorry. I know that seems really harsh, I just do not see anything cute about them. The youngest one looks like there’s something wrong with him. God forgive me.

  22. Crocoduck

    She still <3s teh big brown coq.

  23. morningwood

    There’s so much ugly in this set of pics, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

  24. Darth

    This proves pretty much that she loves anything what has a penis?

  25. Rasputins Liver

    Folks, I tell ya!
    We gotta have the trashtastic trainwreck she was becoming back.
    I surely hope Pop Twatney checks out soon and she can run back to Flystrip dude for some country-ghetto, neanderbilly, trailer-trashy public craziness.
    Throw Bitchney back to the Assnan dude!


  26. Rasputins Liver

    In other words!
    Gotta have the daily Crapney trainwreck back, man. Lindslut Whorehan just ain’t cuttin’ the muster so we gotta go back to the genuine crazy in Shitney.
    Now Stinkfeetney would have this place and other sites cruisin’ at warp speed with posts if Jizzney’s daddy’d just do the right thing and toss his country-ghetto, trailer-trash, neanderbilly pop shlock tart daughter back to that Arab dude.
    It’s our right, man!








  27. Boogeyman King Dong

    I told ya!

  28. Rasputins Liver

    …how many recall that terrific photograph of Bratney in the back of that EMT rig, all crazy-eyed looney laughing and babbling while they hauled her off on a 5150 to the rubber room?
    God that was a great moment!
    And how about the photos of her bashiin’ cars with umbrellas, clumpin’ around bleedin’ from the crotch cuz she was too warped to know her Monthly Friend showed up!
    That’s the Whackney we all want back, man!
    It was just gettin’ really good when her pappy stepped in to ruin everything.
    Ya just can’t fuckin’ trust parents, man.







  29. Galtacticus

    What turns her more on?! A bag of cheetos or a penis?!

  30. Angel

    In pic #3 Jayden looks so much like K-fed. Same facial expression, same facial features.

  31. Rome

    @31 Are you blind? Sean Preston is the one who looks like Kfat, see pic 8.
    Jayden James looks like Britney’s mini-me. Check out pic 6, he’s even got her Dumbo ears! The upside down smirk, all down to a T.

  32. Greg

    Fake story… Britney is in love with Jason. Fox News did not get a quote from her. She knows she is better off.

  33. Greg

    Fake story… Britney is in love with Jason. Fox News did not get a quote from her. She knows she is better off.

  34. b

    #20 are you blind? Her kids have got her ugly genes. There is nothing cute
    about this skank. The younger kid especially has her FAS ugly eyes.
    The Spears genes are fug genes.

  35. I agree. Her hair looks bad. You can see where her new hair is coming in. They definitely need re-done!
    Leave the kids out of it. That’s all I’ll say about that.

  36. pissed

    WHY ARE ALL YOU PEOPLE TRASHING BRITNEY none of you can amount to her anyway….motherfuckers…

  37. electriclovehog

    Britney should spend more time thinking about being a good role model for her children. How are her boys going to feel when a schoolmate informs them that they saw their moms “Britney” all over the internet from when they were little. How humilliating for her children. Their mother is a world renown slut and the proof will remain on the internet forever.

  38. For being the way she is, she certainly does have some cute kids!!

  39. ShawnStodden

    Some buddy bring me hammer! Looks like im going to be bissy for a little while!

  40. Toiletmonster

    Some scandal photos and videos Britney and Adnan I found here

  41. Toiletmonster

    Some scandal Britney and Adnan photos and videos I found here

  42. Britney and her children to spend more time thinking about being a good role model should be. How to feel her when a classmate saw her going out that they are the guy your mother “Britney” from all across the Internet when they were younger. How your kids humilliating. His mother is a world renown squat and stay forever on the Internet is proof.

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