Britney Spears still hates bras and other news

January 27th, 2010 // 84 Comments

- John Mayer is probably banging Taylor Swift. [Lainey Gossip]

- Simon Cowell getting thrown under the bus by American Idol producers presumably in an attempt to destroy his Baby Gap tees. [PopEater]

- Kevin Federline got fat because he was depressed about Britney. Here I thought it was because bacon is delicious and working is hard. [dlisted]

- Katy Perry thinks she’s Lady GaGa now, too. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Nick Cannon is jealous filmmakers want to hire Mariah Carey instead of him. But he was in that show! About that guy. (I sincerely can’t name a damn thing Nick Cannon was in.) [Celebslam]

- Conan O’Brien still thinks working with NBC is a good idea? INAPPROPRIATE. Tell me I’m not the only one who remembers that sketch. [Just Jared]

- Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner figured out the secret how to make marriage work. — It’s orgies, isn’t it? I knew it! [PopSugar]

- Greg Oden apologizes for his penis. [The Blemish]

- Pink mocks Beyonce for selling out? Really? I had no idea Pink was selling her albums out of the trunk of a car in an organic yogurt field. [Bossip]

- Heidi Montag is buying her mom plastic surgery for Mother’s Day. Of course. [ICYDK]

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  1. pimp

    this ass i would eat…only because i don’t wanna look at her face…

  2. I loved the INAPPROPRIATE sketch! Although whenever I quote that, nobody gets my reference..

  3. G

    and that’s why her boobs look the way they do.

  4. huh

    @ #2

    I dont get it

  5. whatever

    not only are all her private parts appropriately covered, she’s in shape and the body looks good. maybe i have low standards, but i think britney’s doing just fine…

  6. Jonathan

    She is a mad cow and her udders need’a milkin!

    @2 … i dont get it

  7. Erica

    She’s in great shape right now. Hasn’t been this tight since her young days, no?

  8. agreed

    i can deal with nipples. remember, this is britney – it could be infinitely worse.

  9. M

    Wow, her body is looking great. I’m surprised. She should keep it up.



  11. Randal

    They’ll always be that one thing that keep Britney Spears in the spotlight and it’s her natural, girl next door look that she pulls off time and again. She looks great in those jeans, fills them out perfectly with her motherly curves.


  12. BeeBee

    You know, she doesn’t look terrible here. But she still has “crazy face” she should really just break down and shell out the extra dough for a make-up artist.

  13. huh

    Randal, “motherly curves”?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Codiac Bear

    Her hair and clothes always look bad, but she’s in great shape right now and I’m jealous.

    Also, I want to punch Pink the face for making fun of B!!

  15. Rough's goodwill tour

    What sort of free-wheeling simpleton send any girl pictures of their Johnson’s….

  16. Yeah baby!

    Thanks for posting more Britney boobs. I could care less if she’s crazy, I love them thangs.

    And the headlights are always a kick.

    More Britney, please. And boobs.

  17. I loved that sketch as well. :)

  18. Kelley

    hahaha, inappropriate. I still say that to this day. I even annoy myself.

  19. Kristen

    I really can’t think of anything rude to say. Her body looks awesome.

  20. Dalton

    The Clive Clem­mons In­ap­pro­pri­ate Re­sponse Chan­nel was the best TV channel ever.

  21. Janet

    HOLY RECEDING HAIRLINE!!!!!! BANGS. britney should ALWAYS have bangs covering her forehead. other than that, she’s in great shape :)

  22. Janet

    HOLY RECEDING HAIRLINE!!!!!! BANGS. britney should ALWAYS have bangs covering her forehead. other than that, she’s in great shape :)

  23. Catani

    I can only say one thing. She is 100% pure average. Not ugly …but definately not good looking. If there’s one thing that bothers me though is …Woman…you have milions of dollars….got those god damn nipples fixed. It’s really creepy


    SHE is in great shape, but Williams was the recipient of all the vile comments?


    Oh I forgot, on Spears, thick thighs are attractive cause she is white. Forgive the mix up.


    Also, have you looked at some of the thicker volleyball players when they are in motion? Their bodies do the same thing that Venus’ body did. The only difference is that her skin is dark.

    We get it! No need to go on and on with the tirade. Black skin repulses white people. Its a good thing the sisters are happily dating the Black men who find them attractive. They are not asking any of the white people on this site to find them attractive.

    Thank the Lord, that these sisters are gifted athletes who are comfortable in their skin and race. Plus they are millionaires to boot.

  27. dontneedone

    @#25, its not just cuz she is white, but also because she is at best average. she is non threatning to the losers on this site. i mean britney looks gross here, she is not in great shape, she just happens to be covering up her flabbiness. and her breasts are nothing to talk about. her head is huge, her hair is gross, her jeans look too tight, and not tight in a good way, tight like she forced herself into them. if jeans had a voice hers would cry and scream and beg for mercy.

  28. Clay

    I think she’s wearing a bra. I just think she’s nipping out hardcore. You could cut glass on those things.

  29. Sarah

    I’m glad she’s getting back into great shape! Good for her. I do wish she would take care of her skin, hair, and makeup…isn’t she only 28? There’s still time! <—I miss this Britney

  30. Miss Cleo


  31. how much you wanna bet that k-fed will be launching a weight loss product some time in the not too distant future? haha

  32. Analeigh

    I know it shouldn’t but it always amazes me how lighting and makeup can transform Brit into a pop princes, and then you see her normally and there are so many girls who look better – but she is looking a lot more put together than usual lets hope that starbucks wasn’t paid for by her staff – and at least its a small frap!

  33. anonymoose

    what’s with the toddler-sized clothing?

    wouldn’t body paint be more comfortable?

    does she not know how to find clothes that fit?

  34. missywissy

    I don’t get it. I’ve never seen so many people write nice things about Britney. Is it because she lost weight? Must be the same people that drove a 23 year old to have more surgery than Cher.

  35. gen

    She looks great!! I’m very critical of her, and it always annoys me when women are like “HEY SHE’S HAD KIDS”. Um, yea, so have 50% of other celebrities. But I legitimately think her body looks gooood.

  36. well

    hmm well I don’t personally love Brit – but she does actually have talent – unlike the girl who had more surgery in one go – than Cher has had in her lifetime – I think people are just happy that she isn’t breast feeding a child while on crack

  37. dancy

    I just think she’s nipping out hardcore. OMG!!!!!! I strongly recommend****Plus Flirt___ c*O*m ****to you where I just found my wealthy boyfriend! You know it is a great place to meet wealthy men and beautiful women.

  38. Dumbass Shitney

    Someone PLEASE tell shitney that her dried up floppy tits are NOT attractive, and could she PLEASE wear a bra? I’m surprised daddy spears allows her to walk around like this all the time; I sense a head shaving & snatch flashing about to happen…

  39. Fagggottttt Randal BLOWS

    I see Randal the delusional faggggotttt is posting here again. Dude is probably locked in his mommy’s basement; he’s definitely never been laid…

  40. Fagggottttt Randal BLOWS

    I see Randal the delusional faggggotttt is posting here again. Dude is probably locked in his mommy’s basement; he’s definitely never been laid…

  41. Awsome

    Now I wouldn’t recommend using Britany as a role model for women and girls over 17years of age everywhere… But if they can model her for this.


  42. sdfsdfds

    Maybe John is counseling Taylor on her VERY OBVIOUS anorexia.

  43. now there will be so many comments hate comments after this but leave the poor girl alone .
    god she was just going to dance studio lol

  44. I think Britney was actually picking up the new version of Auto-Tune.

    Still waiting on that Britney porn video though.

  45. K

    A website granting REAL wishes! ;-)

    make a wish:

    8,888 wishes granted, after that, no more wishes will be granted..


  46. Richard McBeef

    @45 – Fuck you, fuck your wishes

    what’s up with her sevenhead?

  47. hank

    On a separate note, Taylor Swift is dating douchey-mcdouche? That is so it, I am never going to be nice to another hot chick. Ever. Not even after she gives me the best sex of my life.

  48. Stupid

    Her god damn nipples are aiming at the ground, how can that be good news. You people must be blind.

  49. Veronica

    isn’t Britney at Starbucks with brunette hair one (two?) of the First Warning Signs.

    Crazy Britney is coming back for the summer.

  50. shusha

    her body is tighter but her face if fucking nasty. i’ve seen better in my local Walmart.

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