Britney Spears still hates bras

June 19th, 2009 // 75 Comments

Britney Spears continued her two-nippled war on bras while shopping in London yesterday, and is anyone else actually not hating these pics? Me too. They’re almost soothing in a warm, comfy “I bet if I owned an ice cream truck I could impregnate this chick” kind of way.


  1. Nick

    Well, she’s wearing panties. That’s a start – give her time and in a decade she’ll be normal again.

  2. Nick

    Well, she’s wearing panties. That’s a start – give her time and in a decade she’ll be normal again.

  3. huh?

    First !

    Droopy Nipple….

  4. glace neuf

    i’d hit it, low nipple placement and all!

  5. Me

    I’m glad she hates bras cause I love tits!

  6. Max Planck

    One points this way…the udder doesn’t.

  7. Death2Speidi

    I love the fanatical black woman in the background of Pic # 6. Seriously? Relax.

  8. gh

    I’ll say it again. I almost don’t recognize BritKnee without a cigarette in her hand.

  9. jim

    “…is anyone else actually not hating these pics?”

    Uh, only some 14 year old who hasn’t discovered his daddy’s stash, yet. Or sheep. I can’t imagine a human baby would know what those are.


  10. nice eraser heads!

  11. me

    I don’t understand what’s gross about her breasts at all. They’re pretty damn perfect for non-artificial ones.

  12. Tits

    #6…fucking hilrious!! Great comment.

  13. Maybe she uses them the way a water witch uses a stick… if they point down, there’s a McDonald’s close by…

  14. Maniacfive

    Thats fine, Brit can keep not wearing bras, its an easy example for my girlfriend. “If your nips are like britneys, you’re dumped.”

    “Also, if you get fat”

  15. Amy

    #13…This marks the first time you have ever made me laugh. Congrats.

    I hate not wearing a bra…no support=back pain. Plus, why does her nipples stick out so far? Is this some phenomenon that happens after children? I’m just curious.

  16. Tad Bit Tipsy

    I wonder if she understands the gravity of this situation.

  17. Ella

    Does she know that there are bras available that can support a larger chest, yet does not have underwire (assuming it’s why she doesn’t wear bras)?

  18. crazypants

    I don’t understand the bitcghing – her tits look great and the nipples are mouth-wateringly alluring.

  19. No bras, wonky nipples, tattoos everywhere. Before we know it, she’ll be considered white trash.

  20. #15 -Well let me just scratch THAT off of my bucket list… when does my plaque arrive?

  21. Spanky Spangler

    And she also hates hygiene,common sense, and expensive clothes so who cares? When is she gonna do another sex tape the other one is such poor quality.

  22. Danny

    What’s with the papparazzi wearing helmets?

  23. Deacon Jones

    HAHAHAHA! Fucking great

    And BTW Amy, I checked out your myspace, you’re not bad. You’re welcome.

  24. Kelley

    No. 19 … she already IS white trash … DUMB white trash … for all her fame and money (zero talent), she always looks like a $2.00 cherry.

  25. Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    It has become increasingly apparent that the female named Amy suffers from a complex in which posting a personal myspace page is a cry for affirmation from strangers and yet, exhibits a pattern of traits and behaviors which signify infatuation and obsession with one’s self to the exclusion of all others and the egotistic and ruthless pursuit of one’s gratification, dominance and ambition.

  26. Ummm

    Her nipples are falling down…

  27. #25 – A-M-Y has N-P-D? OMG!!!

  28. Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    @27 – You down with NPD? Yea, you know me! ; )

  29. Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    And I was trying to be very H.P. Smith about it.

  30. Stuey

    She’s got nipples like some midget fists.

  31. Oh Yeah!

    I for one am glad to see Britney’s nipples back in the news.

    More please only without the shirt.

  32. Oh Yeah!

    I for one am glad to see Britney’s nipples back in the news.

    More please only without the shirt.

  33. Erin

    With nipples that big she should be wearing a bullet proof vest…GROSS!!

  34. Amy's tutor

    Amy you ignorant slut, “why does her nipples stick out that far”?. Moron. You say without a bra you get back pain. Man you must be one lousy physical speciman. Wait until you are 30. I doubt you will live very long. Sorry. Couldn’t happen to a nicer caste being a lawyer wanna-be and all.

  35. #29 – Reeeeeaaaally… I hated that little fucking rodent… but that fact that you even know who HPS is means you know the location of both the ottoman and the hairy kiwis…

  36. Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    @35 – Did you know you can use a hairy kiwi as a key to an underground lair?

    I think that I shall never see
    A poem lovely as a tree

    With ‘possums clinging to each limb
    Like tiny, pink-tailed cherubim.

  37. d

    Don’t blame her. Hell, SHE CAN’T SEE THEM!

  38. Amy

    #34 and # 25: You’re both about as cool as taking a bath with your dad. Also, “Amy’s Tutor,” you make absolutely no sense. How about you go home, open a book, and read in your spare time. Maybe even do a few sentence diagrams. Then come back and “attempt” to administer another “zing” without getting laughed at? MMM kay? Thanks. Bye bye now.

  39. I like that she’s wearing the “Britney Spears” velour sweatpants that were sold on the tour.

  40. britneysucks

    #11 Congrats on having the lowest standards ever. Please go ride the short bus home from school now.

  41. Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    @38 – your NPD is showing. It’s not attractive.

  42. mikeock

    tits, scmits – let’s see some taco

  43. “You’re both about as cool as taking a bath with your dad…”

    If you flip through the pages of your “Comebacks That Make You Cool While Blogging” book any faster, you’ll set it ablaze… that said, I give your comment about a 6. Good job.

  44. Moto Rola

    She looks udderly hot.

  45. Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    I give that comeback a 4 because of the “mmmkay” and the ‘bye bye now’

  46. She’d better start tucking those puppies in if she doesn’t want to kick them while dancing in a few years.

  47. Ashley

    Britney has some fantasTITS. Nce and full and they look great out of a bra. I love her jumbo nipples.

  48. Amy

    #43, Eh. I thought it was better than a 6. Maybe if I had that pesky book…..why helllooo there Paperback? Yes please. Hardcovers are too expensive nowadays.

    #45, Howard the Duck is on tv. Thought you might like to know. Better run.

  49. Iambananas

    OMG I have those sunglasses!!!

  50. Rodney


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