Britney Spears still has black hair

June 23rd, 2006 // 174 Comments

  1. redsonja1313

    Of course the kid looks sunburnt.. SHE NEVER PUTS A FUCKING HAT ON THE KID.. Plenty of pis of her toting the tot in her stupid cowboy hat but NEVER NEVER see one with the kid wearing one. Last shots were of them in the ocean…Her hat…….. kid NOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh wait yes the overcast day she almost dropped him on a NYC sidewalk he had one and yet it was the first thing to fall off.

  2. joyjoytx

    i think i saw those shoes on clearance at target yesterday

  3. Reli

    he’s going to grow up to be the fattest kid ever.

  4. PaisleyMoon

    biatcho, you’re so lame. Weak. It’s making me sad, I might cry for you, except I hate the stupid. No time, no time, no time..FOR THE STUPID!

  5. DancingQueen

    It makes sense that she looks better w/dark hair because her natural color is dark brown (remember when she was a Mousekateer?) The black thing is a bit dramatic though. Looks like she’s trying to be Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. Just doesn’t work for her. Maybe if she was from Arabia or something and not Hicksville USA.

    It’s no wonder the kid is a total porker. Everyone knows giving kids too much juice makes them fat and she’s obviously giving him bottlefuls at a time. Oh, that’s right, everyone knows that but dumbass Britney.

  6. imabeeatch

    ^^And cheetos, which explains his color^^

  7. maylenemaire

    I think Britney did look better before she dyed her hair black, but she not ugly either. And what type of people makes fun of babies? I dont think he’s fat at all, he looks healthy to me.

  8. Fawlty

    That baby is really cute. Babies need fat.

    Britney in black hair looks like some Hungarian porn star.

  9. Fawlty

    Oh, and yeah, why the hell is the baby no wearing socks, shoes and pants? WTF? I’ve never let my child even go in the driveway without being properly dressed. Who the hell leaves their house with the child dressed like that, unless they’re so poor they can’t afford it? Strange.

  10. Danni

    That kid is so freaking ugly

  11. slinkhard

    145, it’s kind of hard for Britney to win, doncha think? If he cried constantly, people would say ‘OMG, he’s so unhappy, she must be abusing him, let me tell a long boring story about my own kids with no bearing here at all, because I’m the perfect parent!’
    If he doesn’t cry, it’s ‘creepy’.

  12. biatcho

    Paisley – are you still talking? I normally don’t hear boring & stupid but for some reason I can still hear your annoying little girly whiny voice… you know the kind that probably wants to cause your boyfriend to drive himself off a cliff whenever you’re taking a road trip because you never shut the fuck up. I would watch out the next time you guys go away… he’s most likely looking to take you with him but he’s hoping he’ll survive and you’ll go down with the ship. Because you probably sound the way Britney Spears sings when you speak – like a dying cat.

  13. herbiefrog

    #? in the absence of proof…


    BRITNEY SPEARS confesses she was shocked when she discovered she was pregnant with her second child.
    The singer admits it took the approval of husband KEVIN FEDERLINE before she could get excited about the prospect of childbirth again, less than a year after son SEAN PRESTON was born.
    She says, “I was shocked because it was so soon and I was a little scared at first. Yes, I was very surprised.
    “He (Federline) was a little shocked too. But his shock turned to excitement and he said, ‘Let’s just go for it.’”


  14. herbiefrog

    dont you love publicists
    wtf doooo they do ?
    lol :)


    BRITNEY SPEARS has attacked tabloid editors for misleading their “ignorant” readers into thinking she is a bad mother.
    The singer has been targetted by a number of celebrity publications who have focused on her parenting skills and suggested she was to blame for accidents that have happened involving her young son SEAN PRESTON.
    And Spears resents being judged by people who don’t know the full story.
    She says, “You would think that the editors of the magazines have children and that they wouldn’t go there. It’s really distasteful.
    “You look at it and think it’s absurd but the public don’t know what really goes on and you feel weird because you have to defend yourself to these ignorant people.”

    lol biatch :)

    …who are you calling igrant?

    …still waiting [bitch]

  15. herbiefrog

    …post from anothr place…
    [sic] :)

    some people here
    will know what she means
    it doesn’t
    seem like a good idea

    BRITNEY SPEARS was forced to end a number of friendships when she became pregnant, so she could embrace her new life as a mother.
    Besides scaling down her social life, Spears confesses many close pals got left behind when she hooked up with husband KEVIN FEDERLINE.
    She says, “I have had to cut quite a few people out of my life over the past couple of years. I guess it’s been kind of weird. That transition in my life was kind of hard, I think it’s part of growing up.”

    [and we'r e bac k]

    love isn’t
    and it isnt
    “man” made

    so best of luck babe

    [still waiting for that apology]

  16. herbiefrog

    another before the event post…


    BRITNEY SPEARS has defended her decision to become a young mother – insisting she wants to have the energy to enjoy motherhood.
    The singer is pregnant with her second child and will be a mother of two by the time she is 25.
    But she maintains, “I always wanted to be a young mom. My mom was a young mom and I’ve looked up to her.
    “I think by being a young mom I’ll have more energy in being able to bring up more positive kids. But there are parents that are 40 that do a damn good job.”

    Movie & Entertainment News provided by World Entertainment News Network (
    2006-06-27 21:31:33 –


    …brittnay [ :) ]

    we expect you
    you help…

    humans starving
    in africa, did you
    get that message?

    …so lets see some
    …you have children now…

    do you want them to starve?

  17. herbiefrog

    …and as an aside…

    you can see from the first pic

    …which one is running

    …these days :)

  18. Spanishseñorita

    Of course you’be been waiting for sooooooo long! Because you probably have no job, no man and no friends, and posting these messages is the biggest joy in your SAD SAD life. You know everybody thinks like me, they just can’t be bothered to tell you because they’re so used to this arrogant cunt who calls herself a bitch

  19. Dawn7

    You aren’t supposed to dye your hair when you are pregnant. Another dumb move.

  20. biatcho

    Wow.. you make me sound like a mexican, no job, no friends, other than the ones that stand outside of beverage centers waiting for a job that day. Kind of like your family.

  21. BeachBabe

    Obviously everyone writing comments is a hater of Britney Spears. I will admit she doesn’t look as nice as she did before she met Kevin, but who are any of us to make comments. I’m sure half of the people making comments look like TRASH themselves, only you aren’t being publically displayed in the media! Get a life

  22. Nataliesmom2424

    Dying For A Change: Hair color and Your Pregnancy

    By Colette Bouchez
    Excerpted from Your Perfectly Pampered Pregnancy

    If you’re like many women, bleaching, dying, or highlighting your hair may be a regular part of your beauty regime. And if you’re like most pregnant women, you probably have some hesitation or even a fear about continuing to color your hair while baby is in tow. Although research into the effects of hair coloring on baby’s health are still somewhat limited,many experts now contend the dyes are most likely safe and that women needn’t be afraid to color their world during pregnancy.

    That said, don’t be surprised if your doctor still suggests you approach hair coloring with caution. Because the dye is absorbed through the scalp and into the body (it can be identified in urine) some medical experts are hesitant to give carte blanche to hair coloring during all three trimesters. Often, many physicians advise holding off coloring hair with permanent dyes during the first trimester when your baby is undergoing important neurological developments. Coloring can then be resumed in the second or third trimester.

    If you color your hair at home, look for products with the fewest number of chemicals and always work in a well-ventilated room, wearing gloves while handling the mixture. If you have your hair done in a salon, request the first appointment in the morning on their least busy day – when you are least likely to suffer excessive chemical exposure.
    Hair Coloring Alternatives
    If you don’t want to take a chance on coloring your whole head of hair, you may want to consider adding highlights – a great way of accenting your color and bringing light to the face, not to mention a little pregnancy glow! Because this process involves applying the chemicals one-half to one-inch from your roots, they don’t ever touch your scalp. So, they can’t get into your blood stream – which is safe for you and baby. You can also easily allow 8 weeks or more between appointments – minimizing salon exposure.

    If you colored your hair before pregnancy, and want to ease up on treatments until after baby is born, look for a semi-permanent dye, containing low or no ammonia, and low or no peroxide. These generally contain fewer harmful chemicals, and work well to blend the different colors of your hair, making “roots” appear less obvious. What can also help: Color enhancing shampoos, designed to deposit temporary color so they can significantly extend the time between hair colorings.

    Finally, you can also try a “hair mascara” – tubes filled with temporary color and topped off with a thick mascara-like wand. Because they only coat the outside layer of your hair and don’t get anywhere near your scalp, they are very safe to use. The wands are also faster, easier and safer than spray on temporary color -with no fumes to inhale – so they can work great to touch up roots.
    Mother Nature Knows Best: Natural Hair Coloring
    To make your own ultra safe, all natural hair tints, try these recipes:
    For red highlights or to enhance red hair:

  23. I think that baby is soooo cute. I have a feeling he’ll grow up to be a genius one day, if his parents don’t rub off on him too much… look at his eyes! they’re so calm and aware, its kind of creepy.

  24. missaddicted

    I think Brit might have let lil Mr SP in on a few sessions in her old school sun bed, from the “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” days. Maybe he was testing it for her so she could know if she needs to buy another one for when she starts cooking herself again post mini-me #2. I think it works just fine there Britsta, your baby is half fried for cyring out loud!

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